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They are outperforming the space competition and this time with the release of the new tiagong space station. They are, on a whole different level, with intelligent engineering and deliberate effort. Chinese spacecraft carrying three astronauts docked successfully with the nasan space station of the country on thursday hours after taking off from the gobi desert, marking a significant milestone in the communist giants, ambitious effort to establish itself as a dominant space power and according to space age. The shanzu 12 crude spacecraft docked successfully with the tianhe core module of the space station on thursday afternoon. According to the saetron xinhua news agency, the spaceship launched on thursday morning finished the orbital status setting after going into orbit and performed a quick, autonomous, meetup and docking with tianas front docking port at 3 54 pm. That is beijing time forming a three module complex with the payload craft tianzo ii. It takes roughly around 6.5 hours to complete the entire process. According to the report, this is dionne. His first render view, and even talking with the shenzhen spacecraft since it was launched into orbit on april 29th. Earlier the spaceship on a shenjian was the carrier rocket that was launched from g kuan launch center in northwest chinas gobi desert at around 9 22. Am that is beijing time in a landing that was broadcasted by official tv channels, spacecraft, shenzhou 12 decided to send three astronauts into the same orbit of the core module of tianas space station, which was launched in april the low earth orbit space station built as chinas Most renowned and strategically significant space project after the countrys current mars and preceding moon missions would serve as the countrys eye in the sky providing astronauts with around the clock birds eye view on the rest of the globe after docking with the tianhei, the taikonauts, including commander Liu boming, nae, haishing and even tong hongbo would then stay for a three month mission to complete the meticulous work of constructing the space station, which is expected to be completed by next year.

Nay is a veteran who participated in two previous crude space missions and said that it felt great after reaching the near earth orbit. It would be chinas longest as well as first crude space mission. In approximately five years, china previously sent the tianhe core cabin module for the space station on april 29th. The three astronauts who will create the space station are expected to break the previous record for the chinese crude space mission. Duration, breaking the record of 33 days, which was kept by the shenzhou 11 crew in the year 2016., an autonomous rendezvous and also docking with the space station core module tianhe will be conducted by the shenzhou 12 spaceship designed to be showcased as one of the chinas. Most significant achievements under the leadership of the ruling chinese communist party, the spacecraft, was even launched ahead of the next months. Centennial celebrations of the ruling party in a media interview on wednesday astronaut nier made no secret of the fact that the mission has been closely tied to chinas desire to be a leading space power. A point that was highlighted by the missions significance to the world niet. Who has been a member of the communist party for more than three decades stated that this mission would be the first manned mission as part of the construction of the chinese space station. In an interview with the south china morning, post in hong kong, he stated that space exploration, development of china has crystallized the chinese peoples thousand year dream of flying to the stars and has added a courageous chapter to the partys hundred year.

History of struggle once completed the station was planned to be made available to chinas major allies, including pakistan, as well as other international space cooperative partners. In an interview with the media on wednesday g kimming, who is assistant to the director of space agency, stated that, in addition to the close partnership with russia, china is also engaged in bilateral cooperation. Exchanges with countries such as france, italy, pakistan and others are focused on space experiments in space, medicine, fundamental physics and space autonomy on space station. The cooperation with russia is particularly noteworthy as it is a component of the iss, a collaborative project which involves five participating space agencies, nasa from the united states jaxa from japan, esa from europe lost cosmos from russia and the canadian space agency from canada once completed. China would be the only country to own such a space station, whereas the international space station iss is currently a collaborative project involving numerous countries. It is presumed to be a rival to the aging international space station and it may even become the only space station to stay in orbit after the iss is decommissioned. The united states orbital segment, which is controlled by the us as well as many other countries, is divided into three sections, whereas the russian orbital segment, which is operated by russia, is divided into two sections. The space station of china will be configured with robotic arm which the united states has expressed concern about because of its potential military applications.

According to xiao jiang ping, the chief designer of chinas crude space engineering project, the arm which can be extended to 15 meters, will also be critical in constructing a space station in orbit. Astronauts will work collaboratively with the robotic arm to make the space station construction and maintenance possible, while in orbit china has decided to launch several scavenger satellites. These scavenger satellite programs are being used for the development of new weapons which are powered by ai. They were equipped with robotic arms in the past to collect and direct space junk so that it burns up in the earths atmosphere. China intends to send several space missions, including one with astronauts, to carry the supplies and materials necessary to complete the space stations construction for more than 10 years. The space station would be operating in low earth orbit at a height of 340 to 450 kilometers. Above the surface of the earth, the t shape station consists of a core module in the center and lab capsules on either side of it. Each of the stations module will weigh more than 20 tons with the total weight of the station, which is expected to be approximately 66 tons. The launch will be chinas 7th, manned mission to space, and it will be the first during the countrys construction of its space station. However, while badging exhibited the space station as an achievement, there were also many concerns about the amount of debris that would be generated because china is planning to launch numerous space missions.

While constructing the station long march, 5b, y2 debris had launched the core module causing a global star when it fell to the surface of the earth, the remnants of the material safely collapsed into the indian ocean adjacent to the maldives on may 9. With no reports of injury or damage, the hurling debris from the rocket drew sharp condemnation from the united states international astrophysicist and nasa who claimed that beijing had worn a reckless bet. There were fears that the rocket would crash into populated areas as a result of its uncontrolled fall g kiming held back his worries, stating that the final stage of all types of rockets has been handled with passivation tech and would not detonate into the orbit or cause Space debris as previously reported a separate living space for each astronaut is provided in the tianje module of the space station, which also has a space treadmill and cycle for exercise and a communication center for sending and receiving emails and video conversations with ground control. According to huang wei fan of the china manned space program, the astronauts will conduct two spacewalks during the trip each lasting, approximately six to seven hours in duration. The trial would be wearing specially designed. Spacewalk suits more than six thousand hours of preparation comprising hundreds of underwater backflips, while wearing a complete spacesuit were put in by the crew to prepare for the mission from now. Until next year. China plans a total of 11 launches, along with three more manned mission, which will transport two lap components to extend the 66 ton station together with supplies and crew members to the international space station.

Whether or not they will be the space emperor china. With this consistent effort definitely seems to be taking the lead towards making significant progress in the space industry. With that said, we have reached the end of todays video if you enjoyed this, do give this video a like and subscribe to the channel.

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