Here we go Music. Welcome back everybody. Let me know in the comments below. Are you guys excited about the events in september? We have october and november, were covering everything thats going on in pokemon go right now, so number one thing were gon na check out is going to be the psychic spectacular event. I wasnt gon na do a video, but then they dropped the safari zone so were gon na. Do them and then obviously well have the tip video coming out very soon. But this event looks like its going to be fun. We actually have a new pokemon coming out, which is going to be inke, which evolves into malamar, so were going to check everything out about the psychic spectacular in pokemon, go starting right now its going to go wednesday september, 8th at 10 a.m. All the way until the 13th at 8 p.m local time. So we have six days to play this, and the future of the events are going to include unlocking the next part of the seasons of mischief research story. So this one is obviously focused around the psychic somethings riling up all the psychic, pokemon and theyre going to be spawning in the wild and cool landing raids and everything like that theres going to be field research that can help you encounter inke wubat, which i do Need the shiny of and more pokemon youll be able to take snapshots for a surprise and unlock other things evolved around this event, such as stickers, and these spawns, as of right now of the event, are going to include ink, which is going to be a new Pokemon, if you want to evolve this pokemon youre, going to turn your phone upside down to be able to evolve it into malamar.

Malamar is a somewhat pretty cool pokemon that looks like it may be pretty decent for pvp its going to be a dark and psychic type. Pokemon maxing out at 2667, is not uploaded in pv poke as of right now, so we dont know exactly where its going to be a defensive 165 and a stamina of 200, which its kind of hard to tell, but it does get some unique move sets on This pokemon, including cycle cut, which is a very strong, fast charging, psychic move, and then it also gets peck, which is a flying move and then the reason why i think it could be pretty decent is because of these charge. Moves paired with this psycho cut its gon na get hyper beam, which is not my main focus. Its gon na get foul play super power and sci beam, so the combination of, in my opinion, cycle cut with foul play as well as superpower could do this pokemon. Pretty good justice, its gon na, be double resistance in the bug single resistant to fairy and double resistant to psychic. So this pokemon doesnt have a ton of resistances im, really interested to see where it sits but thats as of right now, if the move pool stands, as is, i think it could definitely be a surprise pick in some peoples parties and being that it maxes out. Two six six, seven, its gon na, be a great pokemon viable for the ultra league lets see how it sits and youre definitely gon na want to grind those xl candies if it does sit in a good spot and then, as far as the spawns go were Gon na get abra and drowsy both have shinies gothita is gon na, be spawning no shiny.

As of yet we have solosis lgm as well as ink. We have one star rates that are gon na include three shinies such as staryu. We have chimecho and bronzer aspirin, enkei, not shiny and then in three star raids. We have alolan raichu wobuffet both have shinies. We have meta cham as well as metagross, and remember that metagross does have a mega its a really strong pokemon. So that may be a pokemon that you are interested in and then finally lugia as a psychic type pokemon will prevail as well as mega slow bro during this time frame. So with all that said guys that is going to be the first event. So if you guys like it, make sure to get after it, but its not going to be until the 8th. So we do have a little bit of time to have regular spawns, which im actually pretty grateful for which is then going to lead us into the safari zones, because now we have in person, events and dont fret, if you cant travel. The events are also going to go on wherever you are globally. If you dont choose or cannot travel at that time, the first one is going to be liverpool from october 15th through the 17th. This is going to take place at sefton park. So i plan to attend this event. Im really excited about it. I plan to attend all these events, so if you guys are in liverpool or you plan to be there or you plan to be in philadelphia or st louis, i cant wait to meet all you guys.

I will definitely be posting, and more than likely, i will be playing on day number. One philadelphia will be on friday october 29th through sunday, the 31st. So i cant wait to see you guys in philadelphia. If you plan to be out there, this one is going to be played at fairmont park and then, from friday november 12th through sunday, the 14th. We will be at tower grove park in saint louis, so exciting time. Guys cant, wait to see all you guys out. There so some of you guys be like i cant travel. I dont know what to do, or maybe i want to travel im, not sure what to do here is going to be whats going to happen. Pokemon go is going to send you an email to get a feel for how many people and trainers are going to be attending these events. So if you dont travel, then what happens? Do you just lose out on your tickets? Lets find out? No, you do not lose out on your ticket. Rest assured, so whats going to happen is we will be able to play regardless of where we are based on the local time zone. So, if im doing philadelphia its going to be 10 a.m. If i had early access to 6 p.m, i will be able to play that in my local time zone at my place, all the spawns will change as we did see in the past. If you guys want to see what those event look like in the past, i will put them up in a playlist up here, for you guys and the ticket holders for the events will include pokemon that are going to be attracted to incenses as well as spawns.

There will be event exclusive research as well as field research, guys incense activated, will last a total of eight hours. Oh my god, oh my god, thats three instances for an entire 24 hours. I cant wait to utilize. This lore modules are going to be for four hour stretches as well. Man thats a great time, if you guys do not have the picnic or metal. This is a great time to go to a downtown area and put down some lore modules to be able to get you, some picnicker stats towards your metal theres, going to be two kilometer eggs and for whatever reason it says here for everybody in philadelphia. I dont know why, specific that one, everybody that takes a snapshot will encounter a special surprise. They will be sending. It looks like an email to everybody that does have a ticket, so you will be able to rsvp so that they can make sure to have the appropriate accommodations for the trainers that are going to show up so thats really good. Not only that it looks like in the events tab, you will be able to have your tickets, so whatever one you have purchased so for me, i will be on friday of each of the events to attend. So i cant wait to see you there and, if you guys, are playing on saturday or sunday, rest assured, i will also be showing up to those events at the time frame.

If you want to follow where im going to be at make sure to be. In my discord and follow the where in the world is billy tab, i will be posting meetup information for each of the days so that we can make sure to meet up with all the trainers that are playing during that time and for everybody out there. That has not purchased tickets and you want to purchase tickets. Unfortunately, there will be no tickets being sold at this time any further, so you either have a ticket or you dont. You already bought it or you didnt and thats, going to be it because its going to be the makeup event during this time frame and then finally, there was city explorer pass tickets that will be refunded. They are not going to be applied during this time frame. So this is really exciting. I cant wait to get after this with all you guys, i hope to see everybody out there thats playing and if you live in those cities – and you still want to come out just for a meet up, feel free to do so. I cant wait to see meet you guys and whatever that is ill, also be doing additional meetups outside of just the event space for everybody. That doesnt want to come to the event and want to just maybe do it downtown philly, st louis or in liverpool as well, and as they say in their article, if anything, changes for guidelines or they need to postpone it any further theyre going to.

Let us know so i appreciate you guys, as always, big events coming up in the month of september october and november. I cant wait. Thank you guys for tuning in as always likers comments or subscribers patreon members. Everybody takes your support, description and episode. Based doing this, let me see you guys out on the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyones benefit. Plus i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and rating all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.

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