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You should look forward to in september, and we just found out that sonys marketing might be overstepping it a little bit with trying to get you to buy a ps5, but before we get into all this playstation news take a second and click. The red subscribe button and set your notifications to all this is going to come as a big shock to all of you, but i am a huge huge horror fan and one of my all time, favorite horror games ever is dead space. This game came out at the perfect time for me when i hadnt played a ton of new horror games. I think at that time like i, was still playing resident, evil 4 over and over again, and then i got this brand new xbox 360 game on christmas because my dad was like. Oh, i didnt get you enough. Gifts lets go over to kmart. Well, get you a new 360 game and i had my eyes dead, set on fallout 3. fallout 3 was sold out, so i got dead space and it basically changed my life. I loved that game. I played through the entire thing, essentially at one sitting, so when this dead space remake was announced, i was honestly a little skeptical and i feel, like my reasons, are justified here. First of all, the studio that made the dead space trilogy, visceral games was shut down by ea, and this remake is being handled by ea motive, who have only really worked on the battlefront 2 campaign, which, in my opinion, is extremely mediocre.

Like the definition of mediocre, and then they also made star wars squadrons, which is incredible, so they basically got a 50 50 track record and then, when they announced this remake, they basically made some weird remarks about updating the story to make it work better. And, in my opinion, the one thing that doesnt need changing in dead space is the story. I know that you could definitely improve some parts where youre using a cannon to shoot these big arms off of a giant alien and some of the zero gravity stuff could definitely use some updates, but, like yeah, i dont need any major structural changes to this game, But some of my fears were kind of put at ease today when they did a 40 minute live stream with the first official reveal of some of the gameplay from the dead space remake. I im like being weird about the reveal of the gameplay, because this was a 40 minute live stream, where they showed off literally about 10 seconds of gameplay and what they showed was a hallway from the first game and a hallway from this remake. And you know what it looks like dead space, but vastly improved graphically and thats good, and they also talked about some of the gameplay changes theyre making and they sound pretty good. They have a whole new flesh system for the necromorphs, where youre going to have to be more accurate with what parts of their body youre shooting off and theyre going to have layers of flesh, which i think is awesome like thats.

What i want to hear more gore in dead space is always good and theyre, taking the zero gravity, controls from dead space, 2 and kind of putting them in dead space 1. So youll have more 360 degrees of motion, which is good because that was really confusing. In the first dead space, how things were oriented when you were in zero gravity and something else theyre doing thats really cool is bringing back gunner wright to play isaac clark in this game. I think thats, the smartest move they can make changing the voice. Actor would be stupid. I know isaac doesnt have a ton of voice lines in the original game, but still i know his voice after playing through the entire trilogy, but of course it cant be all good and again the thing that really stood out to me and made me feel skeptical. All over again had to do with the story so theyre talking about how, in the original game isaacs goal other than, of course, to get off the massive spaceship thats full of necromorphs trying to kill him is to also rescue his girlfriend nicole and theyre, saying theyre, Making some changes there to make that not his goal this time around and i dont know why, because thats a good goal. In my opinion, his girlfriend is trapped on the ship. He wants to get her off because obviously theres some uh crazy stuff going on on this ship, thats gon na turn her potentially into a necromorph im, not gon na spoil where the story goes after that, but still i dont feel like theres any real major concern.

There, no one was really criticizing that aspect of the story when the game came out and i watch a lot of videos on dead space and i havent seen a lot of people complaining about that either. Like yeah, i think its cool that theyre taking a little bit of liberties with some of the gameplay elements, but you really shouldnt screw with the story, because the story was fine in dead space. I know this is super nitpicky, but i dont really ever get up in arms about changing stuff in games, and i just feel like theres some weird stuff going on here and i wish they would just show full gameplay instead of pre, alpha stuff or screenshots or Anything like that yeah theres, some weird stuff going on here, im im still a little skeptical but im feeling a little bit better like before this live stream. I was like 40 excited and now id say im at about 60. I just got to see some real game play and really understand what theyre changing about the story before i get to like 80 or 90 hype, and now its time to talk about nintendo here on the playstation channel, because my friend, nicole from superswitchgo, came by to Brag about the switch selling more than the ps5 hey nintendo gang gang in the house, the q1 numbers have been published and the switch has more than double the sales of both the ps5 and also xbox were doing pretty good okay.

But there are a lot of factors here. I think as to why the playstation 5 is losing mainly because they cant make them fast enough. I mean whatever makes you feel better to me. I guess also what about that uh four year head start that the the switch had does that play into it. At all i mean dont hate the player. I hate the game. Yeah we have a head start and i think also, what is more beneficial to us is, of course, like the switch and just nintendo in general is geared more towards general consumers and casual gamers. So its a lot easier for somebody to jump into like a nintendo world and start out with like a mario game than it is to just play like jump right into a playstation and learn like all the different dynamics that come with that and just in general. I think the playstation tends to have more complicated games and also granted. I will give you in some ways a more immersive experience because of the better technology. You guys have on your side. That actually makes sense, because the biggest selling game of the last ever is animal crossing new horizons is that whats called i played so much in this game. I should know what its called every halloween i go and redecorate my island make it all fall. Looking its really fun but yeah, i think it makes complete sense. The switch is out selling the ps5 because were weirdly in the same situation.

We were in with the wii where everyone, including your grandma, wanted a wii and just like that. Everyone in our grandma wants a switch now, although i will say i have seen a lot of people like vying for ps5, like ive seen on the internet, people like surprising their significant others by like placing a ps5 in front of them, while they nap so that They like wake up and theres like i have a ps5. Did you see the lady who watched her boyfriends ps4 pro in the sink? Oh my god. Yes, that looked horrible like that has to be fake right. I dont know, but she racked up 70 million views. Shes, the real winner, either way, but long story short nicoles, doing a giveaway right over on her channel super switch. Go. Yes, we are giving away a white nintendo switch oled. The white one is the coolest of the two models. I am really excited, and that was the hardest one to get so im really excited that we have an extra one to give away and yeah. Just from looking at the pictures, the switch oled looks a lot better in white than the ps5 does so youre. Definitely going to want to go subscribe to nicoles channel like right now and set your notifications to all. So now that we know horizon forbidden west is delayed out of 2021 september is like the biggest month ever for ps5 this year by default, because we actually have some big sony first party stuff, coming to the console.

First, up on september 17th, we have death loop, which is made by arcane studios over at bethesda whos owned by microsoft. So microsoft is publishing a ps5 exclusive. That to me looks really really good, so arcane got their start really working on the dishonored series and then they also helped out machine games with wolfenstein youngblood. Now that game has a lot of problems. They worked in this weird looter shooter mechanic that i thought was terrible. The main characters are really grating and just super annoying, but you could feel arcanes awesome vertical level design in their little paris open map world they made for that game and i feel like that was their practice round for death loop, because this is taking that sweet. First person shooting action from machine games and putting it into a dishonored style game, and that is just like chefs kiss music to my ears, exactly what i want and every gameplay video ive seen so far from this game looks incredible. Now, im going to be playing it on pc, because i just have a rule that you got to play first person shooters on pc, but i feel like this is going to take some good advantage of the haptic feedback of the controller on the ps5 and xbox Fans are probably going to be pretty upset for the entire year. They have to wait to play it. I definitely said september 17th is the release date, but its september 14th.

So its coming out, even sooner than i thought and then on september 24th youve got two pretty good options on the ps5 between death, straining directors, cut and loss judgment. Now weve talked about death, straining directors cut at length here on the channel a few times and really, if you want to know whats coming with this directors, cut just watch the two trailers that came out during summer game, fest and just recently at gamescom, because they Are extremely long and very granular and they tell you everything you need to know about deaths, training, directors, cut, but lost judgment is a game that i recently became aware of during the state of play. They did back in july over the july 4th weekend. Im pretty sure so judgement is basically a spin off of the yakuza series where they can have action combat, while the mainline yakuza series is just moving over to turn base and youre, basically playing a cop who goes undercover and plays dirty to get things done, and It seems like a really cool open world game set in japan and lost judgement has the most insane graphics ive seen in a while, like when i saw the trailer for the first time for lost judgment. I was like. Is this like an fmv game in this cutscene it looks like real life and then i realized it was a video game and that kind of blew me away. So i might have to check out judgment and lost judgment and then the day before that, on september 23rd, we have diablo 2 resurrected coming out.

Im actually really excited for this, because my first experience with the diablo franchise was diablo 3.. That game launched pretty rough, but when they released reaper of souls i was in college and i played it so much with my friends. It was a total blast, but everyone would tell me diablo 2 is where the real fun is at so im glad theyre remastering. It theyre ground up, rebuilding it, and i think you can do 12 player co op in this thing, so its going to be pretty fun when it launches as long as all the servers work. Okay, i just hope this is a better remake than their warcraft 3 remastered release, because that was a huge mess. I remember people were really excited for that and they basically over promised and under delivered, which is classic blizzard these days so im crossing my fingers here. That this comes out and its as cool as theyve been hyping it up to be, but either way im gon na check it out and were kind of working our way backwards here because were going with september 24th and 23rd, and then now were talking about september 21St youve got kenneth bridge of spirits, which looks like a pixar movie brought to life. I know thats what everyones gon na say about it when it comes out and im gon na get super annoyed, because games do not look as good as pixar movies. Im just gon na go out and say it im.

Sorry guys but kind of looks really good theyve been teasing this one ever since they started announcing games for the ps5 itself, and this one got a light delay like i think of just over a month. So people, i think, are really excited to finally get their hands on it honestly, im looking at it, gameplay is not for me, but i hope if this is something thats up your alley, you really enjoy it and then finally, im going to give a shout out To ghost runner, which comes out september 28th in its native ps5 form, that game is severely underrated and i feel, like everyone, should check it out and if any of these games sounded cool to you. Well, have them all linked down in the description, so wretched and clank rift to parts been out for a couple months now, but its back in the news recently, because the founder of travelers tales games, the people who make the lego games is making some pretty bold Claims about the technology used in ratchet clank, so essentially, what hes saying is that sony over hyped and over marketed the game, because, in his opinion, a lot of the tech thats used in the game that sony said could only be done on the ps5 could actually Be done on a ps3 game and he has some pretty compelling evidence to back it up, because i guess theyve done similar things in a lego game. So the thing that he kind of takes umbrage with is the fact that sony made.

It seem like in the marketing that this new pocket rift dimension thing where you could jump through portals into different levels instantly without loading times is something that can only be done with the ps5 ssd, but because the moments in those games where youre doing it are Basically, asset flips of the same level, youre already playing in or theyre little levels where its like a platforming challenge that uses the same assets over and over again, its not actually as advanced as they made. It seem – and i remember when the game came out – and i talked about it here on the channel. I remember saying i was a little bit disappointed with the fact that the rift technology in the game wasnt like a gun where you could fire a rift and jump between levels whenever you wanted. It was heavily scripted moments where you were flung through them. During cut scenes – and you had these little challenges and stuff like that – nothing really felt totally next gen with it where this game does feel. Next. Gen, though, is with its graphics, and i feel like this is where hes really missing the point. The idea is not that this technology is totally insane or anything like that. Its that you have technology like this and the game can look and run as well as it does. This is a really good looking game you can play it in performance mode. At 60.

Frames per second, and it looks incredible or you can play it in an even better quality mode at 45 frames per second and its probably the best looking game on ps5. Like honestly, i dont know if theres a better looking game on the actual console and the shooting feels incredible. With the dual sense controller. Youve got the haptic feedback. Youve got the adaptive triggers that make every gun feel different, youre switching weapons on the fly, like i dont, think theres. Anything that he can argue with in the sense that this game would look or play as well as it does if it was on the ps3 or even ps4, and i feel like sonys, basically admitting that, because we dont have this game on ps4. At the current moment, we know that theyre putting every game they possibly can thats coming to ps5 on the ps4, and we have not heard anything about ratchet and clank ripped apart. So to me that tells me yeah. They probably cant, run it on the ps4 and make it look and run as good as it does on the ps5 and thats awesome, its finally, a game that needs the ps5 and yeah. If you really get down to the technical level, i think this dudes right, but i i dont, think his argument really holds water. When you look at how the game looks, you think, with starfield on the horizon, people would kind of be forgetting about the elder scrolls.

Six at this point because its very clearly very far away, but this new edition of skyrim that theyre calling the anniversary edition, has put the elder scrolls six back in the news, mainly because pete hines made a blunder and started talking about the elder scrolls. Six again. So in a recent live stream, pete hines the lead marketing guy over at bethesda was talking about how people are frustrated, that they dont think theyre going to be able to play elder scrolls 6 on the ps5 and he said. Look, i dont know what the situation is, but right now youre going to play star field on the xbox series x and the pc and youre not going to play it on ps5. But if you look at other releases like the recent quake remaster or the upcoming skyrim anniversary edition, theyre, not totally abandoning the ps5 now people took this to mean that elder scrolls 6 has a chance of coming to ps5 and by proxy starfield. So aaron greenberg, the head marketing guy over at xbox, had to go on twitter and say no starfield is not coming to the ps5, its coming to the xbox series x and the pc and the series s its not coming to xbox one either. But if youre a playstation gamer who doesnt have a pc or an xbox, you can play the game with cloud streaming on your phone. So, yes, its not totally leaving out people who only own a ps5, buy like some weird technicality where you can get on xbox cloud streaming with your phone use.

Your game pass subscription for 15 bucks and play starfield day one and im, assuming that also means thats. Exactly whats going to happen with elder scrolls, 6. now, obviously for ps5 gamers. This is super frustrating, because skyrim is one of the biggest games of all time, so youd assume that people would want the sequel elder scrolls 6 to also come to the ps5, but hey. I dont know what to tell you guys honestly. I want to be frustrated about this. I want to be upset about it. Obviously i can empathize with the people who dont have a pc or dont have an xbox, but i have an xbox. I have a pc and i have a ps5. I will definitely be playing elder scrolls 6, regardless on the pc, just because its a bethesda game that i want to install mods on and they always run and look better on pc thats. Just how it is you play bethesda games on pc. You have the best time where i think xbox is really screwing. Up, though, is how big theyre being once again about the elder scrolls part. Six, like look you own bethesda, you own, the elder, scrolls franchise, make a decision and commit to it. Dont give us this vague bull response. Every time like yeah, you know, we dont know if its going to come to the ps5 like look at the games were putting on the ps5 consult, your tea leaves and make a decision based on that, no its on you to come out and just rip the Band aid off stop giving playstation players hope that theyre going to get the game on ps5.

They know where theyre going to release the game, and they just need to say, because this is just going to keep happening. You may have different marketing people saying different stuff. Drumming up controversy – and i know that all these game sites love this but im sick of it – i just want to know – are ps5 players gon na be able to play elder scrolls six. I doubt it, but we dont know and thats frustrating so earlier. In the week i was looking for ps5 news, and i saw this op ed. Article type thing on screen rant where theyre, basically comparing the fidelity mode in certain games to the performance mode and trying to decide which ones better so with fidelity mode. The target is definitely resolution. They want to get the game running as close to 4k as possible and then because of that, you have to drop the frame rate down to like 30 fps or in ratchet and clanks case 40 fps, which is really weird like. It looks good enough at 40. Fps but going from 30 to 40, its just like who would have thought of that insomniac games, obviously, but then on performance mode, the target is obviously frame rate. So then they drop the resolution from a targeted 4k down to like 1440p or even 1080p, depending on what the frame rate is like destiny. 2. I know, for example, in crucible. You can play at 120fps, but then that of course drops the resolution now.

Obviously, when sony was marketing the ps5, they really pushed the 4k graphics, the fidelity of new games and stuff like that, but coming off of the last generation. All i wanted out of this new console was a lock 60 frames per second and pretty much every game that became available for it because, as someone whos played on pc for a long time, ive been locking my games at 60 frames per second for years now, And there really is a big, extremely noticeable difference. Like honestly, i was kind of surprised that they even pushed 120 fps in some games because again, as someone whos, primarily a pc player, i pushed games to 120 fps like doom 2016 and do maternal, and i got to be honest with you guys. I barely noticed the difference between 60 and 120, whereas with the difference between 30 and 60, its like night and day and after youve played games for a while at 60, you really cant go back its really extremely hard and by the end of last generation they Were struggling to hit 30 frames per second, i remember some notorious games like jedi fallen order and control would have fluctuating frame rates all over the place and when you drop below 30 frames per second, its immediately noticeable because the game starts to feel sluggish. So, in my opinion, while a lot of people might want to go for this fidelity mode to really take advantage of their new oled 4k tv or something like that, im gon na go performance all the time, because the console is basically a cheaper pc.

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