Musk duck, Duck, Australia (NEW) Get *EVERY STAND* In AUT (A Universal Time) With This Guide! | How To Get *EVERY* Stand In AUT

Ins in this new aut a universal time game. Now, if you guys enjoyed this video like lets, go for more and lets get right to the video guys, all right, certainly starting off the super super simple stuff, now theres a bunch of arrow stance in the game. Now the arrow stands include things like you know: crystallize nuclear star killer, queen king crimson golden experience, planet shapers. Actually you get that from arrows too, but its very, very rare. You also get star platinum from arrows and shadow deo from arrows. That is also how you get white snake now the way to get arrows for stands. You actually want to walk over to the mountain over here on this mountain, there will be meteors that fall. These meteors that fall will give you one arrow each all. You need to do is walk up to the meteor that falls on the mountains over here. They could also fall on the side of the beach you walk up to and you hold e and will give you one arrow for every single meteor that you get the next ones gon na be the omni tricks. The omni tricks is actually another very simple one. Its just gon na be a rare drop on this mountain, where the meteors drop theres a chance of the omni tricks, dropping, which is the ben 10, stand in this game now. This is how the alien pod looks when it drops on this mountain.

This is exactly how it looks and be sure to have be standless or have a stand that you do not want to replace when you actually interact with it. Because if you say no to changing your stand, it will actually delete this and you have to wait for a new one to drop now. Another simple one is going to be secure. Now secure is actually going to be theres going to be portals that randomly spawn around the city here and there there will be a porter with eyeballs that spawn now. Once you go into the portal, you guys want to talk to the girl. That is, will be in front of you. Sometimes it glitches out if youre unlucky, if that happens, youll fall through the map, but there will be a girl there. Now she will give you a quest its very, very easy. You just need to time stop once with the world of star platinum, erase time with king krypton and bites the dust with killer queen. This is one of the most simple ones, and then you want to use the watch that you get from it on stainless. That seems to be gojo. Goju is one of the easiest ones to get when it comes to like not having to do anything extra, you need a hundred thousand cash. You go over here. Talk to gojo hell, give you a quest and make sure to talk to him after youre done with the quest and make sure youre standless, while doing it or will replace your stand.

This is one of the easiest way easiest things to get in the game. As long as youre willing to grind a little bit now, the way to get dawn, the dawn sword is actually up here, but this is the npc you need to talk to. You need to first have a book called tales of the universe after you have that book. You go over here and talk to this dude and do the quest after you do the quest im. Pretty sure you talk to him again and then up here there will be a sword on top of this mountain now. The sword on top of this mountain is actually not that hard to get to usually be good at parkour, which i am not obviously, but you do need to go up this mountain, and then you just grab the sword right here now the book actually drops from Chess or randomly spawns around the map now the way to get nocturnal is you guys want to just go and talk to dio here and thats pretty much the only way, thats, the only like its you dont need anything else to get knocked earnest, but you do Have a bunch of quests, you actually need to do here. You need a time skip and all this stuff. This is actually unobtainable right now, because you cannot do 1v1 matches in ranked, but what it is you actually cant get nocturnalis this way now the way to get sans and xcar is that you actually need to find chests around the map or theres an item that Randomly spawns the item that randomly spawns around the map or is in chess, is called exo or bone ill.

Show you guys right here. Bone is right here. I do not have an axle anymore because i already have x cara, but if you have a bone, you need to use it on you, while youre standless, and then you use the x sole on you that you randomly find around the map or in a chest And thats, actually, you use that own sans to get x cara now its also worth noting that you can pick up dig up the sands bone in the desert over here at devils palm. You can dig up the sands mode from debris that are on the map. You also can buy the sands bone here as long as long as well with arrows, but the sands bone is extremely extremely expensive, so i would not recommend buying it from here. I just recommend getting it out of a chest because ive gotten a few out of chests already now the way to get goku or reaper, both of them will be from goku the the npcs actually right here, the goku and reaper. This is how you actually get it. You need to find seven dragon balls now the dragon balls will spawn around the map randomly and they will be underneath the map, so you will not be able to see them. You have to walk over the over top of the spawns to actually find the dragon balls. It is also a one percent chance of coming out of chests and these chests also spawn around the map, specifically in the cities.

Now, after you get the seven dragon balls, you want to talk to goku up here. You need a friend to boost you over here to actually get on the mountain, and then you want to walk over and talk to goku after you talk to goku. It is actually power for goku and it is world ender for reaper. Now, keep that in mind when youre actually doing this. If you click the wrong one, you would not actually get it and waste all of your dragon balls so be sure to get click. The right thanks power for goku world ender for reaper now the way to actually get the world is. You need to first have shadow deal which comes from arrows after you get shadow deal from arrows. You want to walk over to the forest here and there will be an npc that spawns he randomly spawns around. He is named him and he looks like this. You just talk to him and if you have shadow deo equipped, he will give you a quest after you after you complete. The quest will give you a vial of joe stars blood and you use that one shadow deal to actually get the world now to get the world over heaven. After you get the world, you actually need to get dios diary. You can get this from chess or killing dio, and then you actually want to use it on the world to get the world over heaven.

This dude, this quest does not work uh. This quest does not work right now, so you just need to use dios diary on the world to actually get the world over heaven. Another way to get the star platinum the world. Is you actually need to get joestars hat, which is called mysterious hat it spawns around the map randomly or you can find it in chess? After that? You want to talk to him and he will give you a question. You need to have star platinum equipped after you have star platinum equipped to talk to him. He will give you a quest to do it and you just complete the quest talk to him again and he will give you star platinum, the world now the way to get stwr and spr is you need to get a cursed, orb and use the cursed orb On star platinum, to get spr and use the cursed orb on shadow deal to get stwr cursed, orbs actually spawn a chest at a one percent spawn rate. Now the way to get soul is you actually want to have star platinum equipped and go over here and kill dio after you kill dio, he will give you a quest, and then you want to complete the quest and kill dio again and thats how you actually Get soul, it actually is bugged right now it may not be bugged by the time you watch this video, but it is bugged right now and unobtainable.

Now the way to get the world alternate universe of the world high voltage. Is you actually want to use the eye of the saint on shadow deal and thats? Actually, how you get the world high voltage now the way to get the tusk and d4c and how to get the eye of the saint any of the corpse parts you could find in this area over here. You just want to walk straight down the map and they will spawn in these debris fields around here. Ill, go ahead and ill go ahead and go in and use it to actually show you now. This place is actually how you also get gaster. You want to talk to this npc right here and then you just do his questline to get gaster. It is bugged right now, but as i said, it may not be bugged. By the time you watch this video now the way to get any of the corpse parts you want to walk over to the sand, debris fields here, and you actually want to open it. Now it is a random chance of them spawning. It is not guaranteed to get it, the heart is for d4c, and then the arm is for tusk, and also the ways to evolve. Tusk would be at the bottom of the screen here. Just so, you guys know how to evolve. Tusk, now the way to get golden experience requiem is you just need to have golden experience and you need to use the rec room arrow on it, which spawns in chests at a very rare rate.

You just get the record, mirror use it on golden experience and after you have it requiemed you just press j to get the record version of golden experience now the way to get made in heaven and sea moon is you first need to get white snake from Arrows then, you need to walk over to enrico pucci, and then you have to select this quest line here and do both of the quests. You need do bones to do these quests. Now. If i listed any of the stands that you guys made think that were in the game, all the rest of them are completely unobtainable or deleted from the game. Anyways guys, if you guys enjoyed this dude hit that like button like for more ill, see you next.

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