I hope you all are doing well today. Well, take a look at silica and why i believe this altcoin has got huge potential to give you exponential gains. As i always say guys, if you are serious about making money with crypto subscribe to this channel and come on board, because here we are in for the long term – and we are here to create some wealth. So, if thats something youre interested in subscribe to the channel and come on board now, first ill, take a quick look at bitcoin whats going on in the markets, ill also review some of the other old coins that ive mentioned recently that i still believe has got Huge potential and then well dive into zilliqa content, so make sure you stick around because theres a lot of great investment ideas in this video, so just taking a look at the early chart for bitcoin and we are sort of around 49 600 level. At the moment, we did get close to the top of the recent top, which was 50 500, and we sort of dropped off from there and now were working our way back so theres still strength in this move and at least were not falling away towards 46. 47 000. We are still maintaining 49 49 and a half and working our way, trying to crack that 50, 000 and close above it so market is looking healthy. Heath is doing well now lets review some of the other old coin, picks that i gave you guys recently and how theyre going and why i believe now is still a great time to get into them.

Now these are the ones. I call my three h bombs, which is hedera, holochain and harmony, and i believe you cant go wrong with either of these. So first lets take a look at holochain, which is hot the hot token, as you can see in this chart. The first call i gave you guys recently was around the 23rd of july, and it was in the video that i called five old coins under one cent for explosive growth. Since then, if you can see from five, we are close to 12, so you more than doubled your money. Recently i made another video on holo when we were around 0.0095. You know on this day here: ill circle them and always mark them. So you know what has happened since the call was made and we went did nothing for a while, and that can happen. You know i made this call because we are breaking out above this resistance and we pushed up for a couple of days and then we went sideways, and now we have broken out again and were ready to go. So holochain is something that i reckon is about to go for a run: okay, no financial advice, guys, as i always say, everything on this channel is my opinion and what i see in the markets, holochain is still a great buy in my opinion, and its still Only one cent and 1.2 cents, so it still has huge potential going forward.

Okay, this project and its ecosystem is just getting started. Now i dont want to get bogged down the next one. Next h bomb is harmony harmony. I gave a call here. We sort of did nothing, you know when, after my call we went down and that can happen in the market. We were breaking out above this resistance zone and i thought okay were going for a run, but it didnt work out then, but look at the price. Now – and the second call i made was here and that worked out – okay, a bit of sideways movement but now were pushing up. Harmony is still a good investment at these levels, and i reckon you can still jump on board because the big move still hasnt happened. Yet the third chart, which is my third h bomb, is h bar now this one i called once here. We are way above that one. I call the second time here when we touch this um moving average. That was the next call i made and we have gone higher, not significantly. The big push hasnt happened yet and its still looking good. So the three h bombs that im committed to adding to my portfolio and accumulating are holochain, hedorah, hashgraph and harmony and thats. Why? I wanted to bring to your attention the calls that i made have worked out, but also theres still potential in all these three investments, and you can consider it right now.

Okay now lets dive into silica, so silica, currently sitting at 11 cents, okay, 11.7 cents and its market cap is 1.37 billion dollars, so its not a really small coin, but its still ranked 82 and i believe its still got room to add to its market cap From here now, what is silica so silica is a public permissionless blockchain that is designed to offer high throughput with the ability to complete thousands of transactions per. Second, it seeks to solve the issue of blockchain scalability and speed by employing sharding as a second layer scaling solution. The platform is home to many decentralized apps taps, as you can call it and as of october. This is a bit old 2020. It allows for staking and yield farming. Okay, what makes silica unique because it claims to be the worlds first public blockchain to rely entirely on a sharded network. This allows it to achieve high throughput and a high rate of transactions per second, which it says, solves the scalability issue: okay, because each shard is processed transactions individually, as a network grows, the number of shards increases and the number of transactions that can be processed per. Second also increases okay, so highly scalable can do lots and lots of transactions at very, very low cost lets have a quick look at zilliqas web page uh powering still stars. This was the one with the football stars that they ran this campaign: okay, silica. At a glance, okay, we are committed to delivering a scalable and secure platform for developers and enterprises who wish to build decentralized applications.

So research brought to life mainly live since 2019, so its stable its been around for a bit shouting in practice. So you can see eco friendly dual mining, safe by design, smart contract language and blossoming ecosystem, which is the key thing that will deliver the growth on this platform since its a smart contracts, platform and a lot of its focus is on nfts as well. So it is catching the wave that nft is on and taking advantage of that. Okay lets have a quick look at recent tweets on silica, so on 30th of august they would did a network upgrade 30th of august right. Silica protocol underwent a main net upgrade on august 30th, as you can see, theyre focusing a lot on nfts. At the moment, uh looks like another promising game 5 project built on a platform. The art style looks great and reminiscent of the mobile rpgs like arc knights for the next edition of powered by zil, well be having the team behind zil duck its happening friday september 3rd join us so powered by zil sessions, duck team, so thats, probably more nfts. Regenerative artwork nft projects building on silica seems to be growing by the day. Zelda d monsters bear market nft unique, as you can see, more and more nft projects are being built on silica and the ecosystem is growing, which is what delivers the growth in the price of silica. You know two hours ago this was tweeted.

You all really like the ducks dont. You join the team this evening, interesting august september, have been great month. Today we saw a new all time high in nfds sold with 195 plus at the current rate. Ducks are selling theyll, probably sell out in 30. 40 40 days. Sorry, the nfd is your key to more d5 features coming down the line and, as you can see, the sales have been going up now. This is probably the most important tweet of them all, which is silica activity enriched its economy and d5 offerings. In key this q2 and heres a proof, okay now lets have a good look as this one, as this is important four point: nine: nine billion zero state five point: eight billion zero locked into d5 on chain volume of 42.7 billion, zero, zil swaps, liquidity nears almost 800 million social media takeoff and more so. This basically gives a summary of the growth in its ecosystem and how they are achieving. Some minor milestones kicking some goals. How the volume is growing. The value staked is growing uh. The zeal locked into d5 is growing 5.8 billion zero on chain volume. All these ecosystem signs, like parameters are growing, which bodes well for the growth of this project. Now lets take a look at the silica chart and what is going on and why. I think now could be a great time to get into this project now guys, as you can see with the silica chart.

This is the daily chart and well focus on this area, and you can see we consolidated bounced around the bottom lows for some time and now were approaching the first key resistance zone, and i believe this project is set to go through and go for a run. I reckon this is a great time to get into this project, as always no financial advice, but its spent a lot of time, consolidating and now its just turning around and its bound to go for a run from here. Okay and my target for silica. For this bull run is about one dollar thats it for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed the content and if you did make sure you hit that, like button dont forget to subscribe, if youre serious, about creating wealth with crypto, subscribe to the channel and come on board.

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