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President bukele of el salvador just tweeted that they bought an additional 200 bitcoins. They were originally holding 200. So now they have a total of 400 bitcoins guys. This is groundbreaking. This is a country doing this and man. Oh man, when i tell you theres more to come, were going to see some new all time, high prices and a lot of money to be made here. We also have some all coins. Making some strong moves like xrp is pumping really strong. We have a ripple odl partner by the name of btc markets um, and they have just made a huge partnership. So well talk about that. We also have that is going to be accepting bitcoin guys. Things are heating up. The bull market is getting ready and uh bitcoin is over 52 000 right now. All right were gon na break it down before we do go ahead and hit the thumbs up. Button leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button. If youre new here it helps support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything guys. This video is brought to you by ok coin crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and trade. Your favorite cryptocurrencies and you dont have to pay high fees. Okay coin charges, low fees: you can also stake your crypto and keep 100 of the rewards you dont have to pay any fees so be sure to sign up. Link in the description also be sure to sign up for my free weekly newsletter link in the description.

As well, all right lets take a look at coin market cap bitcoin, looking strong up 12 from a 20 uh seven day perspective at fifty two thousand four hundred and seventy eight dollars ethereum looking strong at thirty nine hundred uh cardano at two dollars and eighty two Cents xrp that dollar thirty seven up near 25 from a seven day perspective and solana. Oh, my goodness, guys, if you hold solana, congratulations! It is at new all time highs at 167 bucks up 51 from a seven day perspective man theres money to be made here. I love this market. Nothing moves like it. Uh theres theres never been an asset class like this um and if youve been here buying the dips, obviously not financial or investment advice. Do your own research, uh youre in a prime position to make significant returns. Um! Look. We could see a pump for bitcoin this week where it goes to maybe 60 000, but but but but but im cautiously optimistic right, because ive been looking at this weekly chart and i need to see more red candles guys. I actually dont want bitcoin to go to 60 000 this week. I wanted to maybe just cap out at 53 and then pull back and build support levels, because you need that to essentially have a healthy move upwards. Now i could be wrong right in the sense that bitcoin will keep going and then we just keep going and going up.

But you know there has to be some sort of correction that is not healthy and thats what im expecting soon. Nevertheless, i do think higher prices are coming and were going to see a lot of big news this month into october of adoption of bitcoin and the all coins guys and speaking of adoption, president bukele guys with 2.8 million followers. Obviously the president of el salvador. He just tweeted um el salvador just bought 200 new bitcoins or new new coins. I should say we now hold 400 bitcoin uh and he used the hashtag bitcoinday wow guys and i, as ive said before, game theory and metcaps law is going to play out here. Watch the neighboring countries start to adopt bitcoin and buy bitcoin, and you have central banks around the globe holding it uh. We even seen feds uh the us fed chairman um jerome powell. He said bitcoin operates like digital gold, so the narrative, the use case, is there and, i think, were gon na see a lot of adoption and we need bitcoin to be successful guys. I dont care. If you love or hate bitcoin, we need it to be successful because were still so early in the adoption curve. The all coins still move with bitcoins gravity as bitcoin rises. The all coins move as bitcoin drops, the all coins move now. Do i want it to be that way, of course, not right. I wish the all coins could individually move on their own, but they follow bitcoins lead and that the data shows that so as bitcoin pumps, we have alt season and then he also hit new.

All time highs uh. So this is so bullish. My friends, i hope you see whats happening here and uh. He tweeted the following. In addition to that, like all innovation, the process of bitcoin in el salvador has its a now. This is translated. It has a learning curve. Every road to the future is like this, and not everything will be achieved in a day or in a month, but we must break the paradigms of the past. El salvador has the right to advance towards the first world, wow and ive said it before guys. A paradigm shift is taking place its amazing to see what is happening. Theres never been anything like this before and uh im im so excited to see. Who is going to be the next mover here following el salvadors lead and i think, were going to see a bunch of countries come out and do this now? Will the united states will the uk do this? Uh, probably not right, probably theyll, be the last movers, but i think these smaller countries who can benefit from this are going to do it now. Obviously, tomorrow guys september 7th is when um you know. Bitcoin is going to be made legal tender in in el salvador and you and people can start accepting it merchants and so forth. This is groundbreaking. Its revolutionary, its amazing whats happening now, will bitcoin be the ultimate winner. 10 years from now we dont know maybe um.

I i think other coins might perform better, but that doesnt mean bitcoin. Doesnt have a place in the market right it will. I think it will always have a place. Just like gold has a place in uh in investing is it you know great, like holding stocks, and these different things, of course not right, but it still has a place as a store of value, and i think the digital gold use case and narrative is very Strong and i think were going to see a lot of companies do this and countries and so forth. Now macro investor dan tapiero weighed in he said. This is why bitcoin and crypto will never get shut down greatest global macro event of all time, distributed and used globally for the benefit of the greatest number of people. Global adoption plus 880 percent in the past year, prices going much higher and this is from um data from uh uh chain analysis showing um, just a global adoption, crypto adoption and the data from different countries, its its pretty amazing, to see this happening um and as Far as uh, you know whats in the lead, vietnam, india, pakistan, ukraine, kenya, nigeria, venezuela, united states are in the top here, uh vietnam. Obviously, in that order that i mentioned them, vietnam is in the lead, so its happening globally and ive said it many times guys. This is a global asset class and there are no gatekeepers. You could just put 50 bucks into bitcoin or ethereum or xrp and youre part of the asset class, and you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access, its amazing before you would have to go to go through an accredited investor and Guys, for the first time ever and macro investor ralph palace said this: the little guy gets the front run the institutional investors, because many of them dont have the regulatory clarity.

Many of them are waiting for a bitcoin etf, so we get to front run for the first time in history, some of the big institutions guys its a big transfer of wealth, uh, its amazing whats, taking place now. Grayscales ceo michael sonnenchin, said here: el salvador president bukele just announced that the country bought its first through 200 bitcoin im joining the squawk box. Cnbc crew tomorrow am to discuss el salvador bitcoin etfs and more now we know theyre looking to to convert their gptc trust. Uh the bitcoin address into a etf, and they might be in the lead here because um they had a huge partnership. I think with bny mellon. So big things are ahead guys the institutions want to get this etf and, of course, it falls in the hands of mr gensler at the sec, well see what he does um most likely hell approve one but hes looking at a bitcoin future as etf, and i Dont think its physically settled, i think its settled by paper, which is not great but hey ill. Take it right, i think its a start, and we see countries around the world are approving bitcoin etfs as well now check this out. Some more adoption news now accepts bitcoin payments after partnership with bitpay. The ecommerce portal offers the option to pay a bitcoin ether and dogecoin, as well as several major dollar peg stable coins. This is adoption guys, the on on ramps for buying trading selling um spending.

Your crypto are being set up and i i hope you see whats happening were headed to a world with multiple blockchains, multiple currencies and obviously digital currencies are going to be a part of that, its amazing. What is taking place. So the company uh, which is owned by market america, announced its partnership with crypto payment service provider bitpay, which will allow it to accept payments in several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. The new partnership enables users to select the bitpay option during checkout to pay via their crypto wallets. Currently, users have the option to pay with bitcoin bitcoin cash ether, rap bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin, as well as five us dollar peg stable coins describing the partnership as the next chapter in doing business. Shop.Com president and chief operating officer, steve ashley, said that the bitpay integration is available in all countries in which market america operates, including the united states, canada, australia, hong kong, taiwan, the united kingdom, singapore and malaysia a lot of major markets here, guys man, man, oh man, Im so excited im, so elated for the future of this market. Uh it doesnt matter what idiot politicians say: doesnt matter who comes out with fud. This train has left the station its rolling down the tracks and anything that gets in its way its gon na bust. Through i think many of you have seen those videos online, a truck or a bus gets stuck stuck on the tracks. What happens the train? Doesnt? Stop it just barrels through bus buses up the truck the car, whatever it is anything in its way.

That is crypto guys. If i made that analogy right, um theyre not able to stop it, they better get on board and all these companies and corporates and institutions see whats happening if they dont innovate and get on board theyre going to die, theyre going to become like blockbuster, go bankrupt And become irrelevant and become um, you know just a distant past, a business that that it was an example of why you need to innovate and stay relevant guys uh its its amazing whats, taking place now check this out german asset manager. Union investment seeks bitcoin exposure for several funds. German funds and asset managers are expanding their horizons on crypto investments. Now that the nation has more favorable laws governing special funds. Now weve talked about this uh news over the past few months because it was just a huge update. The green light was given for all these respective funds to start dabbling in crypto guys so union investment, a 500 billion dollar asset manager, is planning to add bitcoin to several investment funds as part of a targeted pilot program for its institutional clients. Offering compelling evidence that crypto is becoming more mainstream in europes largest economy. The frankfurt based institution told bloomberg on monday that it is considering adding bitcoin to a small number of investment funds that will only be available to private investors for each fund. Bitcoin exposure will be limited to no more than two percent of total assets.

Portfolio manager, daniel bath, said the new investment strategy is likely to commence in the fourth quarter quarter, though no fixed timetable was given guys, it starts with bitcoin, then its gon na go to ethereum, then to cardano, then to xrp, then to so on and so forth. Right, uh thats, how it starts, starts a bitcoin. This is why we need bitcoin to do well. It doesnt matter about your tribalism or maximal or maximalism or emotions. What matters are the facts we need bitcoin to do well and the all coins will follow and theres money to be made here uh. This is amazing news. I i hope you recognize whats happening now. Btc markets, which is an exchange out of uh australia, taps licensed neobank vault for integrated banking features. Now remember who btc markets is? They are a ripple odl partner as an exchange where liquidity is sourced from for the banks, and i interviewed their ceo, caroline bowler uh. This was a year ago, if you havent, seen that interview ill put a link in the description where we talked about. You know what theyre doing as an exchange and being a ripple, odl partner and so forth. So i like what im seeing here so fintech companies see an opportunity in the negligence and reluctance of traditional banks toward the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Um, the banking capabilities of fintech have met cryptocurrencies in a new partnership between australian crypto exchange, btc markets and local neobank vault.

With a license to operate in australia as an authorized deposit taking institution since 2019, volt will provide corporate cash management accounts for btc markets users to manage your australian dollar funds. Those accounts allow real time payments on the new payments platform, australias national infrastructure for fast payments, uh heres, a quote. This means near instant trading opportunities for our crypto clients, as they can rapidly fund australian dollars into their btc markets, account btc market ceo, caroline boller, told coin telegraph, adding that in the future the partnership would allow btc you markets, users to open vault bank accounts without Leaving the exchange wow guys, did you catch what she just said there you wont have to leave the exchange. You can open a bank account through the exchange, its amazing whats, coming. Oh my gosh, and i and im curious. You know. Obviously, we dont have the details. How ripple odl will play into this? I think theres, something big here and and theyve been a odl partner for a while guys. So oh man im so bullish guys. I dont have the words to explain how big these things are, but we continue to see adoption news, positive news, thats why i share it with you, so you are informed as an investor price is one thing, but we need to watch what is being built. Whos setting up what what are the moves? The big players are making, because all these activities will lead to more adoption and higher prices.

Now, patience is important. These things dont happen overnight. Theyre, not one click button moves right. It takes r d, research and development. A lot of trial and error, a lot of regulation and a lot of uh testing and so forth right to get it right so patience. I hope that is sinking in, especially for those of you who are new in the market uh. You will see a lot of volatility, but this is why you dont just look at price. You look at what is being built and set up and guys all signs point to the maturation, the mass adoption of this asset class, higher prices and just full integration of these different blockchains and currencies guys its a new world were heading into a paradigm shift taking Place so guys, what do you think about this news? You know who do you think might be the next country to follow el salvador, guys i i mean, can you believe it sometimes its like whoa? Am i dreaming? Like i mean i got ta pinch myself like a country is at the president right. These guys are buying bitcoin, wow, guys and – and you know like i said it starts a bitcoin eventually theyre – going to adopt other cryptos, so im excited for the future of this market. Leave your thoughts and comments below share this video with with someone a family member, a friend, whos, a skeptic, about crypto, and let them see what is happening it.

It is a historic day, its so bullish. Uh tomorrow is going to be amazing.

What do you think?

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