Sonic Colors, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega, Nintendo Switch, Wii OOB vs PRO vs HACKER in the new Sonic Colours Ultimate Game?! Prezley

guys. This is a brand new game. Its super awesome so lets go. Lets get straight into this. Thank you so much to sonic colors ultimate for sponsoring this video lets get into this lets, put an epic game of headphones and lets play. So i absolutely love sonic its such a fun series, so when they announced that this game was coming out, i was so excited. Okay were on at one tropical resort, so this is the first level lets go. Lets play it and right now im a complete lube. Okay lets go. I know that we have to run around thats for sure and collect these little rings. Oh, my gosh were going so fast were going really really fast, uh, okay, press, the o. We get speed boost when we press o okay thats, pretty cool lets. Go, oh, oh whoa, whoa too fast. Okay over here lets jump up here and okay. We need to press x for or extra jump and x to hit them, thats actually really cool, and then we need to get them while theyre green okay. This is actually a really fun game so far and were like literally ‘ seconds in okay. Oh jump go! Oh my gosh. We just dashed from so far away. Oh no, oh am i meant to be doing anything that was actually really awesome. Yes, park tokens theyre, sick, so its like a currency in this game lets go jump. Oh my gosh theres, so many here thats going to totally get a point.

Oh my gosh! This is sick, yes and we get to swap through them. Oh guys, look at these little aliens theyre, so sick. Okay around here, oh, were getting grind. Bonuses in the corner and dash rings. Give you a speed, boost okay, thats, pretty cool and lets actually find some dash rings so that we can use them. Oh, we get to pop these balloons, though we want to do that. Obviously, okay up here and yes x, x, oh, we just need to spam x. No, we missed that little coin there! Okay, i think these are those dash rings. That tails was talking about. Okay up here through there, that is so sick, oh, and is this the end of the level guys? I think we completed it there we go. Oh my gosh. This is so sick. There we go. We made it and whats our score going to be guys. What are we going to get to? We got to see thats pretty good, considering. I am definitely a noob right now, so guys whats actually happening in this game is dr eggman has made this massive amusement park, but with everything dr eggman does theres always an evil plot to it. So what hes doing is actually harnessing the powers of the wisps? Those little aliens that we saw before and hes trapping them and taking the energy out of them so that he can power his whole amusement park. So we have to go through all of these acts to be able to go and stop eggman like we always do guys come on sonic his day to day life is just stopping dr eggman and everything he does well lets go lets head into the next level.

The white wisps actually only give us a speed boost, but some different color ones that well meet later on in the game actually give us special abilities like being able to phase through solid objects and stuff guys its so lit. Oh lets go theres, so many here were gon na get so many points. Yes, lets go there and over here thats the end of the level, but guys its that little token behind it. So these red hoops are actually all throughout the level theres five of them. In secret areas – and you need some special wisp powers to get a couple of them, find the wisps later on in the game. So its like, you can cut back to the levels and complete them and be able to get all of this lets go. We got so many points by getting that and theres also a little counter of them in the bottom corner, but lets go lets destroy that there we go yes, this is sick guys. The last time this game was released was actually on the wii back in 2010 and its so much better in this version, theres way better graphics, its much higher quality. The controls are so much better and theres. Also new features like the jade wisp theres. Also rival rush mode which you can play with metal, sonic and guys. How cool is this? Music lets go on to the next level and then this one will unlock a new wrist.

Okay lets go there, it is. This is sick. Okay lets collect it guys and whats gon na happen. When we do wait, theres a secret power up. How do we use that r1 to use the new one? Oh no, i fell. I dont feel like i was meant to do that, but lets go and if we press r1, which is this back button, a laser whoa, we just got heated and we bounce off. Okay, we need to use the lasers whenever we can and – and you know when were in a bit of a sticky situation – guys lets eat the speed boost and i feel like pretty soon well become a pro because right now we are a new. But what was that? Oh, that scared me we just got pushed out. Okay, we can use the laser lets. Go lets use the laser and lets just get heated into the sky whoa. Did you see that guys? We got so far. That was sick. Okay, smash through here bam, whoa, but guys weve got enough tokens to get something at the options. Satellite, so lets go. Lets buy something go to customize and lets select orange gloves, thats cool, green gloves, theres, so many cool ones. You can get jade gloves, cyan, gloves blue gloves. Oh my gosh rad gloves theyre sick. We can get different types of shoes as well. Thats awesome a different aura. This is so cool a different boost. Oh, this is cool, but guys lets buy the blue gloves because they kind of match him with sonic.

Okay lets go back, though, and lets play the next level guys. This is a major upgrade from the 2010 game. I just love this so much. Okay, next level, this is so much fun. I love the 2010 one and i used to play all the time so its awesome to see the ultimate version of sonic colors. Okay lets go guys. We just unlocked a new wisp. Okay lets use it. Oh, were a ghost thats, so sick. We can go through all of this and we can like teleport to the different robots, thats. So cool, look at this. Oh, my gosh that was so lit were like a ghost. Oh my gosh. I really really love this. Okay, guys lets go were on the bus lets do this, so we just need to run around here and then jump off. Oh thats, a massive boss, but lets go lets cut that food boom. Oh, yes, are we going to destroy him thats, so sick lets actually use the laser power boom boom lets go up here come on. We can do this guys, we can do it. I know we can lets go there. We hit it. Okay was that the last year? Yes, i think that was the final here, guys. Okay, we are definitely a pro now that weve defeated the first boss, thats so sick that was so much fun. Okay, now that were a pro we need to go to the next world and we got an a that was lit.

We got an a on that guys thats so sick, but there is something even better than an a theres an s here, so we need to get to str. Oh there you are whered you run off to. I did a little shopping, grabbed, a bike to eat and trashed a giant killer. Robot. Oh really and theyve got shopping here too guys. We all looked a brand new planet, sweet mountain, okay. We need to go and try this guys. Look its just literally just oh sweet theres little gingerbread men everywhere. Oh, this is actually really cool and look thats, just a ton of jelly beans. Oh whoops uh, a ton of jelly beans that get smashed out. That is not good. Okay up here, lets head up and lets use that super super speed and destroy all of these robots, Music, okay up and around here. This is so lit guys, look its a new wisp as well its the yellow wisp, and you want to know what secret power it can. Let us drill guys look at that and we can even boost while doing this. This is so sick. Look, oh my gosh. This is so cool lets go. Oh my gosh. We got so much further in the level because of that, but guys heres a wisp, and you know what this superpower is a rocket look at this we get just shot into the air with a rocket that is so sick and then we can skydive back down.

Oh, my gosh, this is really cool, all right, guys, its actually sonics birthday. So with this new game, theyre kind of celebrating that its sonics 30th birthday geez its almost as old as my mom. This is like the best platformer of 2021, though it is so lit, and guys whats really cool is that the limited edition version thats in stores actually comes with a baby, sonic keychain guys look at that its so cute, so guys if you want to go, get The game make sure to get the limited edition version so that you can have this cute little keychain guys we are on the next boss level lets go, lets put an epic game of headphones, and if we can complete this level, we are going to be a Hacker: okay, so theres cannons everywhere and we have to destroy the cannonballs just like we do the normal robots. Okay, we can do this guys and then we want to go across here. Oh destroy that oh wait! What we got ta drill, one thats, sick, okay, lets use that, but, oh, is that the end of the level we just need to flick the switch okay, another thats like a cute little lollipop switch. Oh, my gosh weld an airship thats sick and its all made out of candy. Oh my gosh. I would like to just pick it up and eat it. Okay, the battle is only just starting now that hes shown himself.

Okay, cool stay cool. He literally jumped on top of me that wasnt nice of him, i guess, hes an evil boss. Okay, oh you know what now were gon na use. Our drill were gon na use the drill – okay, oh and theres – even bosses under here that we can destroy there. We go. This is sick and lets go boom and lets just join this guy up here. Pow, yes, we destroyed him. Okay was that the last one guys, i think, weve won, wait no theres another round. I think hes getting uh some little repairs from dr eggman because he was totally destroyed. Just then. Okay bam bam, bam, bam. Okay lets flick the lever again guys and lets see him once more lets destroy him again. Where is he oh hes right there hes right there? Okay, we need to judge him and attack attack. Attack attack attack come on wait. Why cant we attack him. This is so random what we got destroyed. No, we started from the start, okay, but we can do this guys im sure we can do this. Okay, so its the second round now and weve just got to go around. Oh my gosh theres. So many of these little egg, things that we need to destroy come on. We can do it. Lets destroy him. Okay, so over there lets go bam. We hit it once: okay, uh no hes hitting us there. We go guys. That was the final hit in the second round.

Okay, lets go, wait. Did we win? I think we destroyed him guys. I think we did it lets. Go lets destroy him. Yes, guys were a hacker. Okay, guys make sure to go and get sonic colors ultimate. For yourself, its available on nintendo switch playstation 4 xbox, one and pc, it can also be used on playstation, 5 and xbox series x using backwards compatibility, but guys, let me know down the comments below if you like this video.

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