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My name is saskio and ill be running you through the upcoming changes for patch 11.18. In our preview we mentioned which champions were receiving changes, but now we have the numbers. This next patch is huge with countless champions receiving buffs, as well as a few necessary competitive nerfs. That said, lets hop into the content but make sure to hit that sub button. So you dont miss any other videos like this. Before we even talk about balance change, though its crucial that we talk about the money makers, we all love, skins and right is giving us a throwback with some revamped pentakill skins. The legendary heavy metal band is back and we have pentakill skins for karthus kale mordekaiser. Olaf sona yorick and even one for viego finally hex tech tristana, will also be available next patch check those skins out and lets run through the balance. Next well. First start with system. Buffs no system nerfs are expected, but things can always change. The first buff is for predator. Currently under news, the rune is receiving a huge buff to make it easier to use its ramp up. Time is being reduced from 1.5 to 1. Second and the bonus movement speed going up from 45 to 60, its not only going to be easier to use itll also be stronger with the increased movement speed. Next is the buff for umbrella glaive. The price is going down from 2600 to 2400 and the lethality is going down from 12 to 10.

, while does lose a bit of lethality 2400 gold is dirt cheap and makes the item much easier to fit into any early game build. Overall, it does make. The item much more gold efficient than before moving forward. We have the champion changes and theres a lot of them. If this season has been rough dont give up, because the meta is definitely going to progress heavily with the sheer number of changes were about to receive. You can also hit up a coach over at that can help you build a strong mindset and game plan to improve and hit your rank goals. Lets ask you next patch is a great one to start grinding hard now lets talk about the changes, starting with the top lane. We have a nerf for camille, while this wasnt originally planned riot realized that nerves to other top laners would leave camille too strong. Thus shes getting nerfed alongside some of her supposed counterpicks her passive is receiving a huge nerf in the early game, with the cooldown going up from 16 to 10 seconds, based on the level to 20 to 10 seconds. Next is a nerf to jace whos, actually seeing plenty of competitive play, while he still may underperform a bit in solo queue hes without a doubt popular and a go to blind pick for many top laners. His ad is going down from 54 to 52 minor, but still an impactful nerf renekton is in a similar situation, where hes highly contested in competitive play, taking into consideration his presence hes receiving a small nerf that shouldnt have too much of an impact on him.

In solo queue, his stun duration on empowered w is going down from 1.5 to 1. Second, a big change coming up is for mundo. You might consider this a jungle change but well list it as a top lane change, because it impacts him overall, not exclusively as a jungler. First. The jungle change is that his qs max damage against monsters is going up from 300 to 500 to 350 to 650.. His ultimate is up for the more significant change. However, instead of healing for 20 missing health, he gains 15 to 25 of his missing health as bonus hp, and the max healing is going down from 20 to 70 to 20 to 60. If you build a titanic hydra, this is going to be a massive dps boost when youre committed to a fight. Gangplanks early game was destroyed by the last set of changes so hes on the list for strictly buffs next patch. His hp is going up from 540 to 570 and hp per level from 82 to 90.. Another cool change coming up is for singed. When he uses result, his poison will apply grievous wounds. This means hell no longer need to purchase a morale nomicon. You know just in case you were the type of player to make adaptive purchases. Instead, you can purchase a stronger offensive item in its place or get even tankier than before. Finally, ergot will receive a buff to his q. The cooldown is going down from 12 to 8 seconds to 10 to 8 seconds, and the mana cost will be reduced from 80 to 70.

. That covers the top lane, so lets hop into the jungle. Next gleason remains at the top, even after some previous nerfs. Once again, the king of the jungle needs a nerf, and his base ad will be reduced from 70 to 68 hurting his early game pressure, as well as his clear speed. Taliyah hasnt been touched in a minute and shes finally receiving a change next patch, its a buff q cast on work ground will refund 50 of the cooldown work. Ground radius will go down from 450 to 300 and the duration is going down from 45 to 25 seconds. This makes it much easier for players to decide in the heat of the moment if they want to go for a full q or a short one. The short duration also means that, if she ends up taking a fight in a similar spot later, its more likely that terrain will have to reset back to normal. This helps her out both as the jungler and mid laner, but more as a mid laner. Next zed is up for a simple but powerful jungle buff his passive will deal 100 bonus damage to jungle, monsters, thats, a humongous increase in his clear speed, so watch out next patch. Before we move forward. Let me ask you the question of the day: is there any ability you think that needs to be changed, reworked or receive a giant balance change? My choice is shyvanas passive sure you get some bonus stats sometimes, but i dont think even players really notice it in their games.

Let me know your answers in the comments below and lets move forward with. The changes. Thiano is also receiving some changes to help her jungle. First, her base attack speed is going out from 0.625 to 0.688. Although her base health regen will go down from 1.8 to 1.5, her q will deal 25 more damage against monsters. The last change is that her e will deal 10 less damage than before at all ranks. With the massive increase in attack. Speed, kianas jungle, clear, will be much better than before and players theres plenty of room to experiment with her next patch lilia has been too strong in the top lane, rather than the jungle. This seems like an unintended result of her changes, so ryde is adjusting her to push her back where she belongs. First, her base health regen is going down from 1.5 to 0.5 and the growth from 0.75 to 0.55. Her passive large monster healing is going up from 18 to 94 to 28 to 105 and q passive duration from 5.5 to 6.5. Finally, her es cooldown is going down from 18 to 16.. This means lilia will have less sustain in solo lanes, but come out a bit stronger in terms of combat power is rumble still a jungler. I dont ask because hes moved back to solo lanes its because hes not getting picked anywhere. The height train is sadly dead, but hes up for an adjustment next patch, which will probably hurt his jungling more than anything else.

His overheat attack. Speed bonus is being changed from 50 flat to 20 to 80 percent based on level, and his ws cooldown is being reduced from 7.6 to 6 seconds flat. The w change is a huge buff, but unfortunately the other adjustments will hurt early game clear speed significantly. Finally, talon is receiving a mid lane nerf and a small jungle buff his qs base damage is going from 65 to 165 to 65 to 145. However, his w will deal 50 bonus damage to monsters, meaning we have another speedy assassin in the jungle next patch. Next up is the mid lane. Kogmaw has been doing pretty well as a bot laner, but his mid lane counterpart could new some help. Next patch, his ease, ap ratio is going up from 50 to 70. Im surprised that was that low to begin with, but regardless its a big buff to a scaling that players should notice after the 10 minute mark, believe it or not. Yeon is also receiving a buff. His w shielding per extra champion hit is going up from 25 to 50 percent, hitting a clump of enemies will reward players ridiculously next patch that extra survivability gives young players more time to look for the big plays that they want zoe hasnt been doing too hot. This season, following the various nerfs, her ease, cooldown, is being reduced from 20 to 14 seconds to 16 to 12.. This will likely give her that little push.

She needs to start succeeding again and maybe well start seeing her at worlds. As a result, the last mid lane change is for fizz theres a big adjustment coming, but the overall theme is that hes losing burst damage for power elsewhere. His passive will provide more protection, as the damage reduction will increase to eight plus two percent of his ap. His ws on hit damage will also go up from 10 to 30 to 20 to 40.. In spite of these buffs fizzs ultimate is receiving nerfs at each stage of its growth, its weakest form. The guppy will have its damage reduced from 150 to 350 plus 80 ap to 150 to 300 plus 70 ap chompers damage will go down from 225 to 425, plus 100 ap to 200 to 350, plus 85 ap and finally, gigalodon is down from 300 to 500 Plus 120 ap to 250 to 400 plus 100 ap. This will probably feel like a big nerf to most fizz players, and some adjustments to his playstyle will definitely be necessary after these setup changes, thats it for the mid lane. So lets talk about bot lane where riot hopes to really diversify the meta. Ophelias is the first one up for the nerf next patch hes been a dominant pick in competitive play. This season, with his popularity, so high riot, is taking the necessary measures to ensure several different marksmans are viable at the top level. Next patch is 80s going down from 57 to 55.

. Ash is also up for a nerf shes. Well rounded, and ride is nerfing. Her early game, with an increase to her ws cooldown from 14 to 4, based on ability rank to 18 to 4.. The four second addition is huge and will make her less threatening of a lane. Opponent early on kalista is next and her ultimate utility is taking a hit. The knock up duration will be reduced from 1.5 to 2 seconds to 1 to 2 seconds as a marksman that focuses on the early to mid game. This is a bigger nerf than it looks. You dont want the game to go that late as calista, and essentially her strongest point of the game will be weaker than before. Finally, we have a nerf for varus whos, another dominant competitive pick. His non champion attack speed from his passive, is going down from 20 to 10, 15 and 20 at all levels, 1, 7 and 13 respectively. Also, his base 80 is going down from 61 to 59. The overall theme is that a lot of these champions had their early games nerfed, to make room for other marksmen to try to break into the meta. Draven is up for possibly his biggest buff up to date. His ultimate will execute the enemies that have less health than the number of league of draven stacks. He has stealing kills wont matter nearly as much anymore since youll be able to farm an incredible amount of stacks and try to choose a kill during a crucial, mid game team fight.

It also makes shutting draven down and cutting down on those stacks much more important than before. Jinx has felt a bit weak and shes up for a buff next patch as well. Her qs mana cost is going down from 20 flat to 16 to 20, based on level. Even a four cost. Mana reduction is significant since its staffed from her pool every time she attacks with fish bones. Kaisa has also fallen off a bit after an incredible start. Earlier this season to help her break back into the meta, her e cooldown is being reduced from 16 to 12 to 16 to 10.. Some extra mobility never hurts and itll be harder to catch her out in late game team fights. We also have a buff for miss fortune. Her ultimate will come out much stronger next patch, because it now has two more waves of cannon balls, in other words, instead of shooting 12 to 16 waves, itll shoot 14 to 18.. Miss fortunes ultimate is the defining characteristic of her gameplay shes, one of the few marksmen who relies heavily on it for team fight, dps and increasing the reward on it seems like a smart change. Finally, twitchs ultimate is also up for a buff. His ultimate 80 bonus is going up from 30 to 60 to 40 to 70.. The extra 1080 should help players have a bigger impact in fights when they find the perfect angle to snipe enemies from afar, with the bot lane changes covered, lets wrap up with supports.

Unsurprisingly, thresh is still in need of a nerf. Another round of them is coming up next patch, starting with a 5 ms nerf, taking him from 335 to 330.. Thresh is severely impacted by this since champions that can outrun him have an easier time escaping from his q. All they have to do is run away from him and if thresh cant get in range, then he wont be able to connect his hook next. His es max bonus, magic damage is going down from one hundred percent to two hundred percent, a d plus one per soul to eighty to two hundred percent plus one point: five percent. While this does help his scaling its a big early game nerf, where the damage? Arguably counts the most toronto support has also been gaining a lot of popularity and ride is nerfing at next patch. The east low is going down from 32 to 60 percent to 30 to 46 percent. Hell still be a solid answer to tanks, but his utility is going down next patch karma is up for a follow up buff. After her previous changes, her armor will be increased from 26 to 28 and her e shield will go up from 80 to 260 to 90 to 270. Believe it or not, morgana is getting buffed. Her ease cooldown will be reduced from 26 to 18 to 24 to 16.. Shes always been a great answer to hard crowd, control and aggressive supports, but shes currently struggling against the influx of enchanters in the bottom lane.

This buff should make her an even more rewarding pick, given the right circumstances. Soraka is one of the less played enchanters in spite of her growing popularity to help her thrive. Her ultimate is receiving a giant quality of life, buff clearing grievous wounds from her targets. This adds a ton of skill expression, especially during those explosive team fights knowing when to purge, grievous wounds from your allies and then healing them immediately after can come in clutch, especially when theyd, otherwise experience a tragic death. Finally, yumis passive cooldown is being reduced significantly early on the cooldown will be lowered from 18 6 to 14 to 6.. This means she gets to play the game and be a much more interactive champion early on this wont matter for me, since i play yumi with my feet, but yumi players will definitely be happy. Enchanters are getting so much love and the bottom lane meta is definitely up for a huge shift, beginning on patch 11.18 that wraps up the upcoming changes for patch 11.18. I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below also check out the description for a link to join our discord. Itd be a great way to see you. There stay safe everyone, and i wish you all the best of luck in your games. Music.

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