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Here i will say not a fantastic sale, but certainly, i think better than i think you all agree better than anything weve seen so far so were going to go through it. We have the main sale. Of course, then we got the items the bear went out and found for you that are also a discount, just not quite advertised as well. So, of course, on the first page we got mulch. We got potting soil. That kind of stuff we got. Some plants are theres perennials. Why would you i dont know? Why would you plant those i like this peach uh basket there that that planter there for 4.5? There we got some fire pits down here: some nice little string lights. Of course, they also have their version of the gas grills like we saw over at home depot. We got the cheap one for 129. The three burner the middle you want to go with is a three burner. I mean, if youre just really on a super tight budget, this one right here, this charbroil for 199 thats, a nice basic backyard grill and, of course we got the pit boss. You know im a big fan of pitbull. Of course they didnt send me a grill, but i could tell you i love this thing. We cook with it all the time uh. I love the ability of the sear plate, so you can slide it over and get direct access to the fire which you cant on most kind of pellet grills and thats a huge deal on the on the pit boss.

There, oh bug, stop roundup roundup uh, but we got the cobalt down here: 24 volt max we got the combo youre, getting the trimmer and youre getting the blower there for 199.. Next up, weve got appliances. Of course, theres appliance sales going on most of the stuff is going to be in store kind of thing. You want to look at there. They do have this light here for the garage. This is the big three panel led thing. These things are just each ones independently adjustable. This is the the big trend right now, people really like them. This is their version. There, 30 500 lumens thats. Quite a claim there on something that small but lets. You know people say they like them. They they get. It done we got more planting because who, who plants this much in the fall. That seems like a springtime thing, maybe im wrong all right. We got bricks and pavers and all kinds of that i can see all right halloween. I i hate to say it. I mean i like lows: i like lowes a lot, but i think home depot really wins the game when it comes to any of the holiday stuff, especially halloween. What we do have here is we got a craftsman, bogo youre, getting this the gas string trimmer here, and then you get the attachment on it to turn it into an edger as well. We got the backpack blower and then over here we have the husk varna.

You know its good because its fun saying husqvarna for 2′ thats, your two cycle trimmer there. Then we got all the green works. We got count on one two, three and four pressure, washers all the way from 79, 129, 149 and 199. I got some cleaners and other miscellaneous stuff. There lets see what else we got over here, some home automation, stuff. We have both google nest and uh. The old amazon echo show lets see what else we got here. We got some ceiling fans, some outdoor lights and that kind of stuff, yeah yeah. They have more string lights here and then, unless we got some tools this i could say at least we got some actual tools in this one. The other ones were kind of lacking. When it came to that, we got your choice in dewalt for one 1988, we got a couple different bit sets there. Then we have your choice for 179 youre, looking at a 20 volt max xr brushless, cordless compact drill driver or the cordless impact again brushless as well. Uh impact driver with hard case there 179 on either of those we got the new spider stuff. We got the uh the was that seven and a quarter inch uh 24 tooth framing blade there for 10 bucks, six piece, uh stinger thats their spade bit set ive used one of those at a show, ive not used it in daily life, but i used one At a trade show, i was moderately impressed.

I also liked their hole sauce. I know if youve used any of the spider stuff ive heard some kind of mixed reviews. We need to get a consensus here. What from them works? What doesnt work all right, then? We got, of course, get more power with the new line of flex power tools: yada yada yada 249 for the grinder 300 on the on the the circa saw 299 on the impact. Remember as long as you buy it before the end of the year and you register it within 30 days, youre gon na get that founders kind of lifetime warranty on this stuff. So if youre thinking about jumping into flex uh you this is the season to start thinking about it for uh seriously, all right, weve got a whole bunch of bosch. Stuff theres been a lot of bosch sales going on. They get a lot of bogos. We got buy one of these and then get free. You get basically turns any of the bare tools bare tools into a into a kit. You get the battery and the charger with it there. So we got the rotary hammer, we got the recipe we got. The multi tool we get the impact wrench, the circ saw the the larger rotary hammer, the sds kind of style, rotary hammer and the wet dry vac. There also check this out. We got a craftsman cabinet here, uh one thousand dollars there for the cabinet, uh tracy.

It doesnt have any 52 inches wide. We got that, but it doesnt tell us the depth on it. You know i i got to tell you. I got some nostalgia every time. I see one of these craftsman cabinets, but you know just be careful. Dont dont buy just on emotions there. We got a bosch bit set here for 12.98. We got some gladiator cabinets here. These are your garage kind of cabinets, 143, 219 and 278. Those are not bad thats, not a bad deal for some decent garage cabinets. I will have to say: am i the only bear who thinks this out there whos tired of seeing this faux diamond plate kind of stuff? I mean i i feel like were in like the 90s, where everythings faux diamond plate still. I wish we could get away from that and then also we have here. We got a wagner sprayer there we got some paint brushes, uh white rags, terry towels dropped canvas. We got some scotch blue there, a few a few missiles. We do have the dewalt uh. This is a this is not a tall uh shelving rack, but its nothing. Its a nice low, rack ive actually considered this one. I like i like the color, and it looks good uh looks like its nice and sturdy there. For 169, we got green and black tubs, because apparently you know the yellow and black is out its green and black. Now over at lowes, and how about this a bunch of command hook stuff, you can never have too many command hooks.

If you ask me, theres always a need for more command hooks around the old house, now lets jump into some of the other deals that were not on the flyer. Okay, uh. We talked about the grill there theres, the char group boil char boiled broil grill for 199.. How about this craftsman? We got okay, lower prices lower in cart, lets check. The cart part says this is 350. three three thats, not a bad cat. I, like this cabinet, its not just all uniform. All one like you can see the nine drawers where theyre all basically the same, except for the one top drawer. You got some super slim ones. There you got some moderately deep. You got some really deep. You got this nice big deep one down here. I actually like this cabinet now, its 41 inches wide by 35 inches high im trying to see. If i see a depth on this uh, i dont see anything thats just shut down, come on wheres the wheres my depth on this one. Oh, who knows come on here. We go 18 inches yeah its pretty thin, but still for 350 thats, pretty good price. For a craftsman tool with the wood top, there might want to consider that one all right, we got the dewalt xr lets see what this one is. You get weve seen this pack before its usually 150 and were looking at 150. So it is a sale price. It is not a bad price but its a sale, weve seen before and well see again uh the craftsman toolkit here.

This fits into the versastack system. If you heard the bear talk about versastack, i think its one of the best out there for the the diy or the pro the value pro sumer kind of person uh. When it comes to storage, you know versus like a pack out or the big dewalt, tough system kind of stuff and theres, even a theres adapters you can get were going to talk about the adapters in another video. But that said, this is a great system here, and this is you get three drawers here with this and they have you have all the tools built into it. Lets see here. So it comes with all the tools to go along with it. Lets see. If i can get a picture of it with the tools here, we go theres a picture showing you what it looks like with the tools, each tool in their space and a space for every tool for 119. Here next up weve got the old cobalt. We have not talked about cobalt compressors for a while, i havent seen a lot of sales on. This is not a huge sale. Its 20 off, but you know, trying to find a compressor in stock lately has been difficult. This is a fantastic compressor. I love these compressors i had. I cannot tell you how many members of the den have contacted me to say: hey ive got this compressor, its fantastic, its quiet, 26 gallon single stage.

You know for the home shop thats a great setup right there for 329 dollars. Next up we got some more deez waltz. We got the dewalt xr brushless. Of course we got. The impact drivers looks like we got the 3 8 and a half inch here, two tool: 20 volt combo kit here with soft case, one battery and charger included, and we got ta look at start. We got add to cart to see the price and the price is 249.. Two thats a those are thats a nice combo kit with the xr5 on there uh the 5 amp hour battery. There thats, not terrible all right lets, keep going here. How about this metabo uh save 330 dollars? This is a set weve seen around different prices floating in around this range uh 349 to ‘9, but the 349 on this weve got. The cirque saw the drill driver, the the impact, the light, the recip two batteries and a charger on this were looking at. As i said, 349 on that now remember, metabo is hpt, is the old uh, the old hitachi system, and it still carries that lifetime. Warranty, of course, the lifetime is the lifetime of the tool, not not your lifetime. They dont they dont care about you just as long as theyre, making the tool its still under warranty. How about this? We got a gladiator. I know i havent even looked at this, but i do like the gladiator benches here i saw its on sale.

Pricing cart is 251. Cloudier makes some good stuff its, not cheap, stuff all right, but if youre looking for a cabinet like or a table workbench like that, that might be the one to go with for you this. This is what i think. Okay, you know the bear. If you watch it follow me, you know im not usually a fan of combo kit kind of thing, mechanics, you know all in one because you usually get the worst of the worst of you know the lowest common denominator. If you will fill an amount, this actually does not seem all that bad, especially at the price. This thing is its 69 70 down from 130 uh 138 piece sae and metric, and you get look at this. You you get all these sockets and stuff to go with it. You got three ratchets. You got one two, three, eight wrenches! You got a bit driver. You got some allen wrenches a little bit of filler here nice case. Look at all those sockets! You got deeps, you got shallows, you got metric, you got sae youre wanting to just you know, get started jump into a system theyre, not bad theyre, about theyre, almost identical to the quinn ones. We see over harbor freight, which are not terrible. Of course. These all come with lifetime, warranties, thats, a pretty decent little setup. There, no theyre, not six point sockets theyre, not theyre, gon na be the high end.

But for i mean you want a travel set, seventy dollars, thats, not bad. All right were back talking to your gladiator. Of course they got their new toolboxes now again with the diamond plate. I know thats their thats their thing. They they love the diamond plate 13.59. Its a little high lets be honest, its a little bit more than most people are going to want to spend, especially us value minded bears on a cabinet like this, but i did want to throw it out there its 240 off, and it is a unique look. If youre looking for a cabinet – unlike most of your friends and buddies, are going to have, this might be the cabinet to go with all right. We got a few more here. We got the ego blower here. This is, of course, you know 530 cf and 56 volts. We got to add a cart to see. The price price is 159. 159 on that, and it comes with a 2.5 amp hour battery and charger included at that price. If youve been wanting to get into ego falls the time to do it. You know this is you know eagles one of the few companies out there thats, actually making an electric snowblower thats, actually worth a darn, so might want to consider stepping into it all right lets see what else we got here. We got the craftsman two piece: 20 volt max cordless combo kit. This is a lot like the cobalt set we saw earlier and we got to add the price to cart here, to see if its really worth it were looking at.

Oh, and can you say 69 on that 69 dollars? Is this? This got to be tool only right. We got a 2 amp hour, lithium ion battery really. So are you serious about this? This things got a battery. They have a battery and a charger at that price. Uh you get the cutting efficient and uh string. Trimmer features another clear, 20 amp. Now a two ampere battery uh platform is out there equipped, but i dont see anything saying its got. A charger got ta have a charger right. I mean theyre, not gon na sell you something with a battery and not throwing the charger. Maybe they will. They might, of course they would craftsman right there. It is right there, charger, occluded, green check, mark so youre. Getting the charger youre getting. This is ridiculous. This price this is this – is cheaper than the old stanley black and decker price. Is that right? I get. I got to take a look at this again, just to verify yada yada yada yada. We added all this stuff. Whered it go there. It is 69 thats, 50 off from the regular price of one 120.. Oh my gosh, if, if youve been thinking about getting into a line here, that is the one to do it with. I mean not not specifically in the craftsman. Youve been thinking to get in a craftsman im a little blown away by that price wow anyway, all right next, one up cobalt, 80 volt.

This is the big boy. Uh mower, here 80 volts got all the power youre gon na. Need you get the battery. You get the charger you get, the mower believe it or not at that price, its a hundred dollars off of 500 first price on this ends september 5th. Well, anyway, there you go that craftsman dealer i think deal there has to be the the the hot deal of the entire one, but there were some other good call outs out there, the metabo that that impact wrench combo from dewalt some other good stuff there. Let me know: was there anything here that popped out for you? These, like this is the one i got ta get im gon na run down there, also, if theres, any other stores and stuff you want me to check out. You want me to cover here make sure to put it down in the comments while youre down there dont forget to chomp the old like button smash. The subscribe ring that bell on your way out.

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