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But for this kind of money you cant get everything im will for gsm marina and lets see what the redmi 10 does have to offer in our full review Music at launch. The redmi 10 is a little bit pricier than the previous model of the redmi 9. When it came out last year, but at the same time it tries to improve upon it in almost every department. As far as the design goes, xiaomi has mixed things up a bit. The back and frame are still plastic, but this time around theres a smooth finish. Rather than a textured one, at least in our pebble white model, the camera bump is larger and fancier. Looking and on the front, you have a punch hole for the selfie cam instead of a notch. This screen is a 6.5 inch ips lcd with a 1080p resolution. Quite similar to last year, the aspect ratio was a little bit taller this time around, and this display features a fast 90 hertz refresh rate. This means that swiping and scrolling on this screen is smoother than on the redmi 9, but the refresh rate isnt, really adaptive to save energy, only dialing down to 60 hertz in video player apps. Overall, this display is quite nice for an lcd. Blacks are pretty deep and any light bleed around the edges of the selfie cutout is minimal. Colors are accurate, depending on the color preset you choose and brightness is decent enough for use outdoors.

We measured around 400 nits maximum with the slider and it boosts up to 480 nits in auto mode when in bright conditions, theres a 3.5 millimeter jack for plugging in headphones, as well as a pair of stereo speakers, one on each end of the frame. Theyre, a nice upgrade over last years, single speaker and earned a score of good on our loudness charts. The sound is clear and punchy, though the bass is a little bit on the flat side. You can wake up and unlock the redmi 10 with a side mounted fingerprint scanner built into the power button as weve come to expect from xiaomi its fast and accurate and for storage. You have options for 64 or 128 gigs on board and its expandable through microsd. The user interface of the redmi 10 is xiaomis latest miui 12.5, based on android 11., is pretty much what weve seen from xiaomi for the past couple of years, with just a few newer tweaks behind the scenes, theres support for an app drawer and it organizes your Apps into categories you have the option to split the notification shade in two, so swiping from the left corner will access your notifications and swiping from the right corner? Will open up your quick toggle settings and you get features like an ir blaster which lets you use. The phone as a remote control and you get fm radio support too. The redmi 10 runs on a mediatek helio g88 chipset built on a 12 nanometer process.

It has slightly higher cpu and gpu clock speeds than the helio g80 and the redmi note for some reason. Most of the benchmarks were blocked from running on our unit, but we were able to get geekbench 5 to work and overall, the performance is in line with what we saw last year, adequate for the price, but nothing special. This is far from a gaming phone day to day tasks run okay, mostly smooth thanks to the high refresh rate and streamlined ui, but you do run into hiccups from time to time powering the redmi 10 is a large 5 000 milliamp hour battery and the phone Earned an endurance rating of 127 hours in our proprietary tests. This is good. Dont get me wrong, but it falls behind other mid range and budget phones with the same battery capacity. The phone comes with an 18 watt charger and just as youd expect its not so fast to top up this big battery with it, we charged the phone from zero to just 26 percent in half an hour. Now lets talk about the cameras this year, theres a new main cam with a 50 megapixel quad bayer sensor and along with that, you get an 8 megapixel ultra wide cam, a 2 megapixel macro cam and a depth sensor. Although it may sound more impressive on paper, the new main cameras performance is underwhelming. During the day. You do get a very good amount of detail, especially considering this price bracket, but the colors are far from reality and theres.

Poor contrast and dynamic range portraits, arent great. The edge detection is rough and unless theres a lot of light like outside in the sun, the images come out generally soft eight megapixel shots from the ultra wide camera are actually nice for the budget. The colors are more saturated and lively than the main cams and the distortion correction does a nice job, theres good contrast and the corner softness isnt too bad two megapixel shots from the macro cam are just average. Sharpness is nice, but colors arent too lively and the amount of detail is limited by the resolution. Theres no autofocus here either to help with the shooting process in low light. The main camera takes ok photos which is an improvement from last years. Model colors are saturated enough and you end up with some preserved detail and shadows, but still the images are soft with clipped highlights and contrast leaves more to be desired. You do get night mode support here, unlike on the redmi 9. It provides a significant improvement in sharpness, fine detail, dynamic range and overall picture quality, and it doesnt take that long to process either theres no night mode on the ultra wide cam, but its low light photos are still above average for the class theres good contrast, punchy, Colors and a good amount of detail, the exposure is on the darker side and the sharpness could be better, but these are overall, very usable selfies are taken with the 8 megapixel front facing cam and they are pretty good wed, say better than last year.

Theres plenty of fine detail, vibrant colors and sufficiently wide dynamic range and the phone does a good job exposing for the subjects face. Even in backlight situations, video can be captured in up to 1080p resolution at 30fps and theres no electronic stabilization available. The main cams footage is uninspiring, theres, not a lot of detail, and there is noticeable over sharpening, even though videos from the ultra wide cam have a darker exposure. Wed say they look a bit better. While you do get the same level of sharpness, theres, more contrast and the colors are vivid, but not over the top, so thats the xiaomi redmi 10, you get a sleek looking design and a large high refresh rate lcd screen. There are stereo speakers and battery life is good too, and the cameras do a decent job at night for a budget phone. Now there are a few shortcomings which youd expect at this price, like the mediocre, chipset and slow charging and the overall camera experience, but probably the biggest downside is the availability.

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