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Everyone feels this way from time to time. Even super successful people, but what separates them from everyone else is their ability to trick their brain into doing hard things even when they dont feel like it. You see successful people understand that if they want to accomplish something in life, they cant make excuses. They cant allow their brain to control them. They have to be the ones in control. Sometimes it is so hard to get fired up to do what we know we really want to do. We get tired life makes us weary and we feel frustrated. This is why, knowing how to trick your brain into doing the things you want is such a crucial skill to learn. If you want to succeed instead of constantly fighting with your brain, whether or not to do something you can make up your mind once and for all that gives you the peace of mind to enjoy the present moment instead of having a thought linger inside your head. If youre, having trouble getting your brain to listen, you are, in luck, ill, be revealing some of the best tricks on how to trick your brain and make it do things on demand. But just before make sure you subscribe to the channel and dont forget to download your free book to change your life by clicking on the link in the description below the video. What to do when your brain wont listen its exciting to think that there are ways to outsmart our brains by intentionally putting ourselves in a state of mental conflict.

We can enhance our creativity. The difference between successful and average people is that successful people get things done. Even when they dont feel like it theyre able to hack into their minds so that they control their own emotions, not the other way around. This is the biggest reason why average people stay average. They allow their bodies to control them and give in to emotional desires that well that dont benefit them. So how do you trick your brain to overcome obstacles that are hindering your will to get things done? How can you take control of your mind and force it to obey your commands? The answer: is you cant what i thought thats what this video was about? Let me, let me explain, your brain is stubborn and forcing it to do something that it doesnt want wont. Make it listen in fact trying to use force to get your brain to do what you want is only going to make it even more stubborn. Now you have to fight a battle against your own mind, to get it to listen to you, which solves nothing and as wise, abraham lincoln once said. A house divided in two cannot stand instead of using force a much more effective way of getting your brain to do. What you want is to use influence that way. You can persuade your brain into doing what you want without any resistance. For example, if i ordered you to eat an apple and you disliked apples, you would most likely refuse, but if i told you how juicy delicious and mouth watering this apple, in my hand, is now you are starting to reconsider your choices.

You are allowing your brain to make its own decisions and when your brain wants to do something by itself that creates desire thats. Why influence and persuasion is one of the best techniques on how to trick your brain below? Are the best mind hacks on how to trick your brain into doing what you want? One use micro goals to trick your brain to do hard things. It isnt unusual to feel discouraged or demotivated when faced with a big task like meeting a project deadline, submitting a proposal or an essay, especially when you have an easier alternative for gratification. Fortunately, you can hack this system to work in your favor, because your brains reward centers, activate with dopamine in expectation of a reward, create a system of goal accomplishment and reward to feed your motivation. Keeping a simple to do list can show you the difference. This can make instead of, for example, lumping all your chores together, split them up, make the bed scrub down your windows, vacuum, etc. After accomplishing each micro goal reward yourself. This could be something simple. Like 15 minutes of scrolling through your social media feeds a slice of cake, a short walk, a cuddle session with your puppy. Similarly, you can do this for work or studies instead of feeling demotivated because of a looming deadline. Break your tasks down into a series of mini deadlines with rewards built in between by creating a system where your brain expects a reward as a result of completing an important goal.

The dopamine gets you to feel motivated to complete the task. Moreover, once you accomplish the task and get your reward, your brain learns to expect a reward after every task or micro goal. You accomplish compare the feeling of ordering in a pizza after say, two hours of working on an important project. Your brain predicts. How much you will enjoy that pizza afterward compared to ordering a pizza and eating it while your work sits untouched, fueling, your stress and reducing your enjoyment. 2. use mindfulness to trick your brain to do hard things in a healthy dopamine system. Receptors would be plentiful and dopamine would exhibit a pattern, moderate levels at rest, heightened levels when confronted by a queue of motivational significance and quick, strong pulses when an unexpected reward is obtained or rapid declines. When an expected reward is withheld, excessive dopamine levels can spiral into addictive behaviors because the brain adapts to these high levels and craves them. Social media, gaming and gambling addictions are behaviors that can result from irregular dopamine levels. This is why mindfulness is necessary to maintain the type of healthy dopamine system, while spending several hours on the internet may seem harmless. Excessive indulgence of these behaviors can potentially create long term addictive behaviors. These make it even more challenging to do the things you need to do. Neuroscience. Researchers and clinicians recommend consciously abstaining thats a term from behaviors that can snowball into these kinds of habits. Limiting time spent online can help reduce the temptation to indulge too much in the limitless expanses of the internet.

It also helps reset the brains reward expectation system, so you are better able to resist the urge to check every social media notification. The moment you get it, in fact, the best way to accomplish a good balance of mindfulness is to build these moments into your daily work and home routine, set an internet cutoff point for yourself during the day when you switch your notifications off and dont check anything Online have specific days and hours set aside for your gaming and netflix and other potentially more rewarding activities by allotting a specific amount of time to your indulgences. You can limit them as well as create a healthy, dopamine fueled reward system. In the meantime, this also frees up time for you to do things you might otherwise not consider as instantly rewarding activities like going for a walk reading, a book spending quality time with a friend. Imagine that at a certain point every day you would experience a power outage in your home. What would you do to entertain yourself when you werent able to plug in to the rest of the world? You might be surprised to find that many of the activities you come up with are actually much more enjoyable than you would have imagined. Unplugging helps you be more mindful of your environment and self and reduces your craving for potentially addictive behaviors, making it easier to perform activities. You previously considered hard 3. use exercise to trick your brain to do hard things.

Research shows that aerobic exercise can help improve the fine motor skills of people with parkinsons disease. A condition arising from low levels of dopamine, even 20 minutes of aerobic exercise can help switch. Your motivation around by regulating healthy levels of dopamine the increased activity, gets more blood pumping through your brain, creating an optimum condition for it to grow and process. This is why you often feel more alert and focused after exercising, also crucially exercising stimulates endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Another great neurotransmitter, to put you in the right state to work and learn exercise has a plethora of health benefits, but its also a much more sustainable way of getting your motivation system running and putting you in a good mood to tackle necessary tasks. So working some time for light exercises within your daily routine, even going for a quick jog or a walk around the block can make a difference. 4. get enough sleep to trick your brain to do hard things not getting enough. Sleep can result in flagging dopamine levels. During the day, and this in turn, results in a lack of motivation to get things done, a study conducted at the university of michigan found that low levels of dopamine in rats resulted in these animals, not even attempting to move towards food left a few inches away Along with the fatigue from not getting enough rest lack of sleep can also compound negative feelings of stress and demotivation enough quality. Sleep helps reduce the size of the brains, amygdala, which regulates feelings like anxiety, stress, fear, etc.

People who dont get enough rem, sleep tend to be reactive, the following day about any negative emotions they had been experiencing. This upset in your mood and motivation naturally impairs your ability to be productive and learn. Reducing the time you spend on social media and getting enough exercise both things, i recommend for regulating dopamine levels can help you get better sleep for device usage. In particular, the blue light from your screen disrupts your bodys circadian rhythms by tricking the brain into thinking that its daytime and it needs to be alert and active as a result, and because of the subconscious expectation of reward, you might find yourself on your phone through The night feeding into your inability to sleep. Unfortunately, this affects your dopamine levels and motivation. The next day, getting enough quality sleep ensures that you wake up well rested with your dopamine levels, rejuvenated and your brain in its alpha wave mode, a calm, clear, headed state thats best for learning. Now you have another reason to instill a social media or internet cut off point at some juncture of your day, 5.. Listen to music to trick your brain to do hard things listening to specific types of music, particularly melodic instrumentals can significantly increase your dopamine levels and keep you motivated as you work, exercise, learn and so on. A study conducted by mcgill university discovered an increase of nine percent in dopamine levels when people listen to instrumentals, that quote, gave them chills some companies report productivity surges of up to 40 percent through the introduction of music therapy into the workplace, along with increased job satisfaction.

Six get stuff done instead of procrastinating, your brain doesnt want you to get things done its always worrying about what can go wrong and will abandon ship at the first sign of distress, making it hard to achieve your goals. Luckily, you can trick your brain into getting more done, both with simple tricks, changing the lighting or playing unfamiliar music and a new outlook on your goals, like focusing on the long term, benefits treat it like any other involuntary bad habit, and you can overcome your brains. Bad choices, seven focus on the positive instead of the negative ever have one tiny thing that ruins your entire day. Thats your brain tricking, you again our brains like to focus on the negative. It can even convince you that you hate something you like dont, let it ruin your day. Remember that one small issue or false start does not make the whole make your brain store the positive memories instead of that negative one and youll. Remember it more fondly, though, sometimes negative thinking, isnt such a bad thing, eight base your decisions on reality. Instead of optimism, there are exceptions to your brains, negativity though, if youre looking forward to something or want something, really bad the opposite happens. Your brain gets overly optimistic. Its, why anticipation makes you feel happier than the result usually does or why you think you could win the lottery, but smoking will only kill other people. Dont fall for this trick since itll lead to poor decision making.

Similarly, dont confuse the number of choices you have with the importance of any given choice like the brand of toothpaste you buy, your brain tends to think the two are intertwined when they obviously are not final thoughts, its okay to be wrong, but not to be in Doubt, okay make a decision and stick with it, be bold and trust. In yourself, one of the most valuable skills you can learn is learning how to be decisive in business. Money loves speed and if you arent able to be bold and make quick decisions, you are going to end up poor. For example, have you ever stu stuttered during an opportunity only for someone else to swoop in and steal it from you in business? This happens quite frequently business people who arent decisive, run into the problem of having opportunities stolen right from them because they hesitate it leaves room for their competitors to come in and make a better offer. If you want to be more decisive, have the mindset that a decision is not good or bad? What matters is how you handle what comes next, in fact, the consequences of not taking action or making a decision are far more costly than making a mistake. Not making a decision means that you are accepting your current circumstances and allowing them to continue. If you are unhappy with your current situation, realize that by doing nothing, nothing gets solved either. If you lack motivation to do hard or difficult things, it means you lack the desire to live a good life.

We only have a certain amount of time left on this planet and that time is only getting shorter as the days go by being indecisive, hesitant or allowing yourself to slack off doesnt help. You become a better person; it only leads to a life that is filled with regret about things you should have done. Instead of playing it safe, you should be looking to take risks from time to time and do the things youve always wanted to do. After all, we only have one life to live. We may as well make the best of it by finally taking that leap of faith to see what awaits us on the other side. Learning how to trick your brain goes beyond just motivation being able to see different perspectives and turn losses into wins is another way that successful people take control of their lives. A truly successful person can learn from both their victories and their failures, and the only way to achieve something great is to make and commit to a decision hey if you enjoyed this video, please like share comment and especially subscribe to the channel.

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