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Now we have the evil scientist you place down. Traps set people on fire, rebuild frankenstein and throw people in jail as a lab rat dude stick around for my turn to be the imposter. We do some more combos and also, if youve ever been in science class, hit the like button down below the video and, if youre not lying, the like button will turn blue. What hit the subscribe button hope you enjoy all right, whos the evil scientist who is it Music? Look at all the tree guys. This is evil scientist right how this mod works ill, explain it as i go im, also going to get a chance at being the imposter. So stick around im going to be the imposter and dab on people im going to fart on them yeah. What am i talking about gary? What do you want? How do i, how do i get? How do i get the people to hit the like button? What do i tell them? I can do my test follow me. You hit the like button. If you want to have endless farts, oh god hit the like button. If youve ever been in science class, wait, listen, listen! How this works there! There can be traps on the ground, which means it will kill people and if people die, then theyre dead. What if they die, theyre dead, yeah thats, how okay im alive wait: help gary youre gon na die in 21 seconds.

You got ta finish all three of those lab assignments finish all the lab assignments, gary all right, 12 seconds later, oh no, i think i think he might have made a mistake in whatever he was making now. Oh, no, so gary had to do look yeah! Look at this up here, its a graveyard with all the evil scientists victims. Oh no and then up here, look theres his laboratory. Oh no, okay, im six times! So, if i get my test done, i can leave. Oh somebody else. Got teleported looks. Are you good? I dont think hes good nope im getting my test done im out of here. I got ta get my test done. I got ta get out of here. I do not wan na be a lab rat. Ah crap theres, also a mini game, hopefully ill see it. If not ill, show you one on the impossible. Wait: henry! Oh flicko! Oh i just got teleported. This is a 50 50 chance. Pat. Are you going to do it? If you fail, you die im gon na. Do it im doing it? Oh im: in the mini game: okay, okay, we got it, we got ta, we got ta, create frankenstein okay, i got ta, carry it apart. Okay, so we got ta. Go up here. Grab all of these parts. Okay, put the part there. Okay, i got the. I got his neck thingies. I got his neck thingies. Okay, let me grab his torso grab his torso.

I got ta recreate frankenstein. There we go okay, i got him on the table. Lets grab his head, throw his head down, put his head on and then i can put the neck thing hes on this is so gross okay, let me grab an arm put the arm in his right. Socket there we go. Oh, this is so gross grab. His other arm put the other arm in his left socket and come to me. Frankenstein okay grab a leg right sock. Please you will die sigils its either me or you and its not gon na. Be me thats, a backstreet song. Okay, there we go and wait. If i hit the lever, mine lives, sigils, mindlessly Music, you are nowhere near done. You have a leg down sigils. You know what i have a leg up on the competition youre literally dead. I can hear the voices calling you dead. Do you know how to do this one eternity later? I was second, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! Okay! Im still, so he just put a mind control helmet on me. He can. He can take control of me control im, not my controller anymore. Im not mind controlled im, not mind control yeah well, just have to okay, i dont even care. I dont. Even care ive been escaping every man for himself every man for himself and we i was mind controlled and i killed kate. I got mind controlling im out.

No, no no was nico the killer. If i can make it to start before it ends, come on, go go! Go! Yes! We escaped boys. All right lets, wait for my round to get the imposter, who is the imposter dude its its, not its apparently hes? Not. I havent is it dud, oh no, its zod. All right zod has two escapes under his belt me and henry so boys. I am a cr. Why am i muted? Oh no, i got ta be muted. I got ta stay: okay, im, muted, so dude, okay, so im the the evil scientist i can ah cant zoom out thats right, oh no, the mini game. I might do the minigame but check this out whenever i transform look at this. Look at all these traps. Okay, okay lets just start. Laying traps lets put a bunsen burner, trap right there in the y. Oh, that is so good. Uh lets. Do an experiment trap right there, thats gon na be right on the uh. Hey you phil, you better run boy. Okay lets go to science. Lets go to science here, just so i dont mess up. Okay lets do mind. Control right. There lets do chemistry table right there and then well hit a monster trap right there. Okay, okay, lets! Do this, okay, im gon na go down to experiment, look at all these tables! I walk up to a trap table and i can control it like check this out check this out.

I clicked this one and now im controlling this one watch this watch this watch. This chick fil as Music. No, i was just talking about food, my body, okay, so that expired for another experiment. Right now, i got ta put an experience. Okay lets put another spirit, so theres the monster trap lets put an experiment trap right there. The experiment trap is a 50 50 kill or positive or negative buff. They can either get frozen, yeah, speed, buff, slowness, buff or blindness, or something like that i dont know. Okay, let me check the bunsen burner check this one out. Okay, lets go look at that chemical trap yeah. I know chemical trap. Okay, lets go! Look at mine, oh yeah! I want to mind control somebody okay, so let me place another. My control trap like right there right about there. People always stand there to wait for it to open okay. Okay, so i have look a mind: control check this out Music. That was perfectly fine whoa. What what why okay right run run? I dont want to die dude wan na die. Okay lets go down here. Lets go down here, so he has a helmet on, but nobody can see that, except for me, okay, okay, i also have, i also have lab prison. I can put somebody in the prison up here. Ill show you that in a second okay here we go lets. Do teleport im going to teleport, hey? Are you in there? Oh, i see you pat onto the monster trap.

Okay, i just put pat on the monster. Lets activate the monster trap, hello, hello, no, no! No! No! No! No! Oh Applause, see that could have been you but youre playing exactly thats. Exactly why i didnt pull off your head: okay, hes a real hes, a real 50 50 chance to die or survive once somebody goes up here, im going to grab sigils. Oh, come on not bad place down. Another micro trap. Troll we place down another mic and trap troll uh right. That looks good thats good though oh i also can call lights yeah. Let me call lights, let me call lights, let me call lights crap. How do i do this crap, so many buttons, uh lights, call lights and then well hit them uh. Well, do a bunsen burner right there on lights, right there on lights, no! Well turn on blunt! Okay! Here we go as soon as somebody gets panicked. Then they cant just come in through okay, the mechanic has got it so he fixes the duck electricity im literally a creative mechanic mechanics. These mechanics have to do with. Ladies get off of the lights, guys fix the lights man. Oh my. I hear somebody spamming the button you guys are going to get executed. What are you doing? Yeah thats? What you get Laughter, you have those seven tasks left youre, literally free. I have five youre trying to do as many tasks as possible: youre free youre, literally free youre, literally for youre freer than a costume, simon; okay, oh no, oh, no! Oh, no! No flinco and henry flinco and henry me: oh, no, okay, okay, so theyre theyre building! Frankenstein, like i said in the intro, for that, whenever i was the crew member the first one to do this wins.

Oh once, lights are down, im going to transform lights are fully down. Lets transform go back to the science room. Lets also do a bunsen burner on lights on lights. Again, your bunsen burners are so good. Okay, oh my goodness, you know we didnt really lose much Music already. I do lets. Do teleport im going to hit biffle with the mind control theres vehicle running. I have my vehicle selected. I cant see anybody else on the map, except for biff. Okay, lets transport him to the mind, control there we go. What hello lets do lab prison im going to bring somebody to prison. Um lets take okay, im being teleported hello. Where am i oh Music? Hes, not my lab rat. I can hes stuck there if a meetings called if i do the mini game, hes still in prison, the entire time. I can also do kill prisoners, so were just gon na keep up. Thats disgusting, okay, okay, lets do chemistry. Let me see if i can hit somebody with chemistry and the why everybody always runs by the y. Okay, chemistry table chemistry. Table lets hit this and he has to do three different jazz. He has to remove the trash can and then he has to uh unlock the safe and then he has to uh. What is it? Get good cell service easy, easy im, not gon na make her dude make her easy. He literally made this Music uh signals stay three feet away from me.

Maybe six feet i might be getting mine controlled yeah you got ta go right now hold on. I, oh hey, youre back hi um. I was just wondering why you have body parts over there kind of unsettling. Why are they wearing crocs? You know what lets go ahead and get sigils in here lets. Go ahead! Oh no! I was in the middle of a task thats, so rude, whoever you are thats. What i think of you. Oh theyre schedules. Okay, i need to place another trap. I need to place another bunch and burner right there at the y. Wait there at the y. Okay lets hit somebody with an experiment: trap yeah. We got the experiment trap right there, im gon na teleport put a telephone systems right there: okay, okay, wheres, the experiment oh come on. Does he die? I love this mod, so much im gon na suffocate him, its just come on dude. I only have four tasks left. Just let me know ill finish my task and then ill escape hold on heres. What im gon na do im gon na put a trap. If i put a trap here, put the mind, control trap here: teleport biffle onto the mind, control, trap, mind control and then i can teleport him to me and then mine. While i got my labyrinth, whats up, you got ta work out dude or else you go crazy. So im im just running dude my little lab rap.

Okay. Once i get him up here, then we win then we hold on. If i might control him uh help. Somebody mike somebody help: what are you? What are you doing to me? Let go of me, stop me, stop it who, for what reason, what if you were that prisoner of your doctor that might be pulled back, that doesnt mean controlling bitcoin Music Applause. I only have four tassels. Oh, this is too good. This is too good. So how do you guys want to go out? Lets go ahead and put a bunsen burner right there Laughter Laughter wants to do a chemistry set. Anybody want to do a chemistry set. Go ahead and place a chemistry set right there. This is messed up, isnt it who wants it? No! No! No! Oh! You got 22, so i can be in there with him. I just kind of went off. Oh thats, tough, thats toxic help him out. Oh yeah! I literally cant get this garbage bag out, get him Music guys if you have enjoyed this spot hit the like button down below hit the subscribe button. If youre new around here click this next video to watch the next video and as always, continue to, let us know some more mods you want us to make.

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