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You guys are the best i played sonic colors ultimate on both the switch version and the playstation 5 version. As you all know, there are significant differences between the versions, but this video will be focusing on the switch version of the game, since that is the version provided to me by sega. So is sonic colors ultimate worth your money short answer? Yes, but is it worth buying the switch version over the pc and next gen console counterparts lets find out so right off the bat when you load into the game, you are greeted by the original, beautiful cgi opening, just as you were in the wii version. Only this time you get a remix version of reach for the stars. Instead of the original version, you then move on to the classic menu screen, with differences being adding the ultimate word under the logo and obviously the updated graphics. One thing to note is that if you pre ordered the digital deluxe version, you immediately receive your cosmetics before you even create a game. So if you wanted to, you can customize sonic before even starting your game lets talk. First, impressions theres no opening cut scene. When you start the game, you are just immediately thrown into a level off the bat. One thing i will note is that there is noticeable difference in loading time between the two. The switch version takes about 15 seconds to load. A level while the next gen counterparts take about one to two seconds but thats to be expected.

Honestly, the load time isnt that big of a deal in my opinion, but if that kind of thing bugs you keep that in mind, now were into the actual game. At first glance, i noticed the bloom was a lot more visible in the switch version. Another thing to keep in mind is that this game runs in 1080p 30 frames per second, while the next gen counterparts run in a stunning 4k resolution, 60 frames per second thats, not to say the switch version is awful, though sure inferior, but not awful. Since the graphics are downgraded from its counterparts to be portable, sometimes when boosting the screen feels very blurry, and it can be a bit hard to see where youre going, i personally think the game runs great, for what its focus is an easy way to play. Sonic colors on the go, if im being honest, it rarely feels like youre playing a 30fps game. It honestly feels very smooth as if the game runs in about 45 to 50 frames. There are, however, major frame drops occasionally in stages that require great amounts of assets to load the biggest examples being planet wisp, the final boss of the game and the occasional sweet mountain. The other stages and axe run pretty smoothly. Now this review isnt focused on glitches. In the game, however, sega did confirm there would be a day, one patch, when the game officially releases that tackle some of the early bugs.

So players dont worry about that, since the switch is aimed to be a family console, i think sonic colors ultimate is a perfect fun and easy way to introduce new sonic fans that may have become fans from other media into the actual video game series. No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me plus you can play the classic sonic simulator in two player mode with your friends on the go. It certainly is a neat feature to know. A very surprising thing i noticed is that the switch versions controls actually feel more responsive than the next gen counterparts. Dont get me wrong. Sonic colors ultimate responds very, very well in the playstation 5, and i rarely if ever complain about the controls response time. If at all, but the switch, i felt i had a bit more control over sonic and i noticed it right away. One thing i absolutely adore in any video game as a whole is customization. I cannot tell you how much of a delight it was to be able to customize sonic. However, i chose, though a bit pricey in the in game currency via the park tokens you collect throughout the stages. I think it is a hundred percent worth it. It provides a lot of replayability for the game to unlock your favorite customizations. You can customize sonics shoes, gloves aura and boost, and there is quite a lot of options props to you, sega another new feature of sonic colors ultimate is newly remixed tracks.

To be completely honest, im very mixed about how i feel on the newly remixed tracks, one of the major things fans adored about the original colors was the beautiful breathtaking soundtrack in this remaster. Most of, if not all the tracks have been remixed, the remixes arent bad. However, some do feel like a downgrade from the original. Some tracks feel way too calm and slow for a sonic game or the other just has you feel like youre walking out of a Music club of the notable tracks to compare is sweet mountain again. The new remixes arent bad by any means, i think they just could have been handled better now for rival rush mode. This one was both surprising and disappointing for me at first glance, i thought this was going to be super easy. I thought i would have no trouble at all facing against the metal sonic ai, but boy was, i proven wrong. The rival rush mode is unlocked after you get a specific amount of red rings for each planet. Metal sonic was surprisingly a challenge. For me. He wasnt easy by any means necessary unless youve been speed running the game, since the wii version came out almost 11 years ago. Youre in for a challenge. The part that disappointed me about rival rush mode was lack of online. I thought it would have been amazing to challenge your friends in online races through colors, respected stages. For example, you can play a sonic and a friend on another device plays as sonic, but to each other.

You see each other as metal sonic kind of similar to how sonic adventure 2s battle mode worked. I really hope this can be a reality. Someday sonic colors ultimate story is the exact same as the original wheat counterpart, but for those jumping into eggmans interstellar amusement park for the first time, heres. A brief summary. Without spoiling the story, eggman captures aliens called wisps that give sonic different powers depending on the wisp. You collect your main goal is to save this alien race from dr eggman, its a fun light, hearted story with a simple but meaningful message lets talk about the new additions. I mentioned the jade wisp, the jade wisp is a new wisp power up in sonic colors. Ultimate that wasnt in the original jades first appearance was in 2019s team sonic racing, so you might recognize jade from there. Jades power involves giving sonic a ghost ability to flow through walls and hover around. Just as a ghost would, though, jade is on the slower side of powerups, i actually really enjoyed jadens inclusion and often found myself taking the time to specifically power up sonic with jade, so i can explore new areas to collect various rewards like red wings and park Tokens and also i might be a bit biased because katie from sega did a fantastic job voicing jade in their rise of with series. So shout out to you, katie, look at this adorable little thing. Tail save is a new feature added to sonic colors, ultimate that rescues you from falling in a ditch where tails catches sonic and flies him to the nearest location.

He fell off from many fans were displeased about this. However, i think its an interesting way to return to your last checkpoint instead of a generic try against screen or a simple teleportation back to your location. Believe me im a fan of tail saving me for a change. You collect these saves by collecting tails head icons. Hidden throughout the park theyre entirely optional to pick up. So if youre not a fan of it, for some reason, you can always avoid them. The level design is pretty much the exact same from original, but again for newcomers. You can expect this game to be a bit more on the easier side of things, however, do be prepared for the precise platforming in certain sections that can really challenge your precision and thinking speed on where to go next in the fastest time possible. Unfortunately, the bosses in this game are a 50 50 rating for how good they are. Some bosses, like the starlight, carnival boss and the final boss of the game, are some of the most creative and intuitive sonic boss, fights ive ever seen in the franchises history. Others fall short on the rather boring side, some lasting literally less than 20 seconds getting defeated in just two hits overall sonic colors is a great remaster, with respectable pros and cons to its name. I had an amazing time replaying this game. After all these years, especially with all the new features, the graphics are breathtaking.

The music is amazing and puts me in a happy mood, though the game is easier than the past sonic games. It still offers a great deal of challenge that will motivate you to get better at the game to beat your own time or your friends times. All of the new features such as jades inclusion, customizable, sonic and rival rush mode are very much appreciated to a long term fan such as myself and i enjoyed every minute playing this remaster. I do wish we could have gotten – maybe a new planet with four extra new tracks involving jades power, but hey, maybe next time. Ultimately, i give sonic colors ultimate see what i did there. Ultimately, i give sonic colors ultimate a respectable 8.8 out of 10. sonic. Colors ultimate is a great remaster that included many new features that improved it so much more from its original wii counterpart, plus having new access to a better sonic colors game on current gen consoles is a major plus, though the game could have been expanded on a Bit more im still very pleased that what we as fans got one more thing before i go. My original question at the start of the video was: is sonic colors ultimate on the switch worth it over its better counterparts on next gen consoles. My answer is yes, and no, yes, sonic colors ultimate for the switch is completely worth buying. If you are a casual gamer, you dont care about crazy, beautiful graphics.

You dont even know what frames per second. Are you just want to experience colors for the first time or just to have fun no sonic colors ultimate for the switch is not worth buying if you have a playstation, 5 xbox or a gaming pc? If you care about frames per second and resolution, the console versions are a hundred percent. The way to go the game looks absolutely breathtaking. In 4k resolution 60 frames per second, the next gen console pc versions of the game is definitely the definitive way to fully experience. Sonic colors ultimate in its truest and best performing mode. So with that thats, my review of sonic colors ultimate. What do you guys think of the game? Let me know in the comments below once again id like to thank sega with everything i got for giving me an early review copy for the game. I really appreciated it now in honor of sonic colors ultimate being released, im going to be giving away a copy of sonic colors ultimate to one lucky fan. All you have to do to enter this giveaway is like the video subscribe to the channel and comment. Colors hype ill be choosing a winner next friday, so you have plenty of time to enter. If you already have the game or planning to get it when it fully releases, please give a chance for other fans to win instead. Just comment: your thoughts on the game.

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