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My name is nathan ning and ill be your host for our patch 11.18 rundown. This video will cover all of the changes for the new patch and also provide you with an updated tier list for all five roles be warned. This patch is content heavy. There are countless buffs coming up and you do not want to miss out. Maybe your main made the list quick disclaimer. These lists are unordered and they are subject to change in our mid patch update coming up later. This patch, which you absolutely dont, want to miss out on so hit that sub button lets kick things off with the video. By talking about the new skins, who doesnt love new skins, this patch we got a new set of pentacle skins coming up leagues, heavy metal band has returned pen to kill 3 karthus kale mordekaiser olaf, sona yorick and even a skin for viego are now available. Finally, hex extrasonic can be unlocked as well check them out as they look fantastic now lets go ahead and talk about some balance. This patch features a couple of system buffs to start lets talk about predator, while previously under used. It received some big buffs, this patch, its ramp up diamonds reduced from 1.5 to 1. Second, and the bonus movement speed is up from 45 to 60. Both the functionality and the strength of this rune are stronger than before, and i expect laners as well as junglers, to use it more as a result.

The next buff is for umbral glaive. The price was reduced from 2600 to 2400 and the lethality is down from 12 to 10., although it was a loss of a small amount of lethality 2400 gold is one of the cheaper power spikes that you can purchase characters. Looking for a quick power, spike can pick one up and then sew ball early or try to just quickly get back into the game after these changes. The item definitely comes out more gold efficient than before. Now its going to talk about some balance, changes on the champions for the top lane. Like i said there are a huge number of changes this patch. First up, we have camille who has been nerfed. The reason that she was nerfed is because some of her counters are also receiving changes. This patch im sure this is a reason amongst a bajillion other things. Her passive has received a huge nerf in the early game, with a cooldown going up from 16 to 10 seconds, based on level to 20 to 10 seconds. This creates longer windows of power, advantages against her in the early game, mickey camille, much less of an oppressive pick in spite of this will leave her in the op tier, its close, and our analysts think that theres a chance that she drops into the s here. This patch, but we want to see how big the effect really is, especially because some of her harder matchups are easier than before, while ob pics are a great way to climb great fundamentals and understanding of the game is more reliable, were now offering free trials on Our website pros subscription so check out our link in the description down below you can even gain access to courses by your favorite pros and also receive a free coaching session after signing up for a three day free trial.

Next is a nerf to jace. Who currently is being played? A ton in professional games, hes also very popular in solo queues since hes a solid blind pick and that can almost always at least force a farm lane his 80s reduced from 54 to 52, a minor but yet impactful nerve. Since he relies heavily on his range poke in the early to mid game, well be leaving jace into the b tier following this nerf rarington is in a similar situation, holding a high amount of competitive presence, his unduration, honest and power. W is going down from 1.5 seconds to 1. Second, this is a pretty big nerf, making his only cc ability even worse. His damage in early game is still solid, but weve decided to move him down to the b tier muno received a big change as well. He received a jungle change as well as the one that affects him in both roles. The jungle change is that his qs max damage against monsters is up from 300 to 500 to 350 to 650.. His ultimate received a bigger change. However, instead of healing for 20 of missing health, he gains 15 to 25 of his missing health as bonus hp and the max ceiling was reduced from 20 to 70 to 20 to 60. If you build a titanic hydra, this is gon na, be a massive dps boost and fights that you can cast. Your ultimate in mundu remains in the s here, but this change definitely has potential with proper itemization to push him even further.

Gangplank has needed above following his last set of changes. He received one this patch, as his hp is up from 540 to 570 and the hp per level from 82 to 90., its not too big and will still leave him in the c tier. Because of this sanders receive a pretty cool buff this patch, when he uses his ultimate. His poison now applies grievous wounds. This saves a ton of gold and, more importantly, an item slot, whether youre going for damage or acting as your teams main frontliner. You can now have access to free healing reduction, so even if your teams dont build it, locking in singed ensures that certain champions on the enemy team are kept in check well be leaving him in the aid tear as well, but theres definitely a chance that he Moves up to the esser simply because of the insane gold value on his buff. Finally, ergot received a buff to his q. The cooldown is going down from 12 to 8 seconds to 10 to 8 seconds, and the mana cost was reduced from 80 to 70.. This is also a small buff and will be leaving his placement untouched. Outside of these changes, we have a couple of final ones to the tera list. Lucian has been underperforming heavily as a solo laner after his recent changes as intended. That said, hes doing well in the bottom lane and we moved him down to the c. Tier lilia was also going to be moved up to the asshair, but she was nerfed this patch and well be talking about the jungle section coming up.

Fiora was swapped into the opie tier in place of tom. Tom is still very powerful and you can still consider mmop. We just want to keep this tear limited, though, and things are looking very good for this patch, with some of the biggest lame bullies being nerfed. Our opinion pigs in the top lane are fiora camille and irelia, followed up by riven mordekaiser tom kench, jax malphite, wukong, shen mundo and set in the s heir now lets run through the jungle to start off the jungle, one of the best junglers lee sin has Been nerfed even after previous ones, he remains the most popular and continues to pump out great results. Once again, the king of the jungle needs a nerf, and his base ad was reduced from 70 to 68. hurting his early game pressure, as well as his clear speed. This nerf does hurt lee sin, but were confident that he can hold on to the spot in the opiu tier, in spite of it, taliyah has been buffed since we havent seen changes for her in forever. Q casts on works ground now, refunds, 50 of cooldown and the ward ground radius was reduced from 450 to 300.. The duration of the war ground is now going down from 45 to 25 seconds. This makes it much easier for players to find unworked ground and differentiate between which queue that they want to use. The shorter duration also means that if she ends up taking a fight in a similar spot later, its more likely that terrain will have a reset back to normal.

This will help her both out as a jungler and as a laner. Talias placement remains unchanged this patch, but we do expect her to pop off in the mid lane. Next is zed and he has received a massive jungle buff. His passive now deals 100 bonus damage to monsters, thats a humongous increase in his clear speed and hes worth keeping an eye on previous zed buffs have been underwhelming, so we will only move him up to the city of this patch and continue tracking his performance as Well, kiana also received some changes to help out her jungle. First, her base attack speed is going up from 0.625 to 0.688. Although her base health regeneration was lowered from 1.8 to 1.5. Her q now deals 25 against jungle monsters. The last change is that her e now deals 10 less damage than before at all ranks with a massive increase in attack. Speed kianas jungle claire, will be much better than before and im sure players will begin testing the waters out with her shes staying in the detail for now, but well keep an eye out. Lolia has been adjusted this patch because shes been too strong of a top laner. Ironically, this seems like an unintended result of her previous adjustment, so wright is trying to push her back into the intended role. First, her base health regeneration was reduced from 1.5 to 0.5 seconds and the growth from 0.75 to 0.55. Her passive large monster healing is going up from 18 to 94 to 28 to 105 and the q passed the duration from 5.

5 to 6.5. Finally, her es cooldown was reduced from 18 to 16, with less sustain in lanes, but more in the jungle. The intended effect is obvious. These other small buffs are pretty significant, though, and well be moving her up to the s here. As a result, rumble was also changed this patch. This adjustment hurts some more in the jungle as it cuts down on some consistent early game dps his overheat attack speed bonus was changed from 50 flat to 20 to 80 base on level and his ws cooldown was reduced from 7 to 6 seconds to just 6 Seconds flat, the w change is a huge buff, not only because the cooldown is lower in the early game, but it helps with his heat management. The change to his overheat, however, cuts down on his clear speed significantly. He might have to go down to the detail. This patch, but will leave him in the c tier for now finally, tally received a middling nerf and a small jungle buff his cues base damage was reduced from 65 to 165 to 65 to 145. However, his w will deal 50 more bonus damage to monsters, meaning that well have another clear speed. God coming up, i agree with the jungle changes, but if you want to move him into the jungle, maybe try not to nerf his mid lane as well, unless they just found him extremely op in the mid lane but thats just because of his bruiser build.

I think he just nursed that and let him be played as intended, but hey you know in the op tear we have lee sin shaco and jarvan, followed up by elise, fiddlesticks zack, kindred, kane, khazix, nocturne, shinzo, amumu and lilia in the s here. Next up is a mid lane, while kogmaw has been doing pretty well as a bot laner. The middling counterpart needs some assistance, which i i mean why, but you know its whatever his ease. Ap ratio has been increased from 50 to 70 percent and im surprised it was that low to begin with, but regardless its a big buff to his scaling and hell definitely hit much harder in the mid to late game. As a result, his play rate still remains. Rather low but will look for any increases in popularity. This patch yoni was also buff. This patch, his w shielding per extra champion hit, is up from 25 to 50 percent landing it on. Several opponents at once is going to be even more rewarding than before. Hes. Currently underperforming in high elo, so this buff should go ahead and give him that push that he needs to succeed in chaotic team. Fights well be leaving him in the s. Tier zoe hasnt been doing too hot this season and she ended the last patch below 49. In high elo, this patcher es cooldown was reduced from 20 to 14 seconds to 16 to 12.. This is a huge buff and we moved her up to the b tier, but i honestly dont want her in the game, so you know id be okay.

If she was just deleted, the last mid lane change was for fizz. He lost some burst damage, but gained utility elsewhere to compensate his passive now increases his damage reduction from eight plus two percent of his ap against champions. Next, his w on hit damage went up from 10 to 30 to 20 to 40.. In spite of these buffs fizzs ultimate has been nerfed at all stages, its weakest form. The guppy has its damage cut from 150 to 350 plus 80 ap to 150 to 300 plus 70 percent. Ap chambers damage is going down from 225 through 425 plus 100 ap to 200 to 350, plus 85 percent ap and finally, gigalodon is down from 300 to 500 plus 120 ap to 250 to 400 plus 100 ap. This feels like a big nerf overall, unless you were like me and never landed his ultimate anyway, because i didnt play this champion anyway. The burst damage nerf is going to move him down to the age here. The final change is that talia has moved up to the aids air because of the reduced cooldown on warped ground, though terrain residing faster tulia has been able to clear waves more consistently. The op mid lanes are zed yasuo and action followed up by silas talon, annie, kiana diana ahri, yoni leblanc kassadin, anivia, katarina, malzahar, irelia and heimerdinger, and the azir now lets run through the bot lane changes. If the illusion buffs werent enough. We have more changes coming to diversify.

The bot lane. Meta affilios is the first one up for a nerf hes been too strong in competitive play this season. With his dominance at the top level, ryde is taking the necessary measures to ensure diversity for worlds and nerfing. Affiliates is the first necessary step in achieving that final goal. Piss 80 is going down from 57 55 and i guess well just leave him in the aids here since were talking about the bot lane. Let me go ahead and ask you our question of the day. I know its a little bit late into the video, but do you think that the bottom lane needs more melee carries? I personally would like to see more, but its already so tough balancing the game to ensure marksmen remain viable. I like to see a game where you have more options in the bottom lane, but let me know your answers in the comments down below there was that one time when mages were being played bot lane and then i really was being played bot lane. But marksmen were totally out of the game and they sucked so that was different. I would like to see both of them coexisting who knows anyway. Ash is also up for a nerf shes, well rounded, with plenty of damage and utility. Her early game is weaker now, with the increased cooldown on her w from 14 to 4, based on ability rank to 18 and 4.. The 4 second is huge and will make her less threatening as a lane opponent early on.

As a result, we moved her down to the s here. Kalista is next and her ultimate utility was hit this patch. The knock up. Duration has been reduced from 1.5 to 2 seconds to 1 to 2 seconds. Kalista relies heavily on snowballing off of the early to mid game, leads that she can get and with her utility hit shes going to come out weaker in solo queue as well as competitive play. However, the nerf isnt big enough for her to be moved down, so she still remains in the b tier kind of weird that theyre nerfing her. But you know whatever i get it. People in high elo are absolutely nuts with her. Varys is also nerfed for his impressive record in competitive play. His non champion attack, speed bonus from his passive was lowered from 20 to 10, 15 and 20 at levels of 1, 7 and 13 respectively. Also his base 80s reduced from 61 to 59. Thus his early game is weaker than before, but he still scales up just to be as strong as before. He remains in the b tier as well. Draven has received an absolutely massive change. His ultimate will now execute enemies that have less health than the number of league of draven stacks that he has at all ranks. This makes draven much more terrifying of an opponent theres that chaotic x factor. Knowing that the longer you wait before you kill him, the more likely hes going to pop off during a team fight with enough stacks, you can easily cheese a crucial kill in the mid game fight, especially if you havent had an earlier opportunity to cash out.

Well be keeping him in the s there, but expect his one rate to go up noticeably after this change. Jinx has been underperforming and has been buffed this patch to help her accuse mana cost is going down from 20 flat to 16 20 based on level. Even a for cost, mana reduction is significant, since it literally costs her mana to basic attack from far range. It adds up and makes a difference since you dont, typically build mana regeneration for her well leave her in the aids here, however, she just might feel better to play. Casa is also underperforming and for the sake of competitive diversity, she was also buffed to help her make a comeback. Her ease cooldowns reduced from 16 to 12 to 16 to 10.. More mobility helps her out, especially since one of her biggest strengths is how safe she is during fights. Kaiser will also remain in the aids here. We also have a buff from misfortune. Her ultimate is even stronger this patch, because it includes two more ways of cannonballs. The numbers has been increased from 12 to 16 waves to 14 to 18., considering how heavily she relies on her ultimate when compared to other marksmen. This is a helpful change that also solidifies her unique identity. Even with this buff, we dont expect miss fortune to see a significant boost in her win rate, because people usually just walk out of her ultimate anyway. Adding two more just gives more opportunity to leave.

Like my ex im over her, i swear finally twitch received above to his ultimate. The 80 bonus is up from 30 to 60 to 40 and 70.. The extra 1080 is pretty big, especially early on where it can potentially lead to picking up a kill, early and snowballing. Well, leave them in the b tier. However, that leaves us with our two op picks ziggs and samira following them in the aster are ash ezreal, vayne, jin, trisana, draven and kogma. Finally, lets talk about supports. The changes are still numerous here, so lets run through them. First thresh was nerfed once again running in a bag. We have a pretty significant one. This patch, with a 5 movement, speed, nerf taking them from 335 to 330. thresh, is severely impacted by the since champions that can outrun him have an easier time escaping from his q. Less movement speed also means less pressure in lane, and it also means that roaming takes longer than before. Nexus ease max bonus. Magic damage is down from 100 to 200 a.d, plus one per sold to 80 to 200 plus 1.5 percent. While this does help its scaling its a big early game nerf, where the damage arguably counts, the most well be leaving him in the s as hell still remain. A versatile and powerful support. Channel support has also been gaining a lot of popularity and riot is nerfing. It the e slow, is going down from 32 to 60 to 30 to 46, and this also slightly hurts him in the jungle.

Hell still be a solid answer to tanks, but his utility is weaker than before, and the pillar max right now may not be the move. With this change in mind. Hes now in the b, tier karma was also in need of follow up buffs. After her last adjustments, this badge, her armor, was increased to to 28 and her east shield value was increased from 80 to 260 to 90 to 270.. We will be leaving karma in the aids here after the small buff. Morgana has also been buffed this patch. Arguably because there are so many more enchanters in the meta, her es cooldown was reduced from 26 to 18 to 24 to 16.. As a result, she continues to be an excellent answer to hard crowd, control and also is more rewarding than before. She remains in the esser moving forward, in spite of the growing popularity of enchanter soraka, still doesnt see much play to increase her value as a pick. Her ultimate now clears grievous wounds from her targets. This adds a ton of skill expression, especially during chaotic team fights. Knowing when to purge, grievous, wins from your allies and then healing them immediately, after literally saves their lives from certain death and allows them to continue playing the game and dealing damage. This change is honestly huge and soraka is moving up to the a tier again yumis passive was buffed. The cooldown was lowered from 18 to 6 to 14 to 6 seconds.

Why why why, although this forces her to be more interactive early on its a huge early game, buff that will make the levels one to four feel less like a 1v2 for her laning partner, i guess its an exciting, but for bot laners, not only because of The umi buffs, but because overall theres gon na be much more diversity with all these changes. Anyway, yumi is still in the s serum i mean she got buffed after all, r.o.b picks are leona lulu and sona, followed up by blitzcrank, thrash morgana, nautilus, maokai, zara, senna, nami and yumi in the s here, nami has popped off hard after her last buffs and Ended the patch with a 52 win rate id argue that she earned the spot and if you play bottom lane youll probably have witnessed it firsthand of how strong of a laner she really can be. That concludes our patch 11.18 rundown. I hope you guys enjoyed it because my voice is currently dying from it anyway. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below and also check out the description to join our discord. If you guys want to go ahead and check me out on stream id stream at nathan underscore ing, and i play some league of legends on wednesday – so really hope to see you guys there anyway. I wish you guys the best of luck. This patch and remember to continue staying safe during these times anyway.

I wish you guys the best of luck during this patch and remember: stay safe, stay healthy and have a wonderful day.

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