September 11 attacks, Attack, World Trade Center, Al-Qaeda hat is the legacy of 9/11?

Music. The terror attacks on 911 took the lives of nearly 3 000 people and it changed the world. On the morning of september, the 11th 2001 two planes flew into the world trade center in new york. We believe that a plane has crashed into the world trade center hijacked, american airlines, flight 11 and united airlines flight 175, crashed into the north and south towers, killing at least 2 750 people. It just blew up a big explosion. People started running, it was just chaos everywhere i saw the plane hit the building. I cant say anything: people are jumping out the windows over there jumping out the windows. I guess because theyre trying to save themselves that same day, another american airlines flight crashed into the pentagon just outside washington dc killing 187 people. A fourth airliner united 93 was also hijacked and was believed to be heading for washington dc too. The target the capitol building, but it crashed into a field in pennsylvania. After the passengers and crew tried to regain control the terror group. Al qaeda, led by osama bin laden, was quickly identified as being responsible for the attacks. In total, nearly 3 000 people died. The worst terror attack on u.s soil in history, america, was consumed by grief, anger and revenge. I can hear you the rest of the world hears you and the people and the people who knock these buildings down will hear all of us soon. Applause, the response by the west led by america under the presidency of george w bush, marked the start of the so called war on terror.

Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended within just weeks of 9 11. The us bombing of afghanistan began, afghanistan was run by the taliban, who allowed al qaeda to grow and operate within the country. When the taliban refused to hand over bin laden, the u.s, supported by nato forces, began a war to oust them and take down al qaeda. They went in with a very narrow tactical objective to root out um the terrorist leadership that they realized that they couldnt sustain that situation. Without an investment in nation building, the nation building part of the exercise ultimately was bought, it would become americas longest war. Tens of thousands of afghans have been killed and many thousand american and nato troops too in all the united nations estimates that nearly quarter of a million people have died, most of them civilian and it all came to an end for america in 2021. When president joe biden pulled us troops out of the country, afghanistan swiftly fell back to the taliban. Once again, terrorists grow and thrive in security and governance vacuum. So the way that weve left afghanistan doesnt bode well. The war in afghanistan was followed two years later by the invasion of iraq. On the elusive hunt for saddam husseins weapons of mass destruction. There began another long war for america. No weapons of mass destruction were found, saddam hussein was toppled and sectarian tensions in the country were stoked all with profound regional implications.

In 2020, a study estimated the war on terror has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and around 38 million war refugees and displaced people on may, the 2nd 2011. Nearly 10 years after 9, 11 u.s special forces shot and killed a man in hiding in a house in northwestern pakistan a decade after 9, 11 theyd got him after a firefight. They killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. The war on terror was also waged at home. With the introduction of the patriot act, it allowed the u.s government to keep tabs on its citizens. Tapping phone calls emails and more there hasnt been a major islamist attack in the u.s since 2001 and thats essentially been the u.s measure of success. But if you look at this from a global perspective, youve seen a massive attacks from bataclan to christchurch, all of which, in a way linked back to this, not not to speak of the continuing and rising terrorism across africa and the middle east as the u.s war. On terror, continued the spotlight shined back on americas own behavior. It emerged that the cia was secretly taking suspects to countries on so called rendition flights where they could torture them. The guantanamo bay detention center became a symbol of americas failure to uphold the values it seeks to defend 20 years after 9, 11 40 prisoners remain at guantanamo. Most have not been charged, none have yet faced trial. They include the 911 mastermind khalid sheikh muhammad, of course, 911 had other impacts as well.

It led to an increase in anti muslim sentiment across america and beyond. In 2017, a survey found that half of u.s muslims find it more difficult to live in the country. Since the attacks, islamophobia and anti muslim bigotry predates the tragic events surrounding 9 11, but they were certainly in uh an exasperation in normalization of that bigotry in the immediate aftermath. I think that when we we reflect on the last two decades with respect to the american muslim community, its important to note that that experience has largely been a mixed bag. On the one hand, weve seen increased integration of muslim americans in almost all spheres of law. Politics and society – you know on a different note, however. Weve also seen increased discrimination against muslim americans Music. One other impact of 911 has been air travel. It has been transformed to make us safer, but with huge implications before the attacks. Security wasnt as intense and check in cues were nowhere near as long that has now all changed. There are also changes on the planes themselves of pilots now locked beyond heavily reinforced cockpit doors. 9 11 has become one of these symbolic moments for america, an inflection point in the countrys history. It was, and it remains a moment of deep trauma, the long lasting effects of 911 of the war on terror. I think you know are very visible in many ways i mean afghanistan again, of course, we were still facing the consequences of iraq, which led to isis.

Isis is not gone, all of which you know also prevented a response to syria, um and the aftermath of syria. In a way, totally reshaped europe reshaped attitudes, emboldened a new, far right, deepened polarization around this new global fault line and in a way, if i were to say the tragic um outcome of 9 11 is that it succeeded in doing what it wanted to.

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September 11 attacks, Attack, World Trade Center, Al-Qaeda Road To 9/11: Timeline Of The Days Leading Up To 2001 Terrorist Attacks