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They not just chinese adrs. Im gon na throw out some number uh some names, uh, soaring, eagle acquisition, the blank check company farfetch, the online retailer palantir pfizer semaphore are some two simple holdings or dave. Wilson highlighted it uh a couple of weeks ago. These are names that youve been buying, highlight a couple of them and youre thinking, um well, uh. I know its a lot. Yes, oh well, uh too simple. The uh which uh has it was a spec and uh. It fell to earth and we were able to get a very nice sized position even in our flagship fund. We are looking for autonomous plays and autonomous trucking holds incredible promise. We believe that autonomous trucking will be able to deliver freight uh less expensively than rail. Does now now, if you think about it, human driven truck uh trucks, uh transporting freight by uh, uh, human driven trucks, costs 12 cents per ton mile thats, not the way a lot of people measure it, but we think it levels the playing field. Rail is four cents per ton mile and uh. We believe autonomous trucks will be three cents per ton mile, so we believe that uh half of the freight in the united states that is delivered by rail today has an opportunity to shift over to autonomous trucks in the future. Its a huge opportunity, um lets, see some of the uh uh smack names, uh that that um, you have you uh, read out yes, uh well, uh were were getting into um areas within the genomic uh revolution, first, very importantly, into proteomics uh, a huge new field.

Um weve weve uh been spending a lot of research dollars on uh, dna and rna, but rna is uh really the messaging for proteins which actually are the earliest, where we see the earliest manifestation of disease, so its going to be a huge new space, and so Some of the names you see coming into the portfolios are those and youre going to have to read some of the other ones. Well, i think, like palantirs, one and actually folks are emailing me and said what you know have kathy talk about palantir and her recent buy sure uh talent here uh. We believe that palantir has the opportunity to usurp a lot of aws azure google compute over time. It is pushing uh, artificial intelligence out to the edge and palantir, because i think its roughly 60 percent of its business has been with the government. Much of that in intelligence agencies talenteer is, we believe today using technologies that we will find out about five years. From now, they we believe are so far ahead because of their expertise in intelligence that its going to accrue to the companys benefit in the commercial space as well so theyve entered. I think a year ago, 85 of their business was with the government today, its closer to 60 percent uh, and so weve got um all of the commercial uh side to go so uh. I i dont think people understand how advanced talenteer is technologically and how its platform technologies, pushing a out to the edge uh are going to uh, are going to really take share over time from the more centralized services, its interesting that were thinking about them.

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