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My name is nathaning and in this video ill cover the newest set of korean builds for patch 11.18. We do our best to keep track of whats training to help you guys find the most success in your games. We have builds for every role, so stick around and find out what you should be trying out this patch hit that sub button, so you never miss out on other content such as this and lets go ahead and hop right into it. Beginning the video lets talk about the top lane, build thats, picking up some traction, although cauli top with ignite isnt anything new to season 11. This new combination of items is, let me run you guys through the setup before i explain it. First run typical runes, conqueror presence of mine, legend tenacity, cudi grass, taste of blood, reminisce hunter, double adaptive force and a defensive stat. The variation comes with the items you want to build: divine sunderer and sorcerers shoes, zhonyas, hourglass, demonic, embrace rabbitons, death cap and a morel nomicon. This build is a tankier one for kali, sacrificing very little damage for significant durability, although its pretty worth it as it makes our specialists in extended fights when burst, damage, doesnt, quite cut it or when poking down enemies, its just proving to be ineffective. You can go ahead and give this build a try, its also built that fits certain playstyles better. Those of you that prefer extended fights can make use of the combination of divine sender and demonic, abrasive quickly, shred through tanks.

In addition, devise center provides both armor and magic penetration. Galley is one of the few champions that can effectively utilize both of these stats. I know you guys are here for new, builds to help you climb and im all for it. However, i do want to let you guys know over at, were offering free trials for our pro subscription sign up for one on our website, and not only will you be able to gain access to hundreds of lessons, but youll also receive free coaching sessions. When you go ahead and sign up for the free three day, trial check it out and you do not want to miss it. Our next build is for ergon. This is a high progressive setup. They could use to constantly take fights and attempt to even the playing field in harder matchups like any top lane. Chad youll run ignite instead of flash. The extra damage and grievous wounds makes it possible to beat out champions like fiora, doctor mundo and aatrox, who rely heavily on their built in healing for ruins, run, press the attack, triumph, legend tenacity, last hand, bow bleeding shield, bash double adapter force and your choice of A defensive rune for his items, build divine sunderer, defensive boots, titanic hydra, black cleaver hole, breaker and death stance. This patch are got received a minor buff while it was the simple number change to his q. This was paired with nerfs and many other top laners ignite.

Will help you win tough matchups early on and proceed to build a divine sunderer to win to 1v1 as the game progresses. The base, stats, spellblade and even the extra armor penetration contribute to make urca a 1v1 god at pretty much all points of the game. Throwing in hole breaker also contributes to urgots ability to gun down turrets quickly as a result, youll end up as a threat in more than one way, forcing the enemy team to either respond to you or quickly lose the game. We put up the build up. One more time for you guys so go ahead and take a look at them and give them a try in your normal games, especially because running ignite over flash can feel weird at first moving forward. Lets go ahead and talk about the jungle kicking off the jungle. We have a build for shyvana following her last set above shes been performing much much better and players have further optimized her build, rather than ending on a full ap build a hybrid build with all sorts of stats has popped up, making shyvana a hybrid damage, bruiser That can still heavily contribute to a teams, damage output, also its nice. Knowing that you can still deal acceptable damage, even if you miss or eat per usual, you can run ignite on jafana, since your ultimate, slow, cooldown means that you dont have to be afraid to use it defensively for runes, run, conquer triumph, legend tenacity last stand: nimbus Clock water walking attack, speed, adaptive force and your choice of a defensive room.

The items are going to be frostfire gauntlet, defensive boots and azure suit, zhonyas hourglass, wits end and titanic hydra frost. Fire gauntlet is a solid purchase on shyvana, the defensive stats as well. A slow effect makes shyvana tough to deal with when she chooses to aggressively dive in picking up. Dragons also provides bonus resistances to pair with the actual health from frostfire gauntlets passive bonus. One of the best part of the builds is like i mentioned how you get to build a little bit of everything. Sonias and woods. End provides bonus, defensive stats, while nashs tooth wits, end and titanic hydra provides shyvana with plenty of attack, speed on hit effects and, most importantly, hyper damage the items kind of look gross together. But you know you cant deny that the combination of magical and physical damage makes it difficult to itemize against and its definitely worth giving this build a try, as opposed to the one shot glass cannon build. Zed jungle has received numerous buffs this season and this patch weve found a build for you to try out for runes, run, electrocute set an impact, eyeball collection, relentless center, transcendence water, walking, attack, speed, adaptive force and armor for your items. You want to build the umus ghostblade ionian booster lucidity dust, blade of draxar umbral glaive edge of knight and either serpents fang, if theres a ton of shields on the enemy team or sorel disgrudge. If theres, not when you play jungle, zed theres a huge focus on clear speed with this passive being buff, this patch, you should be able to quickly clear through camps and look for ganks in your downtime.

This build is identical to mid lanes ed and it mostly comes down to adapting to the new role that covers up the jungle builds, and we put them up on the screen again for you to review, save them, make a gnome do what you want and lets Go ahead and move on to the mid lane. Next guess: who else got buffed this patch zoe is making her way back into the meta after a massive buff to her e, which is why right nobody likes playing against her shes. Definitely somebody that you want to watch out for, as shes been a previous terror honestly im pretty sure that all of us still have some mild ptsd from getting one shot by zoe at some point in our league careers anyway, with zoes growing popularity. Lets talk about the build that players are using. A lot of them opt to take teleport. Actually, since zoes main focus is poking out enemies or looking for those big one shots, you dont really need to ignite later on into the game. Plus you could just pick up ignite that the enemy mid lane uses and use it against them because youre that guy instead, you can run teleport for a more stable early to mid game, and you can also use it to potentially help out another lane. Thats, getting ganked or dove under turret for runes, run electrocute, cheap, shot, zombie, ward, ravenous hunter, biscuit delivery, cosmic insight, attack, speed, adapter force and your choice of a defensive rune.

Yes, its always one of those champions that you want to run attack, speed on it, makes the basic attack smoother and also you cant, always just use your cue to farm, especially under turrets. Since you can mess up the entire wave attack. Speed ensures that you can fit in the auto attacks that you need to secure. Those last hits as theyre pretty important free items build everfrost, sorcerers shoes, zhonyas, hourglass, void, staff, horizon focus and a rabbit on seth cap. You can make good use of horizon focus on zoe as youll often snipe enemies from a long distance away, since zoe typically leads with her e, you can set them up for a damage boost for the items effect hypershot, making her q even more deadly ever frost Is a popular purchase because of its versatility? You can use it to either peel for yourself or lock down enemies and guarantee that you can land an e afterwards. Alternatively, you can use it after e to follow up for a route locking in targets in place. For your team to handle before we move forward, lets go ahead and ask our question of the day, which item is your favorite and why my favorite item right now has got to be the collector, its really satisfying to execute enemies with it. And that way i could secure the kills for myself. Instead of getting my teammates fed, you got ta play a little bit selfishly sometime.

Let me know your answers in the comments down below now. Lets go ahead and continue on with those builds. Surprisingly, pike mid has made his way back into the meta following buffs to yumus ghostblade. While pike has received many changes to push him out of the mid lane, theres always somebody out there on the server that will still try to make him work. Since yumus is still a good item. Pike has been making a killing in korean solo queue running around the map and ruining plenty of enemy players days. The share mobility alone has made pyke a notable threat. Once again, a single roams impact can go ahead and potentially win that game for runes run. Halo. Blades, cheap shot, eyeball collection, ultimate hunter presence of mine, kudi grass, double adapter force and your choice of a defensive rune. His items build duskblade, ionian boots, lucidity yumas, ghostblade, edge of knight, death stance and a guardian angel weve thrown up the builds up on the screen. Again so make sure you check those out next up is the bottom lane. There are a few bottom lane builds that well be wrapping up the video with, but lets go ahead and start one for quinn, quinn, really, okay, yeah, okay quinn, bottom lane, okay, whats going on here. What is she doing in a dual lane? Hey, listen im! Just here to tell you what the analysts think, although she sports a low play rate players, are gradually figuring out that she doesnt do so poorly in the bottom lane.

Her burst damage pairs well with aggressive supports and enchanters alike, regardless of whether shes committed to bursting down the enemy in one go or playing it slow with the occasional explosive trade quinn is a pretty versatile pick. The only real weakness she has is her slightly below average attack range of 525. Honestly, though, im not really sure thats bad enough as a 25 range advantage isnt as noticeable as a 50 or more for runes use, hail of blades set an impact, eyeball collection, relentless hunter presence of mine, legend alacrity attack, speed, adaptive force and your choice of a Defensive rune next up are the items youll build immortal shield bill, the collector infinity edge either mortal reminder for the healing, reduction or bloodthirster. If you dont need it and then finally, a guardian angel. The collector is a solid purchase on quinn at all points of the game as the execute easily comes in clutch, especially since coin players play similarly to assassins at times the bottom lane. Meta is wild right now and its only getting wilder since amumu is being played. As a support right now thinking about the changes that they gave him its not such a big surprise, actually, he now has two charges of banished toss, and that means two stuns that is a lot of utility and the increased early game damage output comes as a Huge surprise to players: im surprised that in previous patches, weve seen a support of mumu and thought to ourselves wow what a free win, except now, its wow, what a free win for you! He can now send you twice and now he can fall victim to an unexpected death after two stuns, followed up by his ultimate for runes.

Youll want to run aftershock fond of life, bone plating, unflinching, cheap shot, ultimate hunter ability, haze and two defensive runes for his items, build relic shield, defensive boots, sunfire, aegis, anathemas chains, thornmail or abyssal mask and then a gargoyle stone plate. Thornmail is your purchase. If you need the healing reduction, but otherwise you just want an abyssal mask to increase the damage enemies take after you lock them down. Next up, we have a combo lean that we want to talk about, although an odd pair nico and rail are popping off as a duo. These two and paired together have an oppressive stun, lock and enough damage to kill, or at least almost kill their target. If theyre not running, summoner cleanse – and they probably will not be regardless of who starts off the chain, either rel or niko – can follow up with their own crowd control, leaving their poor target unable to play the game after level 6. The kill pressure is immense, as you can factor in nikos ultimate, as well as a magnetic pull from rails. Not only does the cc chain become more impressive, but the duolin gains a huge damage spike after gaining access to their ultimates and now lets go ahead and talk about their builds. Nicos runes are electrocuted cheap, shot, eyeball collection, ravenous hunter manaflo band, scorch attack, speed, adaptive force and your choice of a defensive rune for her items, build tactic, rocket bill, sorcerers shoes, horizon focus, zhonyas, hourglass, void staff and rabbit on death cap cheap, shot, honestly isnt, even Fair with this duo lane, since your opponent will almost always be cced by something when youre taking trades with them, real runs: aftershock font of life, bone plating, unflinching, hexaflash, traption, cosmic insight, ability, haze, armor and your choice of a defensive rune for items build the lock Of iron solari defensive boots, thor mail knights, val and a gargoyle zone plate anyway, that wraps up our korean builds for patch 11.

18, and i hope you guys enjoyed them. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below and also dont forget to check out the description to join. Our discord come be a part of our community as id love to see you guys there and until next time stay safe, stay healthy and have a wonderful day.

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