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This is largest most complex and challenging space telescope ever constructed. You are looking at the 10 billion dollar telescope jams. Wave telescope is one of the most affected project. It had been delayed more than 15 times, but finally, they decided to launch it at the end of 2021 and if everything goes right, we will see the launch of this engineering marvel at the end of this year. It will take us on a journey to the edge of the universe and reveal as the first formation of galaxy and, most importantly, it will change our understanding of the cosmos in our place in it. But why do we need another telescope dont? We already have many. So why another one, and why people are spending so much amount of money and time into this particular project? I will answer all of this question, but before we move ahead, make sure to subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you dont miss any future update. When we look up at the skies we see stars galaxies, nebulae and the milky way. What we can see with naked eyes is a very narrow part of the region, but mysteries of the universe lies in a different region and when you turn the switch on, you can see the real beauty of the cosmos, the electromagnetic waves that we receive from distant Stars and galaxies make up the most important way to study the cosmos. So the question is: if our eyes cannot see the entire spectrum, how can we explore the vastness of the universe? Well, thats, where the advanced telescope comes into play, we have launched many telescopes that work in a different region of the spectrum and one of them is hubble space telescope.

It already changed the way we look at the universe since its launch in 1990. It has provided a dazzling area of images that have powered and inspired the public. More than just pretty pictures. The dozens of terabytes of data collection has provided insight into the universe from objects, as close as the moon to the most remote galaxies, with incredible photos of supernova and nebula in between. So why do we need james webb? Well, what hubble studies was primarily at the optical ultraviolet wavelengths, but when is come to the wave, its an infrared observatory? This means the wave will help us to observe even those distance areas that were out of hubbles ridge. That means more amazing stuff. But how can an infrared telescope offer a deeper insight into the universe fast than an optical one? The universe is full of region that contained us stars and planets that have just started forming also lie behind the cocoon of dust. Even when you look at the milky way, you will notice dark dust clouds hide much of the galaxy. The problem is this dust absorbs most of the visible light due to its short wavelength. This is whats stopping us to take the deep inside into the hidden region, but, as we know, infrared rays have longer wavelength and visible rays. Hence infrared can easily penetrate the dusty cloud to reach us. James webb telescope will provide wavelength coverage from 0.6 to 28 micrometers. This will help web look over 13 billion years back in time, thereby providing images of first galaxies formed in observing unexplored planet around distant stars.

You might be wondering why i said back in time its not a time machine, although that would be nice but its just a telescope, and how can telescope look back in time? It all has to do with this guy einstein said that speed of light is constant and nothing go faster than speed of light because of the time it takes light to travel. The farther an object is the farther back in time. We are looking sunlight. Take 499 seconds to teach earth. That means the sun we see is how it looked 499 seconds or 8 minutes and 19 seconds ago. Thats. How everything we see in the sky is how it was in the past. James webb is an orbiting infrared observatory. It will investigate the thermal radiation of space objects when we heat solid or liquid. After a certain temperature, they will emit energy in the infrared spectrum and thats. What wave is looking for the very important quality of this telescope is that it will revolve around the sun. Not the earth like hubble webb also has a much bigger mirror than hubble. This larger light collecting area means that a web can peer further back into time than hubble is capable of doing. Hubble is in a very close orbit around earth where this, on the other hand, will be 1.5 million kilometers away at the second lung range point, hubble is in earth orbit, it was able to be launched into space by the space shuttle web will be launched on An alien fire rocket and because it wont be in earth orbit, it is not designed to be serviced by the space shuttle so why they choose second language point at the l2 point: webbs solar shield will block the light from the sun earth and moon.

This will help web stay cool, which is very important for an infrared telescope. However, wave will move in sync with earth. To maintain strong communication. Web will have an approximately 6.5 meter diameter primary meter, which would give it a significantly larger collecting area in the mirror available. On the current generation of space, telescopes hubbles mirror is much smaller. 2.5 meters in diameter and its corresponding collecting area is 4.5 meter square, giving web around 6.25 times more. Collecting area web will have significantly larger field of view than the nikmos camera on hubble, covering more than 15 times the area and significantly better spatial resolution than is available with the infrared special space telescope. Launching such as telescope into the space is an incredible engineering challenge fully deployed wave is too large to fit inside any rocket so engineers all around the world, design it to be folded like origami to squeeze inside the european space. Agencys 5 meter diameter indian fire rocket fairing after launch controller on the ground deploy web remotely deployment is an intricate process for nearly three weeks controller and fold web after this delicate dance, vapes golden mirror are precisely aligned using motors behind each hexagonal mirror segment adjusting them To form one perfect mirror once the instruments are cooled, the exploration will begin its an effort of thousands of engineers and scientists across the united states, canada and europe. If everything goes right, it will allow us to see more of the universe and in greater details than ever before, and perhaps it will even assure in a new age of knowledge and enlightenment.

This could even cross off one of our greatest unknowns by discovering alien life.

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