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Unfortunately, this led to many developers attempting to cash in on the hype, either by creating subpar, brs or feeling the need to include a br mode in their game. All this eventually leading to some major br fatigue, though now after a few years of the same, rehashed gameplay a couple of development companies decided theyd shake up the br genre a bit and bring their own style to the last man standing arena. But before we talk about those games, dont forget to like the video and if you enjoy the content, hit that sub button. Also, thank you guys for helping me get to 500 subs. Seeing all your likes and comments has been very motivating and ill do my best to improve with each upload. Okay, back to the video from 24 entertainment came, the rock of bladepoint, a martial art style br that focused primarily on melee, combat naraka, while extremely unique was met with mixed reception. Many raved about its in your face action, but a lot of people felt alienated by its extremely high skill ceiling. Finding out that the only way to compete required a lot of time and practice, but on september 7th another relatively unknown developer shark mob will be launching their entry into the br space with blood hunt. Whats blood hunt – you ask well lets, read it in their own words. Blood hunt is a third person free to play battle, royale game set in the vampire the masquerade universe.

You will battle players and ai enemies as you fight to become the last vampire standing in the old town of prague, yeah, thats, right, vampires and im sure you caught the part where i said free to play and instantly thought pay to win at least thats. What i thought until i continued reading the game is free to download and play in game cosmetic items will be available for optional purchase. There will not be any pay to win progression, mechanics alright, well thats a plus, but what exactly is going on in blood hunt? Well, lets read some more long. Smoldering tensions between rival vampire sects have erupted into open conflict across the rooftops and streets of prague, while vampire hunters of the second inquisition capitalize on the chaos in an attempt to eradicate both factions, you must rely on supernatural powers, ranged melee weapons and wits to dominate The night and restore the masquerade, okay, so from what i gather here is that vampires, you being one of them, are out doing crazy in public and is drawing the wrong type of attention and, if youre unfamiliar with vampire the masquerade, the masquerade as they refer to It is the conspiracy to convince the general populist that vampires dont exist and restoring. That means all these vampires making noise and causing problems. Well, they got ta go upon launch. There will be three clans for you to choose from the bruja, the nosferatu and the toreador, with archetypes within each clan, its essentially an ability based class system allowing you to choose a different vampire, depending on your playstyle.

Well, probably, do a complete breakdown of clans classes and abilities in another video. Much like naraka bladepoint blood hunt has character customization, while certainly not as in depth as naraka. Blood hunt still allows for some decent personalization, which im sure will be further expanded on with their optional cosmetic shop. Once youve chosen your class type, you enter this dark and gritty rendition of prague that perfectly envelops the vibe that theyre going for in a br of this type prior to starting your match, the lobby or what they call elysium. Is this sort of hybrid lobby player hub where you can check your skins and weapons while at the same time running into other players in what seems like a mini social experience? Youll be queuing up with 45 other players, both in solos and trios, which would mean 15 teams of three. A lot of the combat seems to take place on rooftops, allowing for the possibility of verticality shootouts that im sure fans of naraka or even hyperscape will most certainly appreciate. Each class seems to have great mobility. Some having flash or blink type abilities that high skilled players will definitely utilize to finesse and control. The battlefield oh and feeding on mortals is a thing not only as a way to restore health but depending on the blood type of the human you feed on youll gain different buffs as well from heal over time to skill, cooldown reductions as well as melee damage.

The twist theyre putting on the pv element of the game is, at the very least, quite different finishing your down. Deponent can also be done in style by devouring them, and not only does it look badass, but the risk of doing this and being vulnerable pays off in the form of another buff other than assault rifles, dual pistols, sniper rifles and crossbows. I also noticed melee weapons such as katanas and baseball bats, im, sure theres more or at least there will be, but they already had me with a katana there doesnt seem to be any gun, customizations or loadouts, though leaving the difference in strength of weapons to be Based off of their rarity, color, similar to say, fortnite, theres, of course, a lot more but for now thats a quick introduction to blood hunt, a battle royale with vampires, and while i understand that a lot of people are tired of brs, i can appreciate when developers Step up and try to evolve the genre and bring something new to it, rather than just an ever shrinking battlefield with guns, if youre interested in the game ill have some links below. So you can check it out yourself as it comes out september. 7Th, which is just a few days of recording this video ill, definitely be checking this one out and ill, probably stream. It as well im sure theres going to be some great content to dig into when it finally comes out, so im excited to see how it does, if anything, its at least worth the free download.

Since im sure some of you will agree that the game drought is real right now and you never know it could end up being the next big vr, but anyways thanks for watching the video and again. Thank you all so much for helping me get to over 500 subs here on youtube to some that may not be much but thats over 500 of you. That felt my content was worth at least keeping in mind and thats, pretty damn cool to me.

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