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This vote. Might take it by surprise, go ahead, ill, follow your lead and watch your back, not listening Music. This looks like the way out. I was starting to wonder if wed ever make wait, looks like hes gone for good this time, but i dont think we should stick around to see. If he comes back. Closest down from here is riverwood, my uncles, the blacksmith there im sure hed help you out its probably best. If we split up good luck, i wouldnt have made it without your help. Today. Listen, you should go to solitude and join up with the imperial legion. Who could really use someone like you? If the rebels have themselves a dragon? General talias is the only one who can stop them, see that ruin up there bleak falls barrow when i was a boy that place always used to give me nightmares, drager creeping down. The mountain to climb, through my window at night, that kind of thing – i admit i still dont much like the look of it. These are the guardian stones, three of the 13 ancient standing stones that dot skyrims landscape go ahead, see for yourself, faith its never too late to take charge of your own faith. Listen as far as im concerned, youve already earned your palm, but until we get that confirmed by general tullius just stay clear of other imperial soldiers avoid any complications must have scaled them off. Im glad you decided to come with me were almost to riverwood Music.


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