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You may not get the same vaccine youve already received. Singapore is sending half a million pfizer vaccine doses to australia this week as part of a swap deal and what now for afghanistan, the last u.s soldier has left the country ending a 20 year war youre watching the big story coming to you live from the straits Times, newsroom im olivia quay subscribe to the straits times channel, so you never miss a single episode. Now theres increasing discussion around the world of vaccine booster shots against covet 19.. Some countries like the us and south korea are already planning to offer extra doses to parts of their population in the coming weeks. Well, when booster shots are rolled out in singapore, experts tell the straits times that some may be given the same vaccine they took before, while others may be administered a different one. Both approaches are being considered according to associate professor limpolian from ncid whos. Also, a member of the expert committee on covet 19 vaccination. She said it may not be a one. Size fits all recommendation as what might be good for older adults might have more side effects in younger people. Experts here will need more time to collect and analyze the data before making a recommendation. Well, speaking of extra jabs, prime minister elysian lung wrote in a facebook post that the half a million pfizer doses that singapore will receive in december as part of a vaccine swap arrangement with australia will quote, have more potential use for us as boosts are shot.

Then, under the deal this week, australia will receive 500 000 pfizer shots from singapores existing stock and in return, australia will send the same amount back to singapore. At the end of the year, its a doe swap deal, which simply means were taking the 500 000. They have now so we can put that into our distribution this month coming in september and we will provide them with 500 000 in december. That means there are 500 doses extra that will happen in september that otherwise would have had to wait for several months. From now accelerating our vaccination program at this critical time as we work towards those seventy percent and eighty percent targets well, just under 28 of australias population – is fully vaccinated. This, in contrast to the 80 of singapore residents, who have gotten both doses, a milestone that was met last sunday. Well, as you can see here by the light gray line 90 of seniors 60 to 69 years old, are fully vaccinated. 84 of those 70 and above as well shown by the dark gray line, meanwhile seniors formed the majority of the five covet 19 patients in icu, as it yesterday and of these five four are unvaccinated Music americas longest war is officially over. Afghanistan is now under taliban rule. Well, after 20 years of fighting, u.s troops have ended their military mission and pulled out of the country. Well, here is the picture of the last american soldier to leave afghanistan major general chris donahue boarding a cargo plane at kabul airport with that washington says it will now focus its efforts on diplomacy.

We have a plan for whats next were putting it into action. This moment also demands reflection. The war in afghanistan was a 20 year endeavor. We must learn its lessons and allow those lessons to shape how we think about fundamental questions of national security and foreign policy. We owe that to future diplomats, policy makers, military leaders, service members. We owe that to the american people. Well, with more is the straits times as foreign editor bhagyashree gareka welcome back to the show uh bhagya. So what does the uss withdrawal mean for the afghan people? You know, especially with their life back under a taliban rule again? Well, its a bit like back to the future, so you know the taliban were in part when the u.s attacked and invaded afghanistan, mainly because the taliban was sheltering the al qaeda chief, osama bin laden and he was the guy behind the 9 11 attacks. So what do we know of those years? We know pretty much that in a word, the taliban rule was quite brutal, and so there were things like public hangings in squares in football stadiums. There were lynchings there were, you know, limbs amputated for certain crimes. You know things of this sort uh what else? Well, womens rights were quite severely curtailed, so you had women who were forced to wear. You know cover themselves top to bottom and they had to wear uh. Nikab nikab is something that so you see only the eyes.

You know so its quite restrictive by way of education by way of jobs, it was very little very restrictive and even for the rest of the country, i think jobs were in short supply. So, as such the economy, the whole system of governance was backward. Looking right, um now, if you hear the taliban leaders today, the spokesman today talk about you know what the government is going to be like under them. Uh you hear them saying that no, we wont be doing that kind of thing. But again, if you notice first of all, theyre not consistent, they say one thing: one leader says one thing: for instance on womens right, the other leader might contradict him, uh thats gone on, and secondly, they have little credibility because from everything we know about these people, Who are now back in par uh? It doesnt need you to believe that this this is going to be a shining new afghanistan right well, bhagya, then, what do you think is the state of the taliban now? Is it stronger or weaker than you know, then, before the u.s, the uss presence in afghanistan back in 2001.? Well: theyve, outlasted, the u.s military for 20 years, so that tells you a lot about their state, their strength right. The second thing they have inherited. You know the resources and the military assets which were given to the previous government, the ashraf ghani government by the us. So they have that they are in control of most of the country, except maybe some pockets where there is resistance, and i think most people would say that taliban is there to stay for years, if not decades, there might be some kind of civil war going on And resistance going on, but i think theres little doubt that taliban is going to stay and the other thing would be that they also have uh.

You must have read reports that weve published about taliban inheriting uh. You know trillion dollar worth of minerals. So this things rare, uh things like lithium, which we use for batteries, so taliban has inherited all that as well, so from most angles that you look at, they are pretty strong, okay, well back to todays, or rather last nights development. You know, according to secretary of state, anthony blinken americas work in afghanistan, continues and theres a plan that theyre putting into action, but based on what you said about the state of the taliban. Currently, what can the u.s do now that its military presence in afghanistan has ended? Well, whatever that plan b, uh im quite skeptical? Basically, the us is not left with a lot of leverage. Theyve left, as of today, theres still about 100 200 americans left there, but they expect to get them out beyond that. What do they have? I think its china, in fact, which is building up links with taliban which which will have uh something of a say in the affairs of that country. As for the u.s, i think mr blinken hasnt revealed much of his plans as yet, but from what we know. Hes talked about you know, being together with international allies and trying to make sure that that you know relief and humanitarian supplies, for instance that were meant for certain groups. Those are not hijacked and end up with the government. So hes talking of misuse preventing the misuse of that kind of thing, but yeah at the moment im afraid u.

s doesnt really have a lot left in the country. Right, of course, well keep an eye on these developments. As you know, the weeks and the months progress bhagya, thank you so much for coming on the show ive been speaking with the straits times safari and editor bhagyashree gareka, Music back home charlotte liu owner of pet hotel, platinum dogs club has been jailed for two weeks And fined 35 700 for failing to properly care for the animals entrusted to her shes, also been banned from running pet related businesses. For a year, numerous dogs had suffered under loose care and two of them died under gov techs new program, ethical hackers anywhere in the world who detect and report security vulnerabilities in singapores critical government systems will be offered cash rewards, ranging from 200 to 5000 us dollars Depending on the severity of the vulnerabilities discovered, a special bounty of up to 150 thousand dollars will be awarded for discovering cyber weaknesses that could cause exceptional impact on selected systems and data. Well, the program will run continuously and cover three systems. First, sync: pass and court pass member e services under the manpower ministry and cpf as well as moms workpass integrated system. According to non constituency mp liangman wai, the progress singapore party has filed a private members motion in parliament on issues about jobs and foreign workforce policy, which he expects will be debated on september 13th or 14th. The submitted motion is quote that this parliament calls upon the government to take urgent and concrete action to address the widespread anxiety among singaporeans on jobs and livelihood caused by the foreign talent policy and the movement of natural persons.

Provisions in some free trade agreements like seeker. Well, those are our top stories for today for more news and videos visit straightstimes.

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