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An irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired, love is patient, love is kind, it is not jealous, does not brag. It is not arrogant where there is love, there is life ever since we are born. We are inundated with these stories about love its present in almost every scripture cartoons, tv shows, songs, movies and those sneaky classroom. Conversations, love ultimately does arrogantly present itself as a component of the fabric of reality, but is it actually that a component of reality, or is it just another social construct, an idea created by the society and accept it as reality lets deconstruct this im, not a smart Man, you had me at hello: yes, so turns out that love and romantic love in this particular case has a biological element to it. Helen fisher, an american anthropologist, divided love into three different stages, lust attraction and attachment. She explained how these different stages required a consistent release of different sets of neuro chemicals and hormones. Now lets try to intricately understand what she meant by studying the works of stephanie kakiopo from the university of chicago who studied the regions of the brain that were involved during these different stages of love, the first stage lust or sexual desire. Now this is where your brain is trying to scan and find a partner that you can have an offspring with it has a huge involvement of insulin or insular cortex, a part of your limbic system, which is usually involved in intense emotional experience.

Another region, the ventral striatum, which is the primary hub of the brains, reward system lights up like crazy when we see an attractive face, or at least perceive as an attractive face. So that is your love at first sight, for you right there, when your brain associates reward with a particular face, and you want to experience that feeling that sense of reward again and again and again all right now. Moving on to your honeymoon period attraction, the initiation of your romantic love. Now this is where the limbic system plays a key role, pumping out the feel good, neurotransmitters and hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, which bind people together. Parts of your prefrontal cortex, which help you make rational decisions, are deactivated, and this is where, as thomas lewis, another neuroscientist says that people are not thinking critically and are literally crazy in love. He also says that this is where evolution is tricking. Two people to stay together, long enough to procreate and then the last stage attachment now. This is where your serotonin and your dopamine levels theyve normalized, but your oxytocin levels theyre considerably high. So that is where you have developed a reward system high enough with your partner and cannot live without them, but that is just biology and evolution and neurochemistry what happens to human psychology and sociology now there are various theories of love like the triangular theory of love Or the colour wheel, theory of love, but our question adheres to the very existence of love and its presence in almost every culture.

The wikipedia definition of love says that love has been postulated to be the function that keeps human beings together against menaces and to facilitate the continuation of the species, and this love can be traced as backwards to the greeks, who gave different names to the types of Love and then the romans who named their city roma, which is the anagram of amur, meaning love. The bible, attributes the apostle of john saying that god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son. That whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. This verse kind of suggests that true love requires sacrifice and then the apostle of paul glorified love as the most important virtue of all the chinese gave two different philosophies for love. That is the confucianist and the more his philosophy. Confucianism says that love is different for different people and treats it like a responsibility. Mohisam, on the other hand, treats love as unconditional and universal islam has ish as the essence of sufism persians had rumi, which is enough to explain what they had and then the buddhists and hindus have the conceptions of karma and karuna and then over the period of Time various artists, writers and poets, like our very favorite, william shakespeare, dedicated a plethora of their works to love, see what all of which we just spoke about. These are the villains, biology and evolution. Those are necessary religion, thats. The first episode, the real villain.

My friends is none other than Music iwalu in her book consuming the romantic utopia explains how love did the emotional labor for capitalism and how capitalism changed the emotional patterns of people by the 1930s, the mass markets of leisure increased, which increased the romanticism of commodities. So now, commodities of any kind, such as household appliances and jewelry, were advertised as indicators that help people to experience romance completely and love started. Selling capitalism transformed the natural experience of love into fictional super stimuli to profit from now. This is where movie studios, recording companies and later pornography websites started bombarding us with unrealistic and exaggerated versions of love, but all of us here on youtube right now we were born with the omni presence of movies and romantic movies in particular, think about it. Young minds do not have the objective life experience to think critically. Psychologists suggest that young brains cannot distinguish between a real life memory and the stories that we extract from movies or books and place the effect of them under one common heading memory. This means that, from a very young age, after being overwhelmed with the drama in these movies, our subconscious tries to extract these stories and project onto our real lives and then any possibility of a relationship brings in the possibility of experiencing those same love stories that you Observed or maybe heard about in various social interactions. So you do not let your relationship be guided by the experiences that it brings but rather enter in it with a pre existing script and in a similar way.

The young girls, who had a crush on jack, dawson or edward cullen might not have actually loved them, but the stories that they brought with themselves. That is why twilight generated a combined worldwide box office of 2.5 billion dollars and thats. Why the most money making genre in books is romantic erotica with a worth of about 1.5 billion dollars, but lets just think about this. A movie has beautiful cinematography, intense soundtracks, attractive actors, trying their best to act out their roles in the most relatable ways, with brilliant direction and editing. Everything in these movies is there to make us admire and fall in love with them, and our subconscious mostly tries to practice that it admires us carl jung thats how movies influence the types of men or women that people pursue in their lives, and that is exactly How britney made you date the bad boy and make you fall in love? And now here we are in 2021, where various dating apps have turned relationships into shopping malls, where people are constantly trying to find themselves the best deal. So love becomes a strange cocktail of this evolutionary, this biological information that we carry with ourselves and the constructed drama that our subconscious extracts out of art and various social interactions. Love can be a really complex emotion to define, but what we can do is not just fall in love with these conceptions of romance but be conscious about the companions that we choose because lets get real, no matter how idealistic it might seem, 95 of us arent Going to live our lives alone, all right, so there are two things that you can do to find: a good companion for yourself, one be very cognizant of these conceptions that we just spoke about find a partner who blends well with your ideologies, your motivations, because researchers Have also suggested that the opposite, attracting might be very good for your offspring, but can be terrible for your psychological health and two is share the video subscribe to the channel, because that is how you and me we become good companions.

So, yes, i will see you in the next video with all of this love. Thank you so much for watching the video and remember always be kind.

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