Pokémon GO, Inkay, Psychic Spectacular Event Details 2021 | How To Get Malamar! [New Pokemon]

Were gon na be going over? The psychic spectacular event happening this week, also the debut of two brand new pokemon, a lot of exciting news, pokemon shinies and some really cool events, so stay tuned lets, get it welcome, back trap squad and if you havent had a chance subscribe to the channel really Appreciate that, like the video as well, i want to give a huge shout out to all the people that join my lives. Everyones becoming a member. All you guys on the discord were having a great time or growing or catching stuff, and if youre, a new player or youre somebody whos checking out the channel. I go live all the time, especially during raid hour and i host raids, which means ill invite new players ill invite people from all over the world we can get together, do some raids and were hunting right now shiny lugias, but there will be more in the Future, so if you want to be a part of that subscribe, turn on that bell, notification ill be going live this wednesday, 6 pm pacific time, inviting everyone to do some new gear raids for eight hours actually really exciting. So the psychic spectacular event is going to be happening from september, 8th 2021 at 8am to september 13th, 2021 8pm your local time again. This is only a five day event, but its just continuing from the psychic event. We had this weekend. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this event is the two brand new pokemon, enkei and malamar were originally discovered in the kalos region.

Theyre, both dark and psychic type and ink has a pretty unique evolution method which ill go over right now. Enkei is going to be a really cool, pokemon and malamar is going to be a beast to battle with right. The ivs will be on screen for the ones you need to have a great team, but the really cool thing about this pokemon is that even if you havent played the other games, is that youre gon na have to have your phone upside down to evolve. It. So again, um catch the pokemon get the candies. Once you have 50, you have to turn your phone upside down and then it will evolve, which is really really cool feature that theyre adding here therell also be a lot of psychic based pokemon in the wild, including drowzee, abra, celosis gothita, and if youre lucky nk And lgm again a lot of psychic types. A lot of them can be shiny and im sure theres going to be other psychics that are not mentioned here from one star rage were gon na, have star you, a spur bronzer, jim checko and nk, and in level three raids were gon na have alola raichu Wabafet minicham and metagross metagros is going to be a beast to fight later on. So if you dont have it get one, but i myself havent met a champ to fight in the great league and im doing great im ranking up fast. So if youre thinking about battling or youre gon na battle, eventually i highly suggest you get a medicham try to get one with decent ivs and just watch.

You go ham in the battle league. Staying in five star raids is gon na be lugia still with aeroblast, and in mega raids were gon na have slo bro again, lugia is a great one. I ever gotten shiny on the last live stream. I did so. If you hadnt stopped by definitely come check. It out again do raids with us. We have a good time, and i dont know, if were doing raids were having a laugh or learning about the game. Definitely worth checking out – and you also say its here – complete field research, a task to encounter event, themed pokemon, like wabafe nk and more take a snapchat once a day for a surprise and new sidekick type. Inspired stickers will also be in the store and once again guys. This is a quick update. Video about the psychic spectacular event happening this week, theres other cool things coming to the channel again. If you havent had a chance to check out the discord, go check that out in the description below and fashion week is also coming up, oshawa community day and other really exciting stuff. So definitely stay tuned with the channel subscribe stay up with all the latest news and once again huge shout out to everybody thats liking, supporting the channel always appreciated until next time.

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Pokémon GO, Inkay, Psychic Spectacular 2021 Details & How To Evolve Inkay in Pokemon GO