Smite, Hi Rez Studios, Patch pping off and Healing! Jenos Game Play Patch 4.5

I have to apologize in advance for the way the picture looks. I was got a new monitor and was trying out different sort of ways of recording and obviously it didnt work out great, but this is actually a great game, so i hope you will enjoy it lets get into the video on our team. We have an io. Is our healer? We have a ruckus our tank. We have a willow with our damage. We have myself as janus playing um healer damage, hybrid ill, be playing binary star, which puts out a lot of damage and were waiting for our last pick at the moment on their team. They have a tyra, they have a grok as their healer. They have a barrack as their tank, then it drops this as their flank and they have a fernando as their other tank. We have a cougar as our flank for the last pick so lets get into this game. Uh is a quite exciting one, so i hope you will enjoy it and watch it to the end. If you need the channel to consider, subscribing also give us a like. It helps me out quite a lot um. This is obviously on my pc account, so it will be silver ranked matches low tier, i would say, um, but still enjoyable and theres a lot of fun. I pop off quite a bit and im quite proud of myself for the fact enjoy the video any second.

Now all right were about to jump into the lobby. There im going theres the loadout, a retrograde loadout, so playing binary star, but trying to get off heels. At the same time there we go its a a mixture of both. Obviously i want to be useful in to to watch my team with dealing our damage and also healing them up. Also, the healing sustains me so im not gon na lie its good to have that mark on people, because it keeps me sustained theyre going full court. So far, not very good for healers, but its early days in the game well see how we go them bit. Worried theyre, both good point tanks, fernando is quite op, but theyre healer. Their grok is not a good choice for healing, so that might play into our benefit over here or benefit us greatly over here. Im going with the ruckus down this way running him up, move around this side, keep the rest of the team up put out some damage, get rid of those turrets amber im like a turret guy or a dog guy, or a bulldog guy fox guy dog, its A fox and drocks us over there give him some shots over there, keeping the wall on my side, keeping me safe, no ones coming around me at the moment that i can see there we go yeah go on down to the willow she needs to heal. I have to get a bit closer because obviously im playing with uh one that doesnt give me that much range general scored his range nerfed quite a while ago, and its you have to get closer to play basically or closer to hell.

Play closer gone. Are the days where you could stay like 20 miles back Laughter? There comes fernando look at that damage popping off his shield. There, oh someones, hitting me hes with me. It sounds like a barrack heres, a barrack where the hell did he go. Oh, he hit here on the wall im just going to back up back up, we lost the i can get through the ruckus. I think yes, yell on the ruckus start, shooting this out and weve lost most of the team. They got like 99, almost thingy, better to back up theres the willow on that side. She might go for him. I put some damage into him. Come back to, oh, no, too, that i couldnt get her. She is quite squishy around this way. If we can catch the androxus hes, clearly didnt realize i was going to come around and get him managed to get out, but i think i can go down this way yeah here he is boom boom boom. Oh, look at that headshot damage, thats excellent, generous binary star is op. I think its quite was quite its quite powerful and im also putting out the heels, which is quite good camera on the side. Healer option really need it, but may as well get it because shes gon na need it in a second and two over there, but shes got um on the koga. Ios got him for the heel, so it should be fine cocas backing up or is backing up.

We got damage, there goes the tyra uh i cant get little dwarf hes gone, damn it lucky, hes short, because i just got his last shots on his peanut there and gone. Is him and then its? Just? Oh no im not im not going to go down behind there to conscious behind the wall, some as ill just stay in wait, get down to the willow. You keep spamming. I need healing need healing its so irritating you know. Sometimes you just have to fall back and find your healer or should know where your healer is at all times. We know you need healing, cant always get to you and we also got ta heal some cool down. Oh there he comes im going to get back up against this wall. Hes going for an alt got the eye out for a hill. Fernando doesnt see me put him from the side. Another hill uh krogers, going for the old willas ulting tubes. No need for me to use mine may as well stay where i am theres. The androxus lets see. If i can get him go up this way. Oh taking shots, i thought the willa went from which she went around okay, shes dead, again, overextended youre gon na die no need for if playing a healer theres, no need theres, no reason you would go all the way down there and sacrifice yourself and for one Person is not a good idea, oh damn it taking damage that comes to terror.

There is a fire if i can get out and stuck against the walls, the paladin walls, the sticky walls where you can never get off the freaking things so irritating Music, putting out damage im, just shooting now im expanding im, not actually really aiming all that much Got some barrack turrets? Oh, i am aiming at you, though. Oh youre, going to miss me how you did hey. You missed me all right, so android androxus fernando gone defense successful. I think we pretty much got this loving the damage. Eight streak not bad go for a bit more chronos, just to get the heel off quicker, uh, yeah cronus come on chronos groundhogs crowd out lots of stuff. Sometimes you end up buying um, lucky packet amounts of things: okay, ive gone for wrecker, which is also good enough and promoter im, doubling the record just to rip through the shields quicker with the tanks, its going to be because everyone else got most of the teams Got caught so i might as well go wrecker um and spam hit their uh tanks and stuff its gon na be more useful to get rid of those shields all right. So here we go round two boom boom boom, one to one i get off. The mat like i always do start healing up as soon as we get in there, its always great there. We go one for the ruckus go on and give one to the willow in a second first one.

Although yes took some nice, that was a good old actually for a change there. They are boom boom boom. Shooting your shields boom. Oh nice, stun, nice uh seedlings by willa there. Oh, i need to get two people yeah ive got. The ir thing is that you cant its very easy to get like um, seduced by the putting out the damage and then forget to heal im waiting for koga to get back, trying to not block for him but take up as much damage and then get out Of the way, hopefully oh, we lost our ruckus though, but it was good. It was a good effort, theres the androxus im getting burnt, so im moving right back, got one over there see if we can get this fernando down. Yes, he turned around. Unfortunately, i are still there theres. This guy is pissing me off a little bit. I got him. Hopefully the coca will get him. Oh, no, he got around the corner, give something shes actually fighting on the point there props to her for doing that and shes gone. So is the fernando gone theres that guy gone seedlings on him were just gon na get rid of these two now fernando coming in give it a second just lets cheat his shield for a bit look at that 576 576, and then we left him for a Bit, unfortunately, i should have waited for their seedlings. Maybe should have canceled it would he drop down.

I dont know ive never actually tried that doom doom doom take some take some take some shots boom, seven, unstoppable! It was actually quite nice because, im over here and theyre, focusing on the team completely oh shes, shes mocked me ive got tyra mark on me. Boom boom boom get out of the way move this side. Maybe we can get her in a sec boom nice. I wont feed you this time. Boom boom boom boom even from a distance, is not bad damage. I think the willows still there when i go around this way, because hes probably going to go for a uh healer up. Oh there he is yeah. He flew on over, went for the back of the back back line. I got my old top already because thats how much damage were dealing out, the whole charge will charge fast if youre doing the damage, and here it comes boom burn monster is not always great. In the right hands its great, i should give one to the ruckus, but theres people in front and hes hanging back so im just gon na ignore him for a second heal wise. I mean there he is come on. Oh yeah got it okay, we know hes on the side. Oh hes ulting see. If i can get some poke shots off him, i dont think ill be able to kill him all right. Getting out of there. Thats hes gone hello, hello, hello, get out, get out.

You cant do it bro, okay, cocas got an old, i think hes going to hold as well yeah. He is see if i can get. Oh no. I wasnt expecting that he got right in front of my face im dead here. Will i help me out nope nope no help there. Okay, so were finishing off the chronos or getting chronos too actually now im going into cauterize now. So when i do hit it just you know, it sticks without a heel, if theyre in cot or it can apply cot and up, we go boom boom boom boom boom. Oh hes doing it hes doing it again down i go nice thing is the tanks are also slow here awesome so up you go boom boom boom boom boom youre gone boom boom, Music thats, the second buddy. Let me take some of these shots. Someone tells me they want healing im gon na freak. I mean seriously guys. Did you not realize that were still fighting people down here? Okay, we still got the. I o up, shes really going for it. Oh here he goes boom boom boom. I think i might be dead to this this time. Yeah yeah, no, maybe not hes invis, im trying to track him. Ive got a heal on him, but a little too late. There goes a shot. Somebodyll get some free damage. While i can – and i think im going to back it up, i dont think they want to be able to cap this so get out, heal her up.

Yeah bush failed but took some damage. So just you know ill charge and um. You know more credits to buy stuff, so court no shields, two yeah, so weve got twos of pretty much everything except for cauterize, but most of the courts finished off and our gruckers are doing the same thing. Its gone full court, full wrecker and its just going to make it easier easier to um win the game all right. There we go another one on to you. Yeah im also enjoying this because im running at 144 frames a second and it just makes such a big difference to your uh game in my opinion anyway, but, like the other, the other guys are just like stuck well im. Zooping around sir. There we go got the willow got the rockets gon na, follow the rockets around a little bit, get some shots over here, while theyre fighting with him yeah thats it oh androxus, is right here with me its like bro. He goes over for the ruckus thats kind of weird gone, all done, nice shots there head shots, theres, the cargo ship and in my heel i did try and just dismount. Now really is what im trying to do looking for these guys? Oh there he is okay, resulting not much. I can do here, except we just wait. Lift one of them makes it easier. Hes gone, oh thats, it got a lot of people up see if i can get one onto the koga in a minute, not koga.

I mean got rid of her. Got him one yep, this rubber game, wheres that heel i need that heel were back on the point oh shes going around. Will i get one yeah objective captured? Oh here we go here we go here. We go fernando shield damage on that shield, man, its so yeah everyones like oh, he needs to be nerfed. I dont, i dont know man like any character if youre good with them youre just going to have a hard time defeating them, but bad fernandos are just rubbish. Theyre just and you can get behind your shield. I just just i dont know. Sometimes i feel the game is getting dumbed down so much, not that im like expertly skilled with every single person its just you know you dont, want it so easy that it becomes pointless playing um. You know what i mean just becomes too easy. Everythings, like you know, just do this auto aims: auto fires, auto everything Laughter, i mean thats, why we have a three band system. I mean you just ban on three people as soon as you get more people im sure therell be a four band system. Whoops talking too much crap get out im dead yeah, that was the whole team, should have been paying attention, but we can finish off the wrecker and thats just going to make those shields pop down. That much faster were three to two. I dont mind if this goes.

Uh goes three to three could use the extra dp and the farming um, but i think ive got everyone healed now, im going into my heel mode, okay, shes knocked that off with fire. Can i get around here yeah, seeing her its not her that i want oh nicely lined up got one dont think i killed anyone there, nope im going and running in on the garage. Hes gone lost the healer, oh hes, doming, it see im. I, like forge fire. I dont like fortify. I mean its its important to use fortify when you need to use it, but, as my go to is normally forged fire with the barrack at the moment, which is also getting nerfed, i dont think thats right either. I mean so his turrets go through shields, so destroys turrets or destroy him. I mean its just all, playing and counter playing, and you know if everything and nothings going to be op ill, be like bland all right. There is victory. Lets see how we did. Oh event, level: Music, all right, yeah, okay, 21 for 234 says thats, not bad. 77. 000 damage 74 000 healing thats, a hybrid healer that is pretty op um looks like our io was also pushing out the damage and hell go considerably well, not considerably less, but quite a lot. Less and yeah croc was strong with his healing and then they nerfed again poor, poor guy cant catch a break. She just left it the way it was to see first anyway.

I hope you enjoyed the video if you have leave us a like, like i said before, in the beginning of the video consider subscribing and you know, leave a comment down in the bottom of the uh. The channel to you know talk about paladins catch.

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