Pokémon GO, Inkay, Psychic Spectacular 2021 Details & How To Evolve Inkay in Pokemon GO

Im just kidding, obviously not we wont be able to catch meal. We can catch mew uh any time, but only twice one shiny one non chinese, but there will be two new pokemon introduced into pokemon. Go during this event, so hi hi to all of you guys so lets, go ahead and bring my screen up. Im going to show you guys the details and what we need to do also during the event itself, so lets go ahead and check out under the new section. Okay and we have to scroll down to the ink and malarma make the pokemon go debuts during the psychic spectacular, so lets go ahead and read the details, though somethings got psychic type pokemon all worked up. Are you worked up? Are you and you do worked up? I hope not im scared and they are appearing more often in the wow sounds like the perfect opportunity to learn more about them. You never know we might learn more about hoopa as well, so hoopa being a ghost and psychic type pokemon its probably going to be part of this event also so anyway, the event is from september 8. 10 a.m to september 13, 8 p.m. Local time were going to read the blog post and check out the details, though, actually i dont think im going to read through everything of you guys, because we will check out my favorite website league up for all the infographics. So i just want to point out two things.

First of all, we will do scroll down. Okay, you guys can see that the image on the top actually changes from like, like that, all right. The ink thats in k, the squid looking pokey, monitor right its the first stage evolution and when you scroll down it actually like turns upside down and yeah. Let me turn myself upside down back again. Okay and hupa appears also yeah come to think of it. Now it looks kind of like the hands of hopa the the the hands of the in case. So if you scrub again, it turns like that, so it actually mentions over there that theres a way you know like this, but i just want to mention this part over here. All right, so incan is evolution. Marla will be making its pokemon go. Debut inking will evolve under. Oh are unique circumstances, trainers who have journeyed through the carlos region in pokemon, x and pokemon. Why may have an ink link as to what those circumstances might be so um later? We will check that out. Also so another thing i just want to point out is actually this graphics over here it looks really nice this notepad, with the stickers of the ink and wobble fat and also slowpoke. I think it looks really nice and the color. You know, like contrast with all of them, so anyway, like i said, were going to check out my favorite website late, dark quack under the events section and the event for the psychic spectacular event will start for me in 13 hours after this video video goes out.

Video video goes out and actually in 17 hours from now so lets go ahead and check out the details, though so thank you very much, doug for all the information and, of course, the graphics that you always provide. So i stated to you guys. The event is, from september, the 8 10 a.m to september the 13th 8 p.m, and were going to scroll down to see the features, though the next part of the season of mischief special research story, misunderstood mischief will unlock somethings got the psychic type pokemon all worked Up and they are appearing more often in the world – sounds like the opportunity. Okay, weve read that, but already by completing team few research tasks, you can encounter event team pokemon like woobet. Sorry, let me say that again, ink and more take a snapshot once a day. For a surprise, i wonder what were gon na get maybe were gon na get shiny meal. No thats, not gon na happen. All right, you will be able to get new stickers inspired by psychic type pokemon by spinning pokestops, opening gifs or from league duck. You have to turn your phone upside down just like that to evolve in k into marla yeah. Obviously, we have to not just turn myself physically upside down, but also just i mean the ipad upside down like that. To do the evolution, i guess the evolution icon will appear for you when you do that, once you have enough candies, i supposed to evolve it into mala, which we will check out in tomorrows video, so the pokemon that we are uh theyll be appearing yeah back To nk family, do i just want to mention a thing or two about it: um, the second evolution malama is actually a very interesting pokemon.

First of all, both of those uh pokemon. They have a typing of dark and psychic, so being a dark and psychic pokemon. First of all, i think it is the first ever dark and psychic typing pokemon in pokemon go and its a very unique typing, its the same typing as the unbound form huppah, and it is a very interesting typing, because the weaknesses that it has is actually very Minimal – and it has, i think, two weaknesses – if im, not mistaken yeah, so its very interesting and uh malama makes this all at 2600, something cp at level 50. So its going to be very, very, very strong. I guess in the gold battle in the ultra league, especially with the move that it has especially having cycle card as the fast move and, in fact, even having super power and other crazy moves which well check out. In another, go battle league video, all right so anyway, back to the spawns that we have appearing now. Well, i dont think these are the only ones appearing in the world because its a psychic, spectacular event, i wont, be surprised. There will be. You know even more psychic type pokemon, including beldum, which is the one that ill be going after if it happens to spawn in a while, more often all right. So among all these pokemon uh, only two pokemon can be shiny, abra and drowsy, whereas so the rest uh. They are not really too interesting to go after other than ink for candies uh bra.

If you want to get more candies and candy xl for a mega alakazam in the future, you can do so, but, as i always say, mega mewtwo will beat mega alakazam, no matter what and um theres nothing really to go after looking from those uh thats appearing In the wall right now, but i guess if we were to see pokemon like routes and any other more interesting, psychic type pokemon thats, when we would, you know, try and grind harder for those all right. So the next one that we will be looking at are rates so whats appearing in rates. We have staryu chameco bronzo, which all can be shiny. Last one is x asper with ink, nothing really too exciting to go after other than maybe for bronzov, for whoever that wants. Candy xl for an ultra like bronzong, yes bronzong in the ultra, like is pretty pretty insane. I have not tried it out yet because i have not gotten myself a good iv bronzong for the ultra lick, but its very tanky, its like a metagross in the ultra, like a more tanky version. All right so lets check out the three stars rates. Those i was talking about metagross metagross is also appearing in three star rates, with alolan, raichu, wobuffed and also meditem. Among all this, i think the one that ill be going after is metagross for more candy xl for metagross, because i still want to pour out my shadow metagross though ive already powered one in my previous video, but i still want more candy xl for that and As for the raiju boba, fett and medicine, i will still take overseas invitations so that i can get candy xl for n and antique ladies when i trade over to them yeah.

So the legendary pokemon and also the mega pokemon theyll, be appearing in rates, are lugia and mega slowbro, both sidekick type pokemon and if im not mistaken, also mega slowbro is having a boost in terms of cp right now. It goes up to level 50. Even if you evolve as a level 1 or level 10 or level 20 mega slowbro, it will go up to level 50.. However, in this situation, right now and even against the lake, trios theres really no use at all to use the mega slow bro for any of those purpose. However, during this psychic spectacular event, if you guys are grinding really hard for candies, i would recommend um. You know evolving at least uh a mega slow bro during your grind time, so that you guys can get more candies for the psychic type pokemon alright. So i think that is all that i have to talk about for the psychic spectacular 2021. Let me know in the comment section down below man: how are you guys going to play this psychic spectacular event, because for me right now, as i said to you guys, i will be hunting those pokemon that are more important to me in terms of candy xl. Like beldum, like i think, routes routes, i mean im still gon na get quite a bit and i dont really need much already, but yeah ill still get those um other than that. Any of those that is being talked about right now by pokemon go and by league duck.

They are not of huge interest to me, but, of course, im looking forward to the new and the next stage of this special research for hoopa yeah, and also, i guess in k, i want to see how we can actually evolve. I just want to point one thing about about this new way of evolving in kedo um, its not all the time that pokemon go actually follows the main series, because in the main series, yes, i think we have to turn our nintendo switch or our ds upside Down to actually evolve in k into malama, i almost say squidward though yeah i almost said, evolve into squidward im. So sorry yeah, all those spongebob fans out there, but yeah you have to turn the device upside down to evolve into malama and during the evolution. Then you know it will actually um go into malama. However, there are certain pokemon. Like example, shading doesnt, follow the main series game, because uh here in pokemon go you basically get shadinja, throw, i think, a breakthrough research and also catching it through other means. Was there other means? I think it was through the breakthrough, research or a special resource, or something like that. I cant remember, but the main series is uh. You have to evolve a nincada into ninjask and the remaining the husk after it evolves from nincada to ninjas. Will be the shadinger? Hence it is a ghost typing pokemon, so anyway, thats just something i just want to put it out there for you guys just fun fact all right.

So if you guys uh enjoyed this video and want more information for the upcoming uh events, of course, dont forget to subscribe, because i will be providing more details for the upcoming events, whatever thats coming up all right. So if thats it id like to. Thank you guys for watching, and i will see you guys in the next episode in the next video. Where were gon na hand out nk evolve into mala ma, uh ouch. We have to turn ourselves upside down, so i cant turn myself upside down yeah all right. So goodbye goodbye, good im, so sorry meow, you wont be powered even dont. Be sad, see you in the next event next year or maybe next next year.

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