Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire, Battle royale game, Steam, Early access verything You NEED TO KNOW About Bloodhunt! (Free to Play Vampire Battle Royale)

If you enjoy the game, if you enjoy the content on the channel, make sure you subscribe turn notifications on check out the links below for merch memberships patreon, all that good stuff and without further ado lets jump into it. So, starting off it is a free to play battle, royale game that is coming to steam and steam. Only on september, the 7th there are currently no plans for a console release or anything like that. However, that is all subject to change. It depends on what the developers want to do. This battle royale can be played in single player or three player squads. It does not have the typical 100 player count. Blood hunt will be played in matches of 45 players. There are six different character archetypes in the game. We will go through those in another video, all of their abilities and stuff, and then im also going to have other videos like the best class to play for solo and things like that. So six character, archetypes and there are three different clans in the game. Two characters belonging to each of the three clans and each clan will have their own unique skill for the characters that will affect your movement. In some way, like you can leap forward, go invisible for a short amount of time, or you can project yourself to different places. This game is a live service with the plan to add more clans and stuff in at a later date.

The game will feature a season pass with an expanding like evolving, storyline and stuff, and you can unlock different cosmetic items for your characters as well: theres like character creation or customization in the game as well. Your health will not regenerate automatically in the game. You will have to go around looting and finding blood bags or syringes, or you can actually suck the blood out of humans. Humans will have different passive perks available when you suck their blood. There are four different blood resonances for blood types and you can have one that will give you like a 10 cooldown reduction to your projection skill and at the very start you will begin with three perk points. So those perk points in each match can be used to go and suck the blood from a human. You can get a blood resonance which will give you a 10 cooldown reduction to your projection skill, but you can also go and find another human with the same blood suck that and basically upgrade that perk and you begin with three. There are three levels to each of the. I believe there are four resonance types, just like blood types in the game, but when you down an enemy player, you can diabetize them and you can earn more perk points. So you can have more than three and when you do diablo rise, an enemy player, you will refill all of your health. So strategy is going to come into play because when you down an enemy, you can either finish them off or you can diabetize them.

But if you dont deal with a downed enemy in 20 seconds, the game will automatically revive them, and this will happen in squad and single player mode as well. And you do also need to make sure you are careful when you are sucking blood from humans, because if another human spots, you then youre going to be marked on everyones map for a one minute, blood hunt and youll be a bright red marker. So everyone in the lobby can see exactly where you are and also when you are looting. There are car alarms. There are shop, alarms and theres, also some npc mercenaries – that you need to be careful of in this game, so theres its basically like pve vp, its a battle royale mainly focused on pvp, but there are some pve sort of things you can do around the map. You have freedom in the way you play, you can stick to some ground play or you can take to the rooftops for height advantage. There is a lot of verticality, the huge rooftops and stuff that you can sit on in the game, and the climbing mechanic is basically like a free run, parkour system, similar to something like assassins – creed. There are several gun classes in the game that you can find. As loot from snipers to pistols, shotguns and ars different rarities as part of the like whole loot system within a battle royale and theres, even melee weapons like swords, you will also have armor or a shield in the game like other battle, royales that can be replenished By finding armor plates – and there is also no fall damage so alongside the verticality being able to jump on rooftops, you can just as quickly jump off as you can on and you wont take any damage.

The way you spawn in this game is not like other battle like your typical battle: royales theres, no plane or anything like that when the match starts, you just look at the map and you choose a location that will be the location you spawn, and you will Also, at the end of the timer get a very brief moment before the game starts after everyone has picked their spawn point where you will be shown every enemy location, so you can kind of get a quick sort of strategy going before the game even begins. So you could see six enemies are to your left, no ones to your right. You could either go left if youre like bloodthirsty, you want loads of kills or you could go right if you want to try to find some decent loot and just building your way into the momentum of the game. Its a very fast paced battle, royale game and like other battle royales, the playable area, will shrink over time and loot in this game is not auto collected. So make sure you practice your looting. You become efficient at it, because if you spend too much time, another enemy could come in kill. You theyve got the loot from you and the person that youve killed and then the final note for this video when the game releases in early access on steam on september, the 7th the first week the developers are using to test the network, so stress testing.

All that sort of stuff that will run from the 7th to the 13th on the 14th of september. The servers will go down for the entire day for some maintenance and then the servers will come back online and reactivate the day after on the 15th of september. So that is going to be everything you need to know about vampire the masquerades blood hunt, the free to play battle royale. As i said its coming out september, the 7th and its going to be available on steam. For you to play free to play completely, you can just go on steam, download it, but what were going to do is leave the video there. Let me know your thoughts and stuff in the comments, and i will see you in the next one.

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