Motorola, Battery charger, Charging station Retevis RT52. Две кнопки PTT, аналог + DMR, VHF/UHF, раскрытие на 250 МГц, GPS и внутренности.

Greetings The Retevis rt 52 radio is a handheld dual band, VHF and UHF radio. It works in analog and digital dmr modes and even has a built in GPS. Receiver and as I already told you, two PTT buttons. Can be used as a professional radio and as an amateur radio. There is a VFO mode in which we can enter the frequency from the keyboard. We can change the frequency with the selected step. By the way. There are a lot of different steps. There are 2.5 kHz, 5, 6.25 and all the others too., And there is a channel mode where we can record frequencies and channels into the radio memory, both from the keyboard of the radio itself and using a computer and a special cable for programming. In channel mode. Up to 4000 channels can be recorded in this radio, which can be organized into zones, and these zones can be up to 250 pieces.. There is only a slight limitation in one zone. There can be a maximum of 16 channels., Although the radio channel switch is certainly not a 16 position galette, but this is a knob that rotates without restriction, but there can be a maximum of 16 channels in the zone.. The radio has a color graphic display that works a little unusual, one might say in an inverse form. There is a large part of the image area of this display is dark and only the information we need glows with some light color.

, For example, white or green.. In my opinion, this is very convenient in the sense that the display does not create unnecessary backlighting in the dark. If you use it somewhere on the street or in the forest, then the bright light of the display does not blind your eyes.. There is button illumination, which makes the radio even more convenient to use in the dark.. The display can light up in continuous mode, but at the same time it consumes a lot of battery power or it can work with some kind of time limit. 10. 15 seconds.. This is all configurable in the menu. In the channel mode. The radio can display the frequency corresponding to the channel. It can display the sequence number of the channel, the continuous sequence number, not the number within the zone, but in general in this radio, and can also display the text symbolic name of the channel, as which you can also write the frequency or what is the name.? It is very convenient in my opinion. All this switches, naturally both from the program and in the menu of the radio itself. In general. The menu of this radio is very developed, very flexible, and you can do almost all the settings without having a programmer, but it is more convenient to do it from a programmer from a computer since, for example, a large number of channels or some dmr contacts will Be recorded from the keyboard for a very long time and not convenient.

Of course, it is more convenient to do it from a computer., But everything can be done without a computer.. The radio is sold as a kit which includes the following: items.. Of course, the transceiver itself a rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 2.2, Ah, a charger, a stand with an adapter, a clip and a strap.. Of course, the antenna is dual band with an sma female connector that is on the radio. There is an sma male connector, as on most Chinese radios. The operating instructions are only in English and depending on the seller on the configuration there may also be a programming cable. Speaking of the programming cable.. It does not contain a PL2303 chip or any other USB to serial chip inside. It is just a wire with connectors and the USB interface itself is inside the radio. And why you need two PTT buttons.. The radio has two frequency indicators on the display. Two frequencies are displayed at the same time. And just like any cheap baofeng. This radio does not have dual reception. It receives only one frequency at a time and can scan two frequencies, the upper and lower. At what frequency the activity appears there. It will listen., Perhaps by the way this function can be turned off. Only the frequency that is selected as the main one will be heard. And now, with the help of two PTT buttons, you can go on the air to choose from either the upper frequency or the lower one without switching.

What is the main frequency.? That is, we pressed the upper PTT button. Work at the frequency that is on the upper indicator, pressed the lower button. We work at the frequency that we have on the lower indicator. In the radio settings. You can configure the functions of not only the upper red button and the side middle button, but also the functions of the lower PTT button can also be configured in the same way as any other button.. You can make it not a second PTT but, for example, a power switch or forced opening of the squelch. R3TAJB RA3TLB. I will check the connection from the beginning in analog mode. RA3TLB R3TAJB. How do you receive me now from radio Retevis? Rt52 over.? I accept you. Well, 9 points, but the modulation is quiet. Clear.. I can hear you perfectly.. Is it very quiet or can it be more or less legibly Speech clearly, but compared to other radios it will still be quiet.. I understood. Lets go digital in dmr., Ok. Lets move on., R3TAJB, RA3TLB, TLB TAJB, Yes in DMR. Of course you hear you in a completely different way.. How did you hear me here not louder? It seems that it is louder here. Maybe there are even more high frequencies here. Yes, it is clear.. What type of radio do you have now? I now have a Motorola DP2400.. I understood. So tnank you.. So what is this radio made on? Does he have a normal receiver or again on one microcircuit? Of course the miracle did not happen and the radio is made on the RDA1846, but the printed circuit board is made quite neatly: no wires are soldered.

Everything is on the connectors. The board is attached to the silumin chassis with as many as 12 screws., But the traces of soldering are not washed out as usual. In the manual for the radio. The transmitter output power is 5. Watts. Lets see how much it really is using a power meter. In the 2m range. The output power is as much as 7 watts and in 70 centimeters about 6 watts.. Well, the output power turned out to be slightly higher than the declared one.. Apparently now it has become the norm to make Chinese radios with an output power of not 5 watts, but a little more.. As you can see, it is possible to receive VHF broadcasting in the frequency range from 65 to 108 MHz.. Of course, the reception of these frequencies is done in a separate path, since the RDA1846 does not work in this frequency range and in this mode. And the main range is something of this radio from 136 to 174 MHz and from 400 to 470 MHz in the Form in which this radio is sold. In the software for this radio, some of the functions are locked and to unlock them. You need to press control, shift alt F11 and enter the password DMR00000 in the dialog that opens, and after these actions, all restrictions in the software will be removed. You can fully use all its functions.. It will also be possible to edit the upper frequency of the VHF range and instead of 174 MHz, you can enter a maximum value of 260 MHz there respectively.

The radio will work in the range up to 260 MHz., But in fact it will not work very well there, since a low pass filter is installed at the output of the transmitter, which will very much attenuate these frequencies and in the same way, there are filters At the input of the receiver that will not allow this radio to develop the full sensitivity of the range 250 MHz. Lets see how it works in this range. At 255 MHz. There is practically no power output.. The power meter does not show anything. Only the arrow. Barely sways. And in the reception mode, the sensitivity is also much lower than normal., But, for example, how this radio hears a much weaker signal in the range of 145 MHz AND 430 MHz. In this form, with such an output, power and receiver sensitivity. Of course, it is impossible to use a radio in this band., But on the other hand, it is possible to modify it in hardware to rebuild the input and output filters.. Why can this be done? Firstly, America has a 220 MHz radio amateur band for American users. It may be interesting well, and someone can be a radio hooligan.. Another interesting thing that I wanted to tell you about is the built in gps receiver.. What can it be used for? Firstly, this radio has a clock that shows the current time and you can synchronize these clocks according to data from gps. That is, you cannot set them manually, but according to data from gps, they will automatically be set very accurately.

. Secondly, you can simply see your coordinates and, thirdly, you can transfer these coordinates to another dmr radio in the form of a text message in the form of an SMS which can be transmitted simply between dmr radios.. There is no function of automatic transmission of gps coordinates by dmr with some time interval in this radio., At least in the existing firmware.. There are many different functions in the radio, many different possibilities. Everything is very flexible. Everything is very interesting., But The microcircuit is 1846. So it will not work for at least some effective external antenna.. Thanks for watching this video, The link to the page where you can buy such a radio is in the description for this video. Use. Radio not only for amateur radio, but also for some more practical purposes. Watch my videos subscribe to the channel to the VKontakte group on facebook. Alexey Igonin was here. Bye.

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