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But when it came to the gaming front, they kept things small and wanted to approach new audiences. Instead wanting to put out games that would appeal to fans of the sonic, the hedgehog movie so rather than put out a brand new game changing sonic game this year, sega instead opted to remaster previous existing sonic games, starting with sonic colors ultimate moving into the sonic Origins, collection early next year, which will release around the same time as the second sonic movie, and it makes sense why they would choose sonic colors as an introductory game for potential modern, sonic fans. It was well received. It keeps things simple and from a story standpoint i guess it is closer to the movie than say sonic adventure 2 or something like that. But of course you dont want someones, first experience with sonic to feel like an outdated wii game from 2010.. So blind squirrel games were recruited to give the game something of a makeover to make it not stand out like a sore thumb on modern console generations and just a reminder. These videos are made possible by my supporters on this platform. So if you do want to support me, be sure to hit that big, beautiful, subscribe button and be sure to check out the patreon link in the description below now. If youve heard me talk about sonic colors previously having just finished sonic colors ultimate, i think it is safe to say that ive been a bit unfair on the original sonic colors, as well, with my criticisms of its level design being a bit too blocky and to Stop and go yeah.

That is an aspect of this and i will say there are definitely some levels that could have done with a little bit of tweaking out of the 45 main story acts in this game. I can only think of two or three that i overall didnt like. Would it be better if i liked every single level in the game yeah but thats, quite a big ask and hey even the best of sonic games, have a couple of stages that i dont generally like so fair enough. Such is the nature with this guy. You win some, you lose some, so i think considering the main play style is just your playing as sonic with no additional gimmicks. I think sonic colors was a great choice to reach out to new potential fans theres, nothing here outright alienating whereas like if you tried to market a game like sonic unleashed now. Let me be clear: sonic unleashed is one of my favorite video games of all time. Its harder to market that to new sonic fans because of the werehog, which could be alienating to new players that just want to go fast, sonic colors, is a lot more consistent in that regard. There are, of course, the wisps, but these serve as more just quick power ups than any kind of alternate playstyle and youre generally free to avoid them, if you really want to for the most part. With that being said, when i previously played sonic colors, i generally avoided the wisps, because i just wanted to play as sonic, but i had a much better time actually using them, and you can get really creative with how you use these wisps and find brand new Areas of the level, while ive criticized the level design for being a bit blocky in places.

The level design in this game is some of the best that the franchise does have to offer. If youre, looking for stages that you can just explore, sonic might be built for going fast, but you will be rewarded for actually taking a look around these places, which means that while sonic colors main story may be quick and whip fast enough for new players to Breeze through without much trouble, the real me of the game comes in exploring these levels for rewards, mainly the red star rings, which unlock additional stages in the game land, and once you complete those you get to unlock supersonic. So, like many of the classic sonic games, the game isnt truly over until youve unlocked supersonic and im just gon na say this uh. Every time i find one of those red rings, i get a shot of serotonin its wonderful. Would i be grateful for a longer story yeah, but this will still keep you occupied youre getting enough for your moneys worth at the 35 pound price tag for this one, as i think, even when youre done revisiting stages to get those red rings, youll be revisiting Them again to beat your previous records and this games ranking system is a lot more harsh than other sonic games. That came out around this time, which will guarantee you going back to these stages to get that fabled s rank so yeah. I think sonic colors was a fantastic choice for an entry level.

3D sonic game, although most of the game is 2d, like its still its a 3d like actually sega. What do you want, sonic to be a 3d or a 2d franchise im gon na just cast? My vote for 3d. I prefer the 3d sonic another detail that i absolutely adore about. Sonic colors, that pretty much everything in this game is interactive from the menu screen to the ranking screens. You can even absolutely trash up the end credits. So if you really do not like the writing style of ken pontak and warren graf, you can smash their names out of existence. Nothing personal fellas. So put it this way. If i was some kid that just saw the sonic, the hedgehog movie and loved it – and i were to get this game – yeah id be pretty thrilled with it, but thats, mainly just the old version that were talking about lets, go in to what this new version. The ultimate adds to sonic colors, the most obvious one being the visual makeover and it looks absolutely gorgeous everything looks so much more layered than it did before. The lighting in these stages looks more magical and atmospheric than ever before as well, and everything just has this gentle glow to it. You really do feel like youre in another world, as well as that most of the games models have had a bit of a makeover as well. Sonic has never looked more clean. I played this on the nintendo switch light and the game just looks fantastic its easily one of the most gorgeous games that ive got on that console because of the games, brilliant art style.

This managed to look great on the nintendo wii 10 years ago and still looks pretty good today by those standards. But this visual refresh has just added a whole new layer of beauty to this. Otherwise, really pretty game and the level aesthetics are some of the best that the franchise has to offer. The problem is this game definitely has more than its fair share of visual bugs, which will detract from that experience. These can be as arbitrary as the wisp power meter just being kind of out of line. Why is the streak here and the overall power bar here and yes, it happens every time also whats going on here and then weve just got sonic falling in the fetal position here there are also plenty of visual bugs that you can provoke and, like i feel, Like youd have to go out of your way to prompt these, but the fact is the fact that these glitches are, even in there, its kind of a liability for epilepsy. Ive decided against actually showing footage of this in this video because i dont want to take my chances and accidentally give one of my viewers, a seizure, so just kind of take my word for it. But if you navigate in and out of the different maps in the interstellar amusement park and then choose a level uh, you will get basically sonic seeing all kinds of colors because hes absolutely tripping balls on lsd. Whether or not you have to kind of look for this glitch, it still shouldnt be there, but then i also had an instance of very dark flickering in one of the game.

Land stages, which i did nothing to provoke, and that could be a problem for epileptic players, not to mention it just made the stage flat out unplayable and i had to restart it. This shouldnt be here, theres, also a lot of issues with models popping in and out which they dont do in the wii version. I can kind of look past things that do happen in the wii version, but when a remaster brings about new problems, its harder to look past as it is, i do think a remaster should go out of its way to iron out the problems with the original. But okay, im not gon na hold that against it. My guess is that this was a very low budget remaster. The point where the game really takes a hit, though, is in the audio theres new, fantastic remixes of pretty much every track in the game which uh yeah, thats thats a great thing to have, and i really like the new remixes. I dont really think that they go with the old remixes and they have tried to mix them up a bit. But, like still, i think, theyre nice and like its nice, to have every stage have its own unique track now, even though you can really tell which ones are the remixes and which ones are the original, because theyre in a completely different style and then the planet Wisp remixes are locked behind a dlc or the digital deluxe like whats that all about well yeah, the musics great it was always great, but now the musics even better um, but then theres the audio mixing, which is a whole other matter entirely.

I you are constantly fighting the volume button while playing this one like the music might be quiet, but then the homing attack is way too loud and its, like god forbid. You play this game with earbuds in, like i did and then theres just sound, cutting in and out like yeah, no its really its, not really acceptable. Then there are instances where the audio just doesnt play. I can look past most of the visual issues well enough, but the audio is consistently awful throughout the entire game and yeah you do notice it also. Once again, i mentioned that the game has had a beautiful makeover which is nowhere to be found in the cutscenes, which are just clearly ai, upscaled versions of what was found in the wii, with no kind of grading or anything done to make them look a bit More like the new lighting engine, and if you do want to re watch these cutscenes youre, just gon na – have to watch them in this tiny little box here for some reason. But the chances are that unless youre, a small child, you probably wont want to re. Watch these cutscenes, i mean, unless you do just like this kind of thing, which is fair enough im, not judging yeah dont, expect improvements on the writing in sonic colors ultimate. It is just as alienating to anyone over the age of three as it was before. Im not against humor in a sonic game, but i swear these writers.

Have the general writing structure of character tells a joke. Another character then explains that joke and then another character will double down on it and then another character will then just kind of acknowledge that and then carry it on theres charm. In some of these ideas, but like oh my god, will you just stop just look at this leaving so soon there are no lines and ive saved the best rides for last, at least. Let me stamp your hand, so you can come back in. I know youre trying to be clever with this whole amusement park, pun thing, but its just coming off lame, just say: youre going to destroy us and stop embarrassing yourself curse. You sonic. Not only do you foil my plans, but you foil my speeches as well. I work hard on them. No matter, i will destroy you and i will be victorious. Is that better, like a million times better? Thank you. Dr eggman should have just deflected that little snarky comeback and moved straight on. It was funny by itself, but then eggman just doubles down on it and just oh, my god, comedy leading so soon. At least. Let me stab your hand, so you can come back in just say: youre going to destroy us and stop embarrassing yourself curse. You sonic! This robot is special. Obviously sonic is going to be aimed at kids, and i dont mind that one bit, but this is just alienating to anyone that isnt a kid yeah.

Okay, sorry rant about the writing over. Fortunately, no one plays sonic for the writing right or do they, but yeah. The cutscene is definitely one of the lower points of this game. However, there are some other great things that blind squirrel games have added to the mix for one. There is an enhanced homing attack where, when you time it just right, youre rewarded with a little more boost energy and a fun new animation. This is a game changer. A homing attack has always been kind of an arbitrary thing, but i found myself genuinely excited to use it and get it right. This added a whole new layer of skill and reward to one of the most arbitrary moves in sonics moveset, as ive said before, sonic colors is a game that rewards replay and exploration, and now, more than ever as hidden around the stages are park. Tokens that allow you to purchase cosmetics for sonic, i really hope different cosmetics for sonic is something that sticks around in the future of the franchise, because i really like playing with the way he looks character. Customization was one of the best things about sonic forces and its one of the better things about this remaster as well. Its very simple and id like to see more options, but whats here is a lot of fun to play with especially playing with the boost energy and the auras. Now, if you do find yourself dying in a stage and you dont want to lose your collectibles because you didnt hit a recent checkpoint tails, has you covered as this game swaps out the life system for tail saves where, if you fall into one of this games, Many bottomless pits.

Unfortunately, the tails will rescue you and put you back on a nearby platform before where you fell off, though i wont lie. It is a little inconsistent and if tails rescues you at a quick step, section yeah thats, not a quick step section anymore. Youre, just gon na have to go it with the manual controls thats, something for you to patch out blind squirrel. Another new inclusion is the jade ghost wisp. This is obviously a new mechanic bought onto a pretty much complete game and yeah. It certainly does feel that way. There are some slightly new areas in the levels that can be accessed by this wisp, but they never do anything creative with it other than phasing through a couple of walls its better than nothing. I guess another inclusion is the metal sonic rival rush where players get to race, metal sonic in one act of each zone? I definitely feel theres more. That could have been done with this, but i do appreciate the fact that its actually legitimately kind of challenging – and this was a really good addition to the game. I think blind squirrel gamess actual additions to this game are solid and justify another playthrough as sonic colors. Ultimate culminates in a game that is appropriate for new players, but might be worth checking out for those who did play the original just to experience some of the new features. I do feel, though, that sega needed to give this remaster a better budget as theres a lot of missed opportunities here.

The game land in this game has multiplayer, but only local multiplayer. Think of how awesome an online mode for this would have been. I would have played the out of it im sorry, but spending park tokens on a different player emblem during the rival rush mode is just pathetic, and the prize that you unlock for completing all of the rival rush races is nothing to write home about what would Have been awesome would have been if they had included different player skins. Let us play as tales. Metal sonic literally has an animation blueprint in this game, so wouldnt it be awesome if we could play as him once were done with the rival rush. Id definitely take that over the dark aura that you unlock what about a playable shadow or something theyre, clearly trying to ride the tide of movie sonic when it comes to releasing this game theyre trying to aim this at movie sonic fans. So why not actually have movie sonic be playable? I feel like these would be the things that would really define sonic colors ultimate as the ultimate way of playing sonic colors, but i think above all else, they really just needed to address those bugs and glitches. Before doing things like a tail save and before adding new gimmicks heres, what i think is an appropriate analogy for sonic colors, ultimate its like when a great ride at your favorite amusement park gets renovated and its even better and more thrilling than before.

But the thing keeps breaking down: sonic colors ultimate is a really nicely renovated ride when its not breaking down the technical errors, really stack up on this one, unfortunately, which definitely makes it a lot more difficult to recommend ill, say this, though, in spite of those technical Errors, this little package allowed me to fall in love with sonic colors, in spite of those errors and bugs its still a fantastic game and visually. It looks better than ever its just that right now, if a friend were to ask me whether or not they should purchase the game, i would probably say: wait for a patch see how it goes, because, right now, i wouldnt say its in a presentable condition and Its a damn shame to see that sega are still willing to release unfinished games. Sega are too chicken to acknowledge games like sonic boom rise of lyric and sonic 06. Yet they completely forgot what one of the worst aspects of those games were when they released something. As technically buggy as this, which does give me some cold feet about sonics future, would i say that sonic colors ultimate is a successful remaster, not entirely if the game were just polished and they just got out all of the technical bugs and the only technical bugs In this game were the ones that were in the wii version, then absolutely across the board. Yes, i think the game looks better. I love the new additions yeah, but ill be real with you.

This many bugs is kind of a deal. Breaker well have to see how this one fares up after some patches, but it must be said we really shouldnt be relying on patches to finish a game. Sure patch can make some fixes, but they shouldnt be this integral what the hell is going on with the gaming industry these days. So what do you guys think if you enjoyed this video and you want to support more like it be sure to hit that big, beautiful, subscribe button and, of course, in the description below, are links different social media feeds, including the patreon, if youre feeling extra generous, Like the following people, who are jk strife, marcus ward, sirius, the skeptic biotin arts, mr sp, sergio adam myers, thank you guys. You are the best of the best, but as for the rest of you, thank you so much for watching guys and have a great day.

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