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Do you know hey guys, uh? My name is dean, steve im, a microsoft, pre sales consultant um for virgin media02. I work alongside reef and hopefully you guys will get some benefit of todays video bro im here to talk to you about our top 10 tips alliteration there for you for collaborating in microsoft, 365 in 2021, but were here in partnership as we always are with welcome. Not only uh partner of the year for for ota, telefonica virgin meteoro 2 for the last four years, but a real partner in in terms of our team and the way that we collaborate with welcomes customers and inherently our customers to talk about all things. Digital, especially given the the pandemic and all the um, the hardships that weve been through the last 18 months, theres, no doubt that its accelerated the way that were working very differently. So hopefully we can give you a view today of our top 10 tips. So well start with number 10 document collaboration, so this is actually a shining light for how the pandemic has gone really over the last 18 months for for lots of businesses uh purely because of well, if you use dino as an example, were on opposite ends of The country and ironically, we did use a bit of the co authoring feature for for this exercise and its never been easier. So its regularly used in rich collaboration with organizations to enable multiple people to work on the same document.

At the same time, from all sorts of locations, not necessarily just in in one country as well, so as long as youve got that connectivity in the right device, you can crack on and its supported across multiple file formats as well. Your word powerpoint and excel, but make sure youve got all your permissions in place as well. So you can actually access the right documents. So number nine is bots. Bots offer a really really unique experience within teams, especially um, so essentially what they are. The little automated programs and they respond to any kind of questions and queries and what were going to see an example here is myself im asking about who i am and who i work with so make sure you check it out: number eight apps and connectors. So theres lots and lots of apps that can be used in within the microsoft ecosystem and specifically in microsoft, teams, an app can show up in several different places and locations depending on what you need. As an organization uh, all you need to do is select the plus sign at the top of the channel or the chat to see which apps are available to you, and you can have the app that you want enter the information and select. So you can set up a tab like this and any chat or channel where you want to use the app and another way to use. Apps is in messages as well and obviously the the primary reason behind this youll notice that theres microsoft, apps but theres.

Also, those third party applications and thats the the truly immersive experience that youll get from microsoft teams. We and microsoft recognize that youre not gon na necessarily have access or need access to solely microsoft applications. So therefore, if youve got any third party apps, it may well be file repositories. It may well be a crm system, then theres, lots of levels of integration with the application services in microsoft teams, but then youve got your connectors, so connectors are also apps that send notifications and information to channels. So a really good example is, if you think, about a sales team. If you work for the particular industry, maybe manufacturing it might be telecommunications, then you can set up connectors from particular blogs or content servers or whatever it is. That can send notifications directly into the team to give relevant updates and keep your guys and your sales team relevant and with the right information to feed through and drift through into your clients. So a really really cool feature, and one to definitely have a play with number seven is shift shift, is an app which sits within microsoft teams, its designed for frontline workers and schedule management, its a really really cool app that enables managers to essentially communicate with their Frontline workers set their shifts up, workers can also quest time off and they can also cooperate as well, so its its really become something really really powerful within teams, so yeah absolutely go ahead and have a payroll number.

Six approvers of my teams enables everyone within your organization to easily create, manage and share approvals directly from your hub teamwork. Approvals is a really great way again to integrate a real key process, whether thats approvals for particular projects documents. It might be a financial process, a commercial process, but to have that streamlined into that one. One easy place for you to kind of manage it and you can quickly start an approval flow from within the chat or channel in microsoft teams or directly by the approvals app so simply fill in your name on the request who needs to approve it. Any additional information, and also you can attach any files as well so go and check it out. Number five. Fine time actually sits within outlook its a great little tool for getting everybody together to find a suitable time for a meeting. Youll see from the example that you know its looking at everybodys calendar to suggest the right time and saves me a lot of time from sending and waiting for responses through email and gives everybody at the same level to be able to suggest the meeting time and Also to find the right time for everybody to meet number four, and this is a big one. Did you know that now you can host your phone system in microsoft teams theres lots of ways to do this, but uh inherently today. I just wanted to talk about business voice, which is the the microsoft proposition weve already talked about how we can use microsoft and use microsoft teams and theres lots of examples over the last 12 months, its grown exponentially in terms of microsoft teams, usage from 20 million Global users in november 2019 to close to 115 million global users 12 months later in the middle of the pandemic, and theres lots of reasons for that.

But this is a great example where now you give that pstn breakout into your microsoft teams, environment, you can make calls receive calls from your clients, create auto attendance, create call cues as well. So you can create that real immersive phone system environment, where you can replicate what you have already, but also get some really cool features on top of that. So it gives you the flexibility that you need to service your clients from anywhere at any time across up to five devices as well, but its a real real market leader as well so go and check it out. Number three is a little feature called noise suppression. So we know that a lot of us have had to change our work environment from going to the office to working from home. Obviously our families, our loved ones, are at home. Essentially, what this option allows us to do is its a very clever little artificial intelligence that sits on top of the voice layer within microsoft teams and essentially, what it allows us to do is to press the background noise. So if youve got somebody who bring the background, thats, probably youll, see in the video um youll be able to actually compress that noise and still be able to continue with your meeting so in terms of being disrupted. You shouldnt be as disruptive as before, and hopefully this this feature will allow you to continue having your meetings wherever you are. Number two is live captioning with the microsoft team, so a relatively new feature, but now microsoft teams can now detect whats being said in a meeting and present real time captions.

In addition to this, if youve turned on the new meeting experience, your captions will include speaker attribution as well so youll see not only whats being said, but whos actually saying it so really great feature for those who may be hard of hearing or difficulty understanding the Corner at the moment, this feature is only available in english, but we look forward to seeing how this feature progresses over the next few months and given the way that microsoft applications and features are constantly changing and improving. Yeah id definitely watch the space to see how that how that feature improves in the future and number one is a feature that weve been waiting for for a very long time and its. Finally, here it is called recording. So now you can manually record your telephone conversations, install them within your personal onedrive and its a great step forward for microsoft, allowing organizations to have further transparency and traceability into the service that they provide. So i hope you enjoyed our top 10 tips for collaborating in microsoft, 365 in 2021, for more information or for a free digital consultation.

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