Labor Day, Walmart, 2021 Tools & Generators! (2021)

As we talked about, we got the old wally world labor day sale going on right right now. Now i im going to skip doing the flyer, because the flyers theres just not much in the flyer but theres a ton of stuff online that they they have going for the sale and its in store in many cases as well, so were going to jump through It now just to be clear: this is stuff being sold by walmart. Only if the online stuff like on amazon, you can have private sellers selling third party through walmart, just like on amazon, and then you have the stuff still sold directly by by walmart and uh. So this is all direct from walmart were gon na see a lot of hard stuff were gon na anyway. Well get through it. So we got the first thing up: weve got the heart 40 volt. This is the push mower kit with the five amp hour charger and our 5v battery and charger for 248. This thing is fantastic. These things are great and then the one that we have that we bought with our own money. There we got the 40 volt cordless uh. This is the self propelled with the five amp hour battery and the charger on this. These this is fantastic. This is the one that the cubs used all the past couple. Summers doing you know, mowing yards and stuff, so theyre mowing four or five yards a week.

With this thing and its just its a tank and its you know ill be honest uh, you know we just didnt have much room in the house, so we we left it outside over the winter covered it with a tarp uh covered ish, because the tarp kept Blowing off and its its fine, you know come spring, you throw a battery press the button and it starts thats it i mean theres, just not much. That can go wrong with these things, thats what you got ta really like about them at 338, for an electric push mower come on all right. We got now this. The next two are gon na be kind of interesting, so this is called the heart. 40 volt. Cordless attachment capable 15 inch string, trimmer shut up moto that wasnt even my motor, that was like the mrs moto um the anyway. It comes with a four amp power battery uh it so they say attachment capable what that means is right down here. This little joint right there, you unscrew that and this whole end comes off and you can put other power ends on it to make it turn it into other kind of tools. 138 dollars down from 154. seems like a great deal right. Why would you not want to go with something like that? Well, lets look at the next item. The next item is this ones 174.. Now this is the one that we have. This thing is an absolute beast: its a 40 volt cordless stringer there isnt the other one, also for the 40 15 inch yeah, okay, yeah, okay, 40 volt, 40 volt whats.

The bear missing im, clearly missing something thats early in the morning. I didnt get enough sleep. Im clearly missing something, and i said well this one doesnt say uh attachment capable right. Well, guess what right there on it! It does say right here: it says attachment capable, and i know because i have it and now its 174. I dont know exactly what the difference is between these two heres, some of the attachments you can put on it. Here we got the blower, the string trimmer, the edger uh, i think theres a leaf. Oh theres, the uh, the the brush cutter one. So theres a lot of different. You know fun attachments, all sorts of mayhem. You can cause with these things all right. We got the chainsaw 14 inch chainsaw kit, four amp hour battery lift uh with the lithium battery kit with that for 169 thats down from 188. I i might be tempted to grab that you know. Ive got the bauer chainsaw thats uh uh thats 20 volt its decent its its. Not you know its, not a high end kind of thing. We get a lot of heart and itll probably do what i want to do, but im like 40 volts right, i already got. I already got a bunch of 40 volt batteries, all right. How about this? This blower, this is my favorite blower ive, had a ton of blowers that theyve come through the shop a lot of 20 volts a couple 40 volts.

This is by far my favorite blower that we have uh its the heart 40 volt. Cordless turbo fan blower 4 amp hour battery kit there for 138 down from 154.. The things i like about it is a it will literally blow your hair back. I like the balance, the way it hangs over the battery and stuff. It makes it really easy to flip it around and stuff youre, not struggling or fighting with it or anything. It makes it a really nice and easy to use. Even the kids can use it all right. We got the heart: 40 volt, cordless 12 inch string, trimmer and blower combo im, not as big a fan of this blower. Now, maybe you are or something but youre getting the, and this also i want to say this is not attachment capable there. I i dont know why they did it this way, but this is a step down anyway. Its 150 2.90 down from 178. uh, we got the 20 volt now were in the 20 volt line. Okay, as opposed to the 40 volt line, we got the string trimmer. I know it looks a lot like the other ones. Again. This is not attachment capable its 114 down from 128, then weve got the edger, which is again a 20 volt, its 114 as well. It is not attachment capable you got to buy separate ones at this level. All right, then we got the pole saw here.

This is 128 also down from 148 and weve also got the hedge trimmer uh, with the 2 amp hour battery for 128 down from 148. As well all right next up, weve got. The recip saw this now. This thing uh its based off of the theres two versions of the ryubi, one that theyve not exactly cloned. They ive looked at some of the internals on these theyre, not exactly the same but of the two ryobis that theyve started off of this is the better of the two so youre, looking at at least its starting at the right point. 64. on that battery not included down from 79 next up weve got the impact, cordless impact battery, not included 44. down from 54.88, and then weve got the drill driver. Now this is brushless now thats odd, so weve got the brushed impact driver for 44 tool. Only and then weve got the brushless drill driver thats, a nice one, its 64., but battery not included on that as well. Uh. All right lets see we got the the heart uh cordless vac. In fact, if you check over brad over brads workshop, i think our brads work hes got one of these. If im not mistaken, and i think his wife keeps snagging it from him. Also so hes got the the hand vac there battery not included theyre 20 bucks down from uh, essentially thirty dollars on that one all right, we got the heart war, clamp boy, i mean if you were talking about having some ryobi dna.

You know where that one comes from uh but check this out. You get the heart, 20 volt, corded cordless, led work, light plus you get the 1.5 amp hour battery and it uh ‘. I mean thats, almost the price of the battery alone, uh down from 59. All right how about this? I love these hybrid fans, and this is a nice one. We got the heart, 20 volt hybrid 12 inch fan battery, not included, which means you can also plug it straight in there. So you can see, use a cord or battery nice. Size fan good construction down from 100 bucks down to 69 and im gon na have links to all these down below. In case you dont want to go into the stores and whatever it is in your area. Some areas, i know, were back in lockdown some areas or doing the halves. These kind of things some people are still like what theres theres a thing we didnt know anyway, heart 20 volt cordless, led work, light kit, 20, volt, 1.5 battery lithium ion 69 down from 89, and this has got so. Not only does it sit on the battery its got the little rafter hook on the back thats pretty clever, and it comes of course, with a little piggyback charger thats. The only thing i dont like about the heart is the piggyback chargers there, but i you know hold on just a second. Let me see if i can find something all right check this out.

So if you dont like the piggyback chargers from the same boat, i am which i im not a big fan of them, but you unfortunately theyre not on sale right now, but what we got here is we got a heart: 20 volt, three amp out uh, three Amp, rapid charger battery not included thats a nice little charging base there, and that is 37.88 for that and then your other option is is uh whered it go, it was right. I just had it there we go. I told you its early and the bears not doing well here. Uh heart 20 volt three amp hour dual, so this is a rapid charger, also but its a dual port charger, so you can put two batteries on it. Batteries, of course, not included. Doesnt. Give us a better picture. It looks like a toaster kind of anyway. I like the compactness, with going vertical, rather than spreading out taking up more space on the workbench. I like that forty four dollars for a dual charger, not for a three amp dual charger, not terrible there uh, it doesnt, say its rapid charger. I just assumed from the three three amps there that it was a rapid charger, dual charger, perfect filter. This is a hard dual charging connector. The charger is capable of the battery to cover through your warning im trying to see if it gives me time charges one battery at a time in as little as an hour each uh, so it uh its a sequential charger, and this one says it will charge Music uh charges of battery in under an hour, i dont, know figure out whether you consider that a rapid charge or not all right.

We got some tape measures here. We got the heart 25 foot, auto, lock, tape, measure with fraction marking uh for eight dollars and 88 cents. We got the 30 foot chrome one with fractions for 8.88. We get the 25 foot chrome for 6.88. We got the 16 foot chrome for 488. So some great options there for your measuring and such how about this we got the heart hammer now these hammer. These have better be good, because this is where heart came from. If you didnt know, in fact, if you look at the logo for heart lets see if i can get it up there on the screen, so you can see it its a hammer hitting a nail in the h that heart thats, where heart came from was heart. Hammers uh they the brand got acquired by tti, they kind of sat on it, didnt do much with it and then they kind of revamped it got kind of they totally revamped it for this lineup. I dont recognize this as any of the original heart hammers, but still thats. Where the name comes from ten dollars. There looks like a decent. No around the house. Kind of you know uh hammer uh. We got the titanium drill bit set there with protective storage case for 15. Weve got the heart 140 piece quarter inch and 3 8 inch mechanics tool set with chrome finish. This is a nice interesting little set here. You got uh.

We got a couple ratchets on that we got the bit drivers and stuff, not a ton of filler. You got deep and shallows thats a nice portable little mechanics kit there for for 60 bucks. All right. We got the heart axe. This thing looks like it should be in like some space movie kind of thing, doesnt it its interesting looking. I dont know how good it is uh if youve tried it id love to hear it. Uh 14 inch forged steel hatchet with face cutouts uh. That sounds violent, uh twenty dollars. We got the heart, multi function, knife with removable belt clip looks like a nice decent little knife there for 12.97. All right and weve got the now were going to jump into some other stuff. We got the hyper tough quarter jigsaw there down from 25 down to just under 20. uh. We got the hyper tough sander there, its for just under 20 as well. We got the hyper tough cordless, so were looking at the 20 volt max lithium ion. Cordless impact driver quarter inch, quick, uh, quick release, check there 1.5 battery and charger bit holder down from 49, basically down from 50 dollars to 44.88. All right – and we get a dremel – now check this out its not just a dremel, its a usb chargeable, dremel, thats kind of cool there. It comes with 10 accessories, usb charging, cable, blah blah 36.97 down from 50.. All right now we got generators and i was going to do a whole thing on it, but theres just so many of them they got a ton of them, so these are sorted high to low, were going to step through them fairly quickly.

Here to take a look at them, we got the sportsman. Now i did reach out to talk to a bunch of you all folks, weve been talking about the predator generators and stuff. Like that, i know the wind generators have had a decent reputation uh. We i asked about sportsman and champion now, ive heard several people say that they had bad luck with champion and then you all flamed the bear for having the audacity to pass along information and said that your champion uh generators have been running flawlessly for apparently eons. So you know take it with a grain of salt there uh but uh, so a lot of people seem to like them. I had a few people who said that they were terrible but a lot of people. Other people came back saying: no. We we love them. So we got the sportsman, there were looking at an 8750 peak running 700 or so say peak 7, 000 running for 1300. We got the win 1100 there. Now this is a dual fuel or just over a thousand, we got two champion dual fuels. We got the 93.75 with the running of 7 500 for under a thousand dollars and then weve got the 4500. Now this is their fully enclosed, uh uh its their quiet, gender inverter generator. So this is gon na, be the quiet one for 900. uh. Then weve got pulsar, which ive never heard of ai ive, never heard of.

We got another champion here. Inverter. It looks like the essentially the same thing: its 4500, oh its, not the dual fuel, its a single fuel for 789. We got another pulsar now. This is an inverter quiet generator here, theyre 4500 for 7.99 uh. We got the another champion here for 649 thats, the 4250. We got the sportsman 7000 for 629., the champion 4250 there for 529. We got an inverter champion here. This is the 2000 here weve seen this from harbor freight, but this one is a dual fuel for 500. Now i can see for one of the big ones: youre gon na youre gon na leave at the house kind of stuff, the dual fuel do. You are used interested in the dual fuel on the portable stuff. Are you going to really carry a propane tank? Do you use with this? Oh, we got ai power again anyway. Im going to step through the rest of these weve seen these kind of sales prices before 388 and the little sportsman there. Is this something? What do you think of these brands? You know ive never heard of the pulsar one. I never heard of a ipower. Uh are these brands that youve tried do you? What do you think about them? Also, if you have been in the sportsman of the champion line – and you have one of these id love to hear your feedback, always looking for more feedback from you all, because theres only so many tools, one bear can test so the more feedback i can get From you guys and gals, then the more information we can share around the community to better help and better serve each other anyway looks like its some decent selections.

Im stunned there in stock after uh ida or whatever her name, is tore through the uh, the gulf and this guy was it just flooded like new york city or something wow. What a hurricane it hits new orleans arcs through the entire east east, mid, mid east and then exits through new york, good grief anyway, thats what the bear has today. I hope you have a fantastic and safe labor day weekend, im going to be finishing up packing up our house in vegas and then well be hitting the road back to the old montana, just in time for deals of the week coming up on monday. Stay tuned because we are in the height of a category four, probably category three at this point sales season, its going to be ramping up, im actually expecting black friday to be a huge black friday, because the economy is kind of you know, kind of teetering. There is theres going to be a lot of back and forth. I think people are, i think, stores are waiting to see how things go and theyre not doing their biggest sales. Just yet because theyre worried about inventory but come up, come the you know the end of november and as we get closer to it, they they need to make profits. They got to hit those those quarterly earnings returns right so were going to start seeing those sales rolling in hopefully anyway, thats all the bear has for you today.

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