September 11 attacks, Apple, World Trade Center Flight 587 to the Dominican Republic πŸ‡©πŸ‡΄ memorial park Rockaway Beach Queens NYC USA 4K video

Now i was originally asked if i would be uploading a video of the memorial when i had uploaded some other clips from the rockaways, and i had thought it might be a bit too sad and doesnt really personify heading to the beach for the summer. And then, when i realized that the email had come from a family in the dominican republic, the importance of being able to share this with them rang out with me is not. Everyone can come here as easily as new yorkers who take the a train to 116th street. So here is a visit for those who are not able to make it to the area but want to see how their loved ones have been commemorated. On november 12, 2001. American airlines, flight 587 departed jfk airport enroute to the dominican republic, and the story continues as well as the memorial with all of the names of everyone who was on that flight and we are very close to jfk airport. It is the a train to broad channel. Is how i got here today, but most people, if you are wanting to visit this location, there is a much closer way to get here. You can take the a train to broad channel and then there is a shuttle. Thatll bring you to rockaway beach 116th street and you just walk down the block and its the first thing: youll see before uh. You are at the atlantic ocean beach, its done in a circular motion with crepe myrtles at the center.

After you view the names you are brought around to an entrance way to the atlantic ocean, so we honor those in our hearts um and then i think they tried to do their best to keep it as light, as can be, as there are some evergreens. Even in the winter time these tropical looking yuccas will stay green and then we arrive at rockaway beach. 116Th street here is a look of the boardwalk again. This is an august 21st look and now we will walk over to the atlantic ocean, as that is where this memorial is placed at beach, 100 and 16th street. Again, this is new york city, the borough of queens located on the rockaway peninsula, which is the peninsula of long island.

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