Bitcoin, El Salvador, Cryptocurrency, Nayib Bukele Legal Tender Day Commercial: $30 Air Drop & More Video's on The Ground 9/7/2021

Do a bitcoin purchase using lightning network, a dollar fifty cerveza here, the el salvador pilsner – and this is uh – youll – see that this is more secure than visa. More private than visa, more inclusive than visa, more energy efficient than visa, more transaction capacity than visa. All you do is have to have a smoke smartphone and youre on so hes, using a bitcoin beach wallet and im going to launch my strike now in the u.s. I i using ach, i transferred it like 100 bucks into stripe. Its a custodial wallet and all i have to do is pay and im going to scan this qr code and thats a dollar. Fifty for this, this beer uh strike is adding one penny to the transaction ill confirm in less than two seconds it confirms and he gets his dollar. Fifty minus the one set thats an example of a custodial wallet, theres uh theres non custodial, while its, where you are gon na pay that penny. So i think in about a year from now now, when el salvadorans, you know, go through this learning curve, its going to be goodbye, visa and hello. Bitcoin welcome to alzante bitcoin beach im about to demonstrate how you can use a bitcoin atm like this to withdraw cash from magic. Internet money were gon na, go ahead and withdraw cash were gon na go ahead and pick a small amount theres one step of verification that you have to do here.

Um you have to put in your phone number then its going to send me a verification code. Obviously, you could use a burner. Music were gon na go ahead and take bitcoin were gon na redeem ten dollars, im gon na go ahead and go into my moon wallet non kyc non custodial and im going to im going to send some bitcoin to this atm im going to leave a little Note and im going to send it. The bitcoin has left my wallet and now were just gon na wait. A couple seconds here and the magic internet money is doing its thing, and here is the money. So i just transformed magic internet money into cash and id like you to think about the power of that anybody in the world could send value from bangladesh, from china from canada really anywhere with an internet connection. They can send bitcoin to someone here in el zante, who can then turn it very quickly into cash.

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