Pokémon GO, Inkay, Psychic, Malamar, Pokémon, Niantic HOW TO EVOLVE INKAY IN POKEMON GO! New Psychic Spectacular Event

We are, of course talking about a brand new event which did debut a brand new gen 6 pokemon, and you guys are looking at it right now. The pokemon is, of course, ink guys in this video. I will be talking about how to catch ink here in pokemon, go and also how to evolve. Ink as well, because it does have a special evolution requirement. So lets go ahead and get into it right now and just to interrupt for one second guys make sure to check out the discord link in my description to find awesomeness locations and also rare pokemon spawns such as dino so again join the discord. The link in description now back to the video okay, guys lets go ahead and get into how to catch ink a right now here in pokemon go so this is a part of a brand new event called the psychic spectacular event. This event does start on september. 8Th at 10 a.m local time, and it does last until september 13th at 8 p.m, local time so pretty much about a five day event, and now, within this event, guys of course it does feature psychic type pokemon. As we see we got some slowpoke spawns. You know not too bad. We also have a ton of drowsy spawns most definitely the main featured spawn right here, im making a whole video about drowsy uh, probably tomorrow, for you guys, because i got something to talk about the drowsy situation, guys also, we got some wobble that spawns as well.

So we got some decent spawns for this event. Ill talk more about this event, guys in a future video, though, because i do have some complaints about this event, which ill get into of course in that video here very very soon. But this video is mainly about ink a so lets talk about how to get inky guys. How do you catch ink here in pokemon? Go well. First option will be its not my nearby thin moment, but it does spawn guys. So, yes, luckily it does spawn you. Dont have to buy any raid passes, to do raids for ink and get 50 candy and get the malamar evolution too. It does spawn in the wild at a pretty decent spawn rate. I would say its very similar to phalanx and the ultra unlock part 3 event. So its like in the middle ground in terms of spawn rate not too high, but not too low spawns for the uh for the inkay, so thats one way to catch it. But, of course also like i just said it isnt raids. There might be one bias. Actually yeah right there, two inkay raids right there in the tier one system, guys so again, another way to go after ink, maybe to go for a good iv or, of course, just get more candies for the ink a2. Now i do believe there is also a pokestop field, research task that does give you an ink encounter too and its pretty funny, because the the quest is evolve.

One ink a and you do get an ink a in return. So its like, you lost one inkay, but you get another one. If you have that quest right because you have the malamar, but you can also get an ink after that malamar evolution too. So those are the three ways to get uh ink. I was gon na say: malamar get ink here in pokemon, go right now for the brand new psychic event. So pretty easy stuff again, you do need 50 candy to evolve your ink into malamar, but when we go down to the evolution button special evolution, what does this mean notice that the question mark is upside down, guys key hint right there on evolving? This ink a into malamar. What does that mean? Well guys, you want to take your device, whether its an ipad iphone whatever, and you want to simply turn it upside down and what happens when its upside down? Oh looky, there, the evolution button is pink and it says, evolve upside down as its my as if my device is upside down, because it is its truly upside down right now and then we just want to hit evolve and boom. Here we go were getting getting. Oh its upside down until im so sick. You guys see that ink. It was upside down, see thats, so funny will malamar be upside down as well. It is, i think, well, i guess its not it just kind of looks like it right.

It does kind of look like it thats so interesting that is sick, malamar, dex entry that was sick, guys so again get your 50 candy for inkay right, just catch a few in the wild or catch a few in raids or those research tasks get your 50 Candy and of course, once you do that just turn your device upside down its pretty much a 180 degree angle and boom that evolution button will appear pink and you can evolve it into. Of course, the malamar, which again this looks very nice by the way malamar, is looking pretty sick. I did hear that this will be pretty good for pvp players. So look into that for sure guys about using this in go bad. The league i heard it is pretty good so make sure you guys look into that. It is a dark and psychic type pokemon. My move set currently is psycho cut with foul play, which i would imagine thats, probably not the best move set. I dont know if its better for the dark category or the psycho category, i kind of want to say it might be better for the dark type situation right. Maybe so you might want to go for a full dark type move set in this guy, but maybe its a full psychic type move set. I dont know because i dont do pvp too much, but again i did hear i did hear it was pretty good for go battle league, but again guys.

That is how you evolve enkei into malamar here in pokemon. Go again, it looks super super sick theres. The attack animation as well such a cool looking pokemon, so that is going to cut it for todays video, guys, a pretty short and simple video about how to catch ink and how to evolve. Inkay as well into the malamar here at pokemon. Go if you guys enjoyed please make sure to drop a like in the video if it was informative and also subscribe for more pokemon, go news and content. Again, i got a bunch of videos coming out for you guys here very very soon about drowzee and ditto about my rating of this event and a few other videos coming up soon, for you guys too so make sure you guys are subscribed again.

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