Duck, Musk duck, Australia Overnight in the World's Loneliest House

No, there are tons of conspiracy theories around it like, like some people, think a billionaire built this place in case of a zombie apocalypse. Some people think its like a religious cult, but most people just want to move here and get away from their problems. Dont be surprised if one day i just no, but on a real note, this trip is said to be extremely dangerous and locals, say youd have to be stupid to try to go with no experience, which really only leaves one man for this job. Hello, hello. Clearly, im not prepared for a country named iceland, basically im taking a taxi to a ferry that ferrys gon na drop me off at an island and from that island im going to the island with the loneliest house of the world on it Music. I made it lunar malunar did i say that right, sort of a celebratory harry melons, oh dear? It is so cold im wearing shorts, im meeting a man named like journey or something i dont know how to pronounce his name. Okay, im moving a little faster. So let me explain: in 2017 a man named bajarni uploaded this youtube video. He explores the island in the house and everything but hes, only speaking icelandic, so i reached out to him and he actually responded, and he said he would take me to the island and make me juicy steaks so thats about all the information im pulling up with And this is bajarni: how do you pronounce your name bertney bertney yeah, so he shows me.

The boat were going to be leaving on to go to the island in treacherous waters. Might i add, looks like a pretty good size, not bad its, the small? Oh. This is raw nature. Oh my gosh yarn. You just gave me a bunch of clothes because i wasnt prepared ready. I feel deathly sick to my stomach right now, im, not sure if its, because i ate two bags of icelandic candy, i havent pooped in 40 hours or i im so scared right now. Can i just say that and were going in 10 minutes its a cinematic shot? I got to get the camera so just for the record were not taking this boat were taking that one hi hey. How are you doing ryan im rocking out ragnar? His name is ragnar. My life is in the hands of a man who is 100, not afraid of anything. This dude probably eats fear for breakfast. The dark is afraid of him. Hell drive like crazy. Are you serious its not a good sailing weather? Ah, love to hear that the icelandic ocean is literally freezing – and i also cant swim, so they give us this life vest that gives you one hour to live in the wintertime, okay, Music! Thank you! Okay. I couldnt really fly my drone, so i found some free stock footage to like portray my experience on the boat to the island, so ill just cut back and forth between Music.

I just remembered i forgot to put on my goggles. These are yours, im terrified, so this is the part of the video where i can never really illustrate how scared i am and like just how dangerous this is for someone like me who has no experience doing anything, but i have to jump off of this boat Over the icy deathly waters, i hope i dont fall. This is insane. So this is the part where we actually climb up the mountain were around here. You go first, okay, ill be behind you. Okay, always one hand on the road. Okay, great lets go nice and easy, so the camera ends up dying, so im just gon na. Do a quick photoshop example of what actually happened so were climbing up this rope at a very steep angle. Im terrified guarantees. Just talking about juicy steak. Ragnar is like ragnar hes, like a pokemon, or so i dont know, were climbing up. The mountain were climbing up the mountain, and at this point i started getting ahead of ragnar and pajarni and theyre like ryan, slow down and im. Like i guys i cant hear you ragnar is like ryan watch out, and that is the exact moment i slip and fall into the ocean Music, and then i levitate out of the water on a on a flying shark. The shark. The shark also asked for my god for the goggles, the orange ones uh that was just part of the transaction were flying were flying were flying around the island.

He takes me over here. He takes me over there, but johnny cant believe his eyes. Finally, he drops me off right at the top of the mountain he gives me my goggles back and he leaves so now youre caught up. I regret this and theres a lonely house on the other side of this mountain and ive got two icelandic dudes to share it with Applause, Music Applause Music. So we made it to the loneliest house in the world, but i cant forget why im here, i need to find out who owns this place. How did they build it? How long could you survive here without leaving the stakes are high and they are juicy? Hopefully, i hope thats happening still so im the eleven thousand two hundred sixty thousand two hundred sixty fifth person to step foot in this house, yeah theres, some snack here, Music juicy. This is the dining and sitting area enjoy my friends. Everything thats here was carried up by hand like how we climbed up yeah. Oh my gosh, every nail, every wood, every stick. Everything was carried up im in the bedroom right now i got this shot earlier. This is what it looks like. I cant believe where, where am i, this place is lonelier than an instagram model in 2013. Okay, all right im, sorry if that was even remotely offensive to any sort of demographic or community, but jeremy said hes, making some coffee and some pancakes in the morning.

So dont mind me if i just teleport in the future right a brief lesson on the animals of lowly island sheep puffin seals a handsome guy so were about to eat, but the fog just disappeared for, like 15 minutes its already back, i was able to snack Some pictures make some tick. Tocks dont be surprised if one day i just i found it, lets go eat breakfast all right. Breakfast is surged, looking good hes, looking really good, so the time has finally come ive built up the confidence to ask if a billionaire owns this place, and why why this house is all by itself here and bajanis answer. Was that its not so? This was the first loneliest house in the world and thats the new one, so this isnt that lonely theres two houses. Oh my gosh yeah biarni, says that most people think this place was built for bird scientists to study the famous puffins. The bird scientists keep the stuff here, six to twelve guys, really yeah, but thats pretty much. All you can tell me so. Im gon na go look for jeff bezos in the pantry. This is the pantry. How many days do you guys think you could survive off of this food right here about a week? I would think a week. This is the workshop yeah. So pretty much here. We have paints for the window and all kind of tools, because theres no hardware store in italy, so we pretty much have everything.

This is the bathroom come on in got a sink here: toothpaste, a mirror with a handsome guy in it shower nice, toilet havent used it yet, which you know you know what im talking about 40 hours, yeah thats still happening um and then out of nowhere. Ragnar got a call from the sailor back home that the seas are pretty calm right now and we should probably leave otherwise. We might be stuck here for another week and my flight leaves tomorrow so well, one things for sure.

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