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Today i want to talk about something. Thats uh been a part of my stream recently uh, but also like i just did a little bit of digging like a little bit of digging and uh. It seems that the notorious hacker cardi b is more popular than i thought now. Id heard of the name before of the uh, my hack situation happened by the way it wasnt cardi b, that im aware of that person always uses that name um. However, i had a hacker that used extremely what a lot of people in the comment section would say: violent hacks like deliberately trying to ruin the game for you. Try to piss you off try to get a reaction, so i looked into cardi b, more and yeah, like a simple google, so like a simple youtube search, uh dvd cardi b, cant be any more. You know particular than that and yeah you just you just got a plethora of uh dvd cardi, b, hacks and theyre ridiculous theyre theyre theyre, like extremely prevalent, which is uh more to say about this game right now and how they deal with hackers than anything else. Um i mean they span all the way back to a year. I think its like the uh is like the longest ive seen but yeah this person, cardi b, is a notorious hacker. Violent hacker deliberately goes into games and ruins them for you as a survivor and a killer um, most famously known, for i think for the ghost face that throws.

You know huntress hatchets. I think i think you guys remember that, but yeah just moving along dbd hacking. It just seems to be, and if you look at the date of these, like uh like one week two weeks one month three weeks like two months like these are all one week, christ, two weeks, i havent looked at this properly yet uh four months, two months. It seems hacking is getting way more easy way, more easier and uh that that thats, a massive problem for me. Um ive, got a couple of clips here that im gon na roll uh starting off with dowsy um and theres credits to all these. At the top. There, as you can see, credit to dowsy and itll keep going through, and i just want to show you guys some clips about what they think what they say, how they feel about the situation and um well, go through it together, its sort of more of a Uh, an interactive uh gims rant this time and um. I just want to go through some things, my thoughts, my poll uh, like what i think about it, uh my reaction or thoughts to the devs and how they deal with hackers because well get to the lord tony thing, but just check this out. This is dazzy. After a match, and then i think and then i think uh whenever i got a little bit close to her, she would activate uh her speed hack again, but only like a five percent increase.

So yeah like she was just looping really well, but in fact she was going faster than a survivor could and then at the end, the two survivors panic. They try to go for a rescue which they should have been done and both of them have to use heel hacks, where they heal instantly their teammate for them to both get out um. The most psycho thing about this is that in the endgame chat they pretended like they werent hacking. They were proud of their gameplay. They were like gg well played great game. You know it was harder. Legit game is actually sociopathic behavior from these people to be like this is legit, and the saddest thing about this really is that i reported these two individuals and its been a week and they both are still playing dead by daylight. Today, im assuming potato legion, potentially reported them as well its been a week since both of us played them and neither of them have received a ban on their account. So that is sad to know. One theres, a hacker problem dead by taillight and two behavior have done nothing about it. Yeah man yeah, i mean i couldnt, have said it better than that uh one theres, a massive hacker problem, especially recently. I think that dowsie video is like a couple months: old, um and two that behavior doing nothing about it, which is even more of a serious problem now pushing through to the next topic, and there are more videos and stuff like that, but um pushing through.

We talked about lord tony recently and how he got a ban on the forums which is really unfortunate. Um and mandy talks sent him this now mandy talks, one of the famous mods on um, the dvd forums, and i just want to outline this first by saying the forums are dead by daylights forums. Uh you got ta play by their rules and its their ground. Um, you can say whatever the hell you want outside of it, but you like, there is a small part of me that says, like you, need to be a little bit responsible when youre on their forums, its their house, their rules, sort of thing so theres a Lot of the bands i kind of like go yeah yeah, he was a you should have probably taken care of that, but um mandy talks sent this warning. Well final warning to lord tony. After somebody on an original thread. Not lord tony created a thread about cardi b being a hacker and theyve ruined their game. Lord tony commented on this going out of face. You know cardi b before she you know he or she is a hacker. It is what it is and then mandy took banned him for naming and shaming like what is. I just want to talk about the naming and shaming. Why is that the policy of how we deal with hackers, like you named and shamed them so youre the bad guy banned? I just completely disagree with this.

I think this is a really disgusting way of handling your business um ive, never heard of a policy like this before and and dont get me wrong. Theres, a lot of people and again im going back to dead by dallas rules, theres a lot of people that just have a really bad game at dead by daylight. Then they go on to the forums and then they go. Oh, this guy was hacking yeah together names, the person to those people youre a bit of an idiot and should probably do some more research into things. But um a hacker needs to be clearly defined as a hacker. It needs to be proven and there needs to be proof supplied with that evidence um, but banning lord tony for naming and shaming somebody on the forums is for a thread that wasnt even theirs is, is really really bad. Business um and i dont understand why thats their policy and thats, where my problem comes in because to me, when you say, naming and shaming as your defense and then get rid of the person for talking about a hacker uh. Quite unquote did you youre almost protecting the hacker and theres a reason why i think they do this and and its going to sound, really either really stupid to people or im going to start like actually making people think oh yeah well, thats thats! That might be a thing to me, its almost like theyre, covering their tracks like.

Oh, this persons talking lets shut them up its its dictatorship, like its a hundred percent like like a dictatorship over there, its its its youre, either with us or youre against us, and if youre against us, youre out and when youre naming and shaming people, or you Know letting them know of a hacker or whatever, if its a proper post, of course, and then they ban you thats almost like theyre trying to silence you out so people dont realize that theres a massive hacking issue in this game. Um and, of course, like everything with behaviour, it comes down to cost in my opinion, and they dont want to pay for the appropriate treatment that theyre going to require to protect their game from these prevalent hackers um. You know, like you, know, anti spyware and things like that. Um, you know battle battle eye and all that stuff, like battlefield used to run like there are a ton of things that they could do to protect their game from hackers from notable hackers and um lets. Go back to the fact that cardi b is still playing this game. Um and ive got it here. Where is it? Lets go to the back to the fact that cardi b is still playing this game, guys still playing this game? Now? If you look carefully cardi b, i had to track it down its really easy. Just google search it cardi b, dvd steam profile, one vac man on record, but 1 302 days since last ban – and this is search today today, which is what monday, when im recording some of this, so she hasnt been banned.

She or she hasnt been banned since so all of these plays that youre gon na see now right here is all recent stuff that ive just found on youtube from that same youtube, search that i just showed you guys earlier in the video. This is all stuff in the last two three months, and why has nobody supplied video footage of this? Has no one done that um im pretty sure people would have, because cardi b is pretty famous now for being an absolute um, but anyway, i want to show you some clips so enjoy. This is cardi b, what the hes glitching so thats, the famous huntress hatchets on ghost bass, hatchets hes, hacking, dude; no, no, no, no were having a pretty good time: Music yeah. You can do everything swayed out Music man, speaker man, singing queen in the b. Just background us, she seems way too excited to be killed by cardi b. All right were in the match. I am so looking forward to this. Its got ta be them. I double checked the profile, its got ta, be them, oh, my god, yeah its them. Look at that name, thats god, awful! Oh boy! I love this man. Lets see, look at that just lying across my screen here. If you see, if you see too, it says, stand still for insta heal stand still for insta heals over and over again, oh god, thats pretty cool. Actually, though, i dont know how the they do, this, i mean obviously its up and if somebody who uh Music, oh my gosh well, i just dont get the point.

Im gon na get all my brutality points yeah this ones uh this ones really interesting like just Music teabagging and everything loves to constantly teabag. It just shows how much control they have. Man like im, not talking about just the hacks im, just talking about just general control over dvd, that this guy has you know what i mean like he can just manipulate the game to his own design and its happened to me with that recent hacker now remember: He has one hook and nothing else, but he still gets ds that wasnt recent, so he just got ds because hes got ds and then this is the slow stun that hes famous for as well, which ive noticed on all these videos. He does a stun, but he makes sure it lasts like 30 seconds. I think so like max hes, just like maxed it out that parameter so yeah. The nurse is just in a stun like forever its ridiculous and then he sets it up for a second. In the locker hes worried about the timings which i find funny and yeah hes got an insta stun too, by the way like when he comes out of the locker. It doesnt have to wait and he does this all the time all the time. It seems. Imagine a game like this: how frustrated youd, be this guys handling it pretty good, obviously. Well, then again, hes muted, i think so. Hes probably like going off.

Oh no hes, talking margin, t back good stuff, dude and, of course, to finalize it. I just dont know how hes having fun i just dont get it. I mean each to their own. This ones like overboard. I had to show it credit to all these youtubers guys go check him out if you want Music. I had to show you this, like that: hes got a glitched out, flashlight too, which extra blinding uh um and then theres a slow stun, insta heal and then whatever this is thats just extreme and thats it thats what i got for you thats the footage i Wanted to show of you of cardi b, just in the last. I think its like up to three months that i showed you there and i also showed you evidence that hasnt been banned from the game. Hasnt had a vac man, hasnt had anything and um it. Just goes to show that you know, obviously, you can actually report a ticket, and things like that. I think otz did a video on how to actually successfully report a hacker, but even the way he described it is, and i should link this in the video um theres too many hurdles theres too many hurdles to go through and its extremely its extremely. You need to do it the right way and uh that thats not good enough um. I dont know why you guys are protecting hackers or it seems like youre, protecting the hackers id like to hear.

Maybe a public service announcement from behavior on what you plan to do. Why youre acting the way youre, acting and um, because a lot of people dont understand how to report a hacker and then they have. You know these forums on. You know these posts on the forums and then they say hey. I just got a hack from this guy heres, the video footage you get named and shamed so that doesnt sort the problem out and um it just. It ends up just really infuriating your customers, and then people stop playing the game, and then you know im sure your mentality is that more people will come and, and that seems to be always the mentality of behavior, and i just think this should be a clear Cut way on how to report hackers, how to do it, what the success rate is uh, how its handled and when its handled and like we get no information from your side, and you know coming from again – and i quoted again you you said back in 20 – God, like three years ago now that you guys are the most you feel youre the most transparent company out there. You guys, you guys, have lost that. You guys have lost it. That thats gone now like you, have not been transparent for at least three years since that um. We need to know the action in which you are taking to take care of this massive problem, because it is getting more prevalent um.

I used to be one of those guys that says like oh, i dont ever hardly run into hackers ive run into five hackers, maybe ever but uh. Just in the last two months now, ive had two hackers, so thats, like one a month, thats theyre running around now cardi b is growing growing, an army, and now everyone else wants to be like cardi b, for whatever reason, um and a lot of streamers are Coming up against them now, true talents come across a few dowsy odds. You know theyre just theres more out there now and theyre growing and again no response from behavior and its really pissing people off and um. I think you guys need to do a public service announcement. Tell everyone whats going on how you plan on improving this process and uh whats whats the next step because were just going around in circles, but alright guys. What do you think about hackers? Did you have any? Have you had any in your time in dvd? If you did dont forget to comment down below your story, i want to read them. I want to keep doing research onto this, and this may in fact lead to a guest, a guest on the podcast eventually, because ive got a couple of ideas with this, but anyway, guys like and share and subscribe. If you did enjoy this and get this video around as well, i want people to be made aware of cardi b and all the hackers that are following uh, and i hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day – have a good Music Applause.

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