Labor Day, Walmart, 2021 A Trip To Walmart I Labor Day Grocery Haul

So stay tuned. Okay were going to start here on the corner, as you can see, let me show you first. I have everything laid out on my kitchen table thats a lot of stuff on there and i did put everything on there, except for some um green tea, so an iced tea so anyway lets get started, im going to start over here. So i can put this in the refrigerator in the freezer, so it wont spoil got a pack of ground beef, a small pack and then ive got a pack of uh. What are these things? As you guys know, i dont eat meat, but these are bottom round. So also there is a milk ive got a milk, so let me go ahead and put these three in the refrigerator and freezer right, quick and then ill be right. Back. Okay, then i got some cheerios. A nice big box of cheerios ive got some pepper farm. Tahoe cookies – and this is the white chocolate – dane macdamien mcdania, i guess and uh some salito milk chocolate macadamia cookies. Now these are not soft, they are crunchy in case you were wondering so got that then ive got a bag full of apples, and these are the gala apples, because i love gala and theyre, just so good and crisp and sweet then heres another cookie over here. This is the dark. Chocolate got some smart balance and this is the cooking oil. They say this is heart, healthy, so cholesterol, free, so thats.

Why we get this one then heres a bag of brax big bag, star brites peppermints, because we like to suck on peppermints and i like to have candy sitting out for guests to come over. You know when they leave, they can grab a handful if they want, then some cajun trail mix nuts and thats the great value theres, a pizza for cheese pizza. This is the motor city pizza company, never heard of that one but thats what that is. Then we got two hungry man, chicken entrees with the chicken, the mashed potatoes corn, and what is that? The roll, not the roll, but the sweet sweet thing whatever. That is cake. Then we have a country fried chicken and gravy. That sounds good got two bean and cheese burritos got two onions got some junk food, the wavy original potato chips and got some doritos doritos right there and thats the party size. I dont know what this is they picked up. This is the red robin red, robin onion rings, and this is the crispy that should be interesting, got some sweet potatoes. These are good. I like to put these in the oven and bake them for a little bit. Not too long so they wont get hard and too crispy got some, dr pepper, a six pack of that now i picked up this box here for myself, this laura bars. These are like kind of like protein bars. This is the banana chocolate chip um.

I cant really see that, but it says 200 calories, but i wanted to try that sounds interesting and then we picked up some missions tortilla. I got one in the gluten free original and i know theres more than one pack of these, but this is the uh spanish rice, everybody in the household loves to eat. Fats got that then i picked up this. I wanted to try this. This is a keto. It says keto friendly: this is the eight tortilla wraps and extreme wellness. It has a high fiber, spinach and herb carb. What is that carb lean? So these are green in case you cant see, but i wanted to try those because they look very interesting. Then i got some of this delicious brianas um, salad dressing. This is the caesar kind. You dont know anything about this. You guys should try this. They have different different ones. I forgot all the different ones, but they um. This is the one that we like to eat and it doesnt really taste like garlic, so i dont know why that garlic is sitting there, but its good, though its very tasty, then i picked up two cans of organic soup. This is the southwest vegetable soup, and i like to put this in one soup that i may make. I may make a lets say a cabbage soup or something like that or a soup, that i call tjs soup and it has cabbage celery bell, pepper and i like to put this in there, sometimes to give it a nice thickness to it picked up another garlic Powder, you know i cook with a lot of garlic powder in this house, so i had to have that.

Then i got a thing of idaho spudnut mashed potatoes got some skittles ive got about four four or five of these uh italian. No! What is this? This is squash, green squash and over here are some honey, barbecue seasoned wings and thats. The way that looks also got some more wings, and this is the barbecue apple wood, and these are little bite sizes as well as that one by tyson this ones by foster farm. Then i had to get some apple cider, vinegar, and this is by with mother, because this is the one you want to get the organic apple, cider, vinegar with mother and what it is. I pour this in my water. You may want to google apple cider, vinegar. It has a lot of healthy properties, it helps you to lose weight, but you know you cant just drink this and not reduce your calories guys. You know you have to do all that too, but it also helps with um excessive mucus and your throat. You know i clear my throat a lot and it gets on my sons nerve. So i like to pour this in my water and it helps. Then we got a box of neutral green breakfast bars and this is a strawberry got some avocados and thats about about three of those got some tomatoes: tomatoes. Whatever you want to call it um Music, i cant remember, did i show you this or not? Another hungry man – this is a chicken fried chicken and im, not sure if i showed you guys this.

I need to put some of these things away, but i think i didnt chicken wings, honey, barbecue and thats the ones from friday – and here is a stouffers lasagna lasagna with meat sauce and thats, the family, size Applause and then picked up one pack of these. Now this is supposed to be really hot, hotter and spicier chili ramen express noodles, omg, so thats. Why? I only picked the one because i dont know how hot that is then over here we got some bananas and i believe aaron picked up the. I hope these are organic. We like to eat the organic ones, but i dont see the sinuses or organic. Let me see Music now i dont see it, but anyway also ive got some cucumbers about three of those. Now, when i was in there looking for some cabbage, the regular white cabbage, they didnt have it for whatever reason, so i picked up two heads of red or purple cabbage. Whatever you want to call it, then i picked up some more chicken bouillon i like to use these and certain meals that i cook ive got two or three of three of these onion powders. I think the other one is over here in the corner. Then i picked up some spring mix organic lettuce. I love to eat this in my salad. Sometimes you just dont want to get the other one. You have to cut it up, so ill. Get the pre cut.

One like this, and here is the spinach and spring mix – oh theres, the other onion powder. Then i picked up some mrs dash, and this is the original. I love mrs dash seasonings, and here is the other southwest vegetable soup, and then i picked up a box of unsalted top crackers. Weve got some ritz crackers in the house Music and then i got some lightly salted. Somebody took the tag off lightly, salted pistachios. I probably should have picked up another bag um. It doesnt look like its been tampered with, so im just going to deal with it pistachios and if you dont know what pistachio nuts look like thats. What it looks like then, got some texas toast caesar croutons for the salads theres, the other bag of spanish rice, and then we got a tub of red vines, yummy, red vines, licorice. If you want to call it, then ive got some red bell, pepper and they did not have well. They did have some green bell, pepper, but omg those bell peppers, look like they had been run over by a truck. I kid you not so i told aaron. I said: go get some red ones well, just deal with that and then guys i like to drink this. Sometimes i like this sparkly, its bubbly sparkling, water and strawberry. It tastes really nice its not a very strong sweet sweet, but its just a little bit of a hint of sweetness, and what i like to do is add it to my water uh, its so good, its bubbly and it sparkles and its good.

It reminds you of drinking seven up or something like that, but its not soda its just carbonated water. Then i got some whole carrots got some organic celery, love, celery and heres another bag of the. I think i showed you this. The barbie could season little uh wings. I probably showed you that already im back over here in front of my table, heres a pot pie. Turkey. I didnt show you this one, though i did show you those other burritos. This is the shitake. I guess thats the way you pronounce it chicken wrap, burrito, okay and last but not least, these are on the floor because theyre heavy and there was no room to put it on the table. But here is some green tea and thats a pack of 12 and herbal iced tea and im. Assuming this is um the flavor, as well as the color im assuming its orange, i dont know. Let me see if i can pick it up yeah. Let me see it looks like its uh, not sure, like a tropical orangey color but thats how that looks, and you know what this looks like this is green. I hope you have enjoyed please subscribe to the channel. If you have not. Thank you so much for watching also give me a big thumbs up. I really appreciate it and you guys take care and you be blessed and happy eating everybody.

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