The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One, Bethesda Softworks, Sony PlayStation Update September 2021 | NEW Xbox Stereo Headset, Sonic Colours Ultimate, Sea of Thieves + MORE

I fancy its chances to do just that so heres, a quick look at the month ahead to kick things off. Xbox players looking for a truly immersive sound experience, should keep an ear out for the release of the xbox stereo headset on september 21st. This lightweight headset is built for comfort, with ultra soft extra large earcups, to make it as snug as possible and on ear controls to make it super easy to adjust on the fly. But while it might be lightly built its a true heavyweight when it comes to sound quality, offering both high fidelity spatial sound to really immerse you in the games soundscape, while still keeping your voice chat channels perfectly crisp and clear weve left a link down below in The description, if youre, looking to order yourself a pair lets, be honest, though the make or break factor for any calendar month is the new games its bringing with it. Fortunately, septembers got a pretty stunning lineup of its own, bald racing fans might have their eyes firmly set on the horizon in anticipation of a certain game that rhymes with schmorzer, they can keep their engines running in the meantime, with great titles like wrc 10., with the Fia world rally championship celebrating its 50th birthday this year, youd better believe the new game has something special in store like a garage full of legendary cars and a history mode that lets you relive some of the most incredible moments from across the competitions history, with four New 2021 rallies, six historical ones, 20 legendary cars and 120 special stages.

The latest entry in the wrc series looks like it could be won for the ages and, if youre up for a blast from the past 2010, sonic colors is getting a gorgeous 4k remaster. This month, giving a whole new generation of players a chance to take the iconic blue hedgehog out for a spin. The game takes place inside an interstellar amusement park created by the nefarious, dr robotnik, as part of an exceptionally elaborate and reasonably deranged scheme that involves kidnapping aliens and, as always, tormenting our dear quill covered friend. Fortunately, it also provides you with a chance to place a blue trail through a variety of wacky themed worlds, including one made entirely out of cake, which is all ive ever really wanted, really keeping things. Colorful is the latest chapter in the life of strange tale, which stars a woman named alex who can read and alter the emotional auras of everyone she meets. The series has already made a name for itself. Thanks to the emotional impact of its storytelling and true colours looks to be no exception. Troubled childhoods, estranged families and all manner of trauma come into play over the course of this supernatural drama, as alex does her best to bring some kind of comfort to those around her, which makes a nice change from the games where you just go around beating everyone Up to be honest, if the recent return of space jam has got you all fired up about the idea of shooting hoops, then youll be ecstatic to hear that nba 2k 22 is arriving in september as well.

Although remember this is real basketball, so there wont be any explosions or superpowers or an algorithmic don cheadle, but there will be a whole bunch of new additions and revisions of the on court gameplay to make this most authentic, most immersive basketball experience yet from the totally Revamped shot blocking system to the brand new signature combos. This looks all set to be the most spectacular bit of basketball action, since michael jordan did his stretch, armstrong thing, and if you feel like adding a dash of chaos into your life, this september, you should check out lost in random. This dark fairy tale takes place in a warped and gloomy fantasy world, for the queen has decreed that every childs fate will be decided by a roll of the dice roll high and youre guaranteed a life of luxury, but turn up a one and youre straight out Of luck by teaming up with a living die named dicey. You might just be able to turn the odds in your favor, though, and if not, you still get to hang out with a cute little cubic dude. So this is one bet you cant really lose. He was a skater bird, we said see you later bird, but not for too much longer, because the game arrives. On september 16th, look okay, im a gamer, not lyricist, im doing my best here. Okay, the important thing is that skatebird is an incredibly cute little game where you play as an adorably plump feathered fella, with a passion for skateboarding, while youre human is away at work.

Youll amuse yourself by listening to some sweet, tunes and busting out tricks on whatever household items happen to be nearby best of all the game is kick flipping its way onto xbox game pass on day one and joining that free, rolling bird on xbox game pass. The very next day will be the shadow spirit with the ninja skills aragami in the second game, players will once again be darting through the darkness to take out enemies, although this time, you wont be doing it alone, as you join forces with the shadow clan to Drive the invading armies back out of your homeland playing solo or in co op with up to two equally sneaky friends. Youll get to learn all sorts of mystical techniques for defeating your enemies without making a sound when a game is as beloved as diablo 2. The lord of terror himself cant keep it down for long, so its no surprise to see it getting fully resurrected. Next month, the classic dungeon crawler series basically tasks you with cleaning up the mess left behind at the end of the first game, where the big bad was defeated, which is good but then absorbed into the body of the warrior that bested him, which is much less Good while the visuals have been given a lush 4k polish, all of the games, many weapons classes and items have remained exactly as they were the first time around, because when something is as gloriously not broke as diablo 2, it doesnt need fixing if youre an xbox Series x or s owner then sable should definitely be on the top of your 2021 shopping list.

Although if youre an xbox game pass member, you can just download it the day it comes out, so you know thats a pretty good option too. Whatever way you get your hands on it, though this mysterious adventure game looks like it will be well worth your time playing as a young member of a nomadic clan youve got to prove your worth by wandering through the games reasonably stunning desert world, but rather than Testing your metal through combat sable is all about exploration and discovery, drawing you into its mystical world to see what secrets you can uncover and if the trailers are anything to go by, theyll be well worth. Uncovering thanks to a slick remaster. The yakuza series, detective spin off judgement, found a whole new audience, many of whom are probably eager to start working on the next case. So its a good thing lost judgement arrives this month. Playing once again is takayuki ugami, youll search for clues, trailer suspects and, of course, kick an unholy amount of bad guy. But along the way, and thanks to smart delivery, it even comes with a free next gen upgrade for those of you who insist on the highest visual standards, while youre bare knuckle boxing. Your way through the japanese underworld, while september, is about to unload, more new games, and you could shake a stick at its also going to deliver a ton of awesome, new updates and dlc for the xbox games. We love borderlands, came sailing into sea of thieves at the end of august, but youll still have the chance to earn yourself a specially themed ship to cause mischief in until september.

7Th plus there are all sorts of challenges to complete and pretty much all of them involve blowing stuff up kicking off the month after that is state of decay. 2S new update homecoming, which sees you and your crew heading back to trumbull valley this time around. The original games location has been expanded into a full blown open world environment, complete with six new bases and a bunch of incredibly brutal new weapons. Gamescom gave us a ton of upcoming microsoft flight simulator stuff to keep on our radar, but touching down. First is the sixth world update which covers germany, switzerland and austria? So if you want to soar over the alps check out the berlin nightlife or try out some new landing challenges, while soaking up the bavarian vibes now you can and if youre in the mood for post apocalyptic wastelands fallout 76 is going to. Let you bring that personal touch to the dystopia with the introduction of fallout worlds. The new mode lets you customize everything from your ammo supplies to the games, physics, enemy, spawn points to the pvp rules and difficulty settings. So whatever you want fallout 76 to be just a few button, presses away those runners free flowing katana, slicing action, already looked all kinds of cool, but now xbox series x and s players will be able to run roll slice and dice their way through the enemy. Hordes in up to 120 fps and with ray trace lighting effects so expect those nifty moves and neon glows to look better than ever.

Naturally. September also brought four more great games for xbox live gold members to claim and dig into warhammer chaos. Bane lets you tear into the forces of evil for some fantastical hacking and slashing with a few of your most battle ready friends, you cant all call dibs on the slayer, though, but if youre looking for a slightly more vibrant land to explore, mulaka invites you into A vast storybook realm inspired by mexican folklore, just watch out for the giant bugs youll be fine. The robotic stars of zone of the enders have all been given such a nice polish up for this hd collection that you can eat off of them. Dont know theyre. Full of guns and are super dangerous, and finally, if youre looking for some old school arcade, fighting action, look no further than samurai showdown, 2. think tekken, those samurai swords and every bit as excellent as that sounds.

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