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I wanted to read an article that, while i believe it comes from a good place, is an article that i intensely disagree with, and i want to explain why i believe the author had good intentions. I believe he meant well, and i believe this came from a place of positivity. In spite of that, i still very much so disagree with it and ive gotten quite a few emails about this particular article. This is from midrange by ernie smith, and the title is make lewis rossman famous the right to repair guru already well known on youtube, has been gaining a reputation outside of the platform lately in part, because he has been a willing voice for a budding movement right To repair needs him. This is a picture of me, testifying at the washington state. I believe this was in olympia on behalf of a right to repair bill a year and a half ago it says rosman, as seen in his increasingly public advocacy role. Political advocacy doesnt generally involve cameo the platform where celebrities offer video notes to willing to pay fans, but lewis rossman has proven himself willing to take experimental roads to get his right to repair message heard far and wide rosman a business owner who specializes in board level Repair of laptops reached out to apple co, founder steve wozniak through the platform and got an extremely passionate message out of a platform that generally isnt known for anything of the sort.

Cameo is usually what you use. If you want a celebrity to say happy birthday or congratulations on your graduation, its not something that you use for political discourse, so it says here: steve wozniak, speaks on right to repair. Rosman knows the power of the public voice in moving the needle and his investment in wozniaks. Cameo appearance was well considered as it hit the international press and is likely the most high profile. Individual cameo video ever filmed. Rosman himself has 1.6 million subscribers to his popular youtube channel and has taken part in numerous public hearings on right to repair over the last year and a half. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for right to repair legislation and he hopes to raise even more fans that might have been drawn to rosman by his admittedly snarky point of view. He talks a lot about politics on his channel from the position of a business owner and technical chops have found him to be a passionate vessel for a discussion that hasnt always had a very powerful champion, and his efforts have at times put him at legal risk. Only reinforcing why his work exists in the first place. Media outlets are noticing this. Just this week, rosman was the face of a wall street journal article held by the excellent joanna stern, on the challenges that consumers and repair shops face when dealing with macbook repairs and as media appearances have been increasing. And when you go to the media appearances.

Some of these i actually forgot about, i never even put on youtube – and i should have this. One here is from cnn, which i dont even remember, doing this ones from the guardian, this ones from national review, which i think i did cover in a video, and this is a video that i did the horrible truth about apple products, where i went over engineering Failures over a period of 10 years, whats great about rossman, is that he seemingly doesnt fit the profile of someone who would be might be a passionate front facing advocate in a recent video, he admitted the strain of meeting lots of people at a conference as hes. Actually, an introvert, but his mixture of personality and technical skill have actually made him quite effective at the job. He knows how to speak up, and he knows a ton about his subject matter area hes, not the only person out there by the way, nathan proctor of the us public interest. Research group has been doing tons of great work on the advocacy front as well, just as one example, and at a time like this, when right to repair legislation is finally being taken seriously by state and national political bodies. Having someone who can both properly explain the issues and do so in an engaging way is really important. The battle over right to repair is one that involves a competition between massive trillion dollar companies and those that dont have anywhere close to that, because theyre approaching the problem from the grassroots.

So when a movement has a passionate figure that is willing to step up and tell a broad audience whats what it needs to latch on to that any good movement needs a voice. Lewis rossman is a pretty great one for right to repair. So the main statement that i disagree with in this article is where it says right to repair needs him. I think thats incorrect. What right to repair actually needs! Is you, because what i do on this channel is nothing special, its nothing crazy. What i do is i try to get normal average everyday people excited about right to repair. Why do i do that, because right to repair doesnt need me? It needs you if right to repair needed me. If i was what it needed, then it would be done right now. The reason that right to repair is not done is because writer repair needs more than me. It needs normal people and i dont think that political movements, i dont, think theyre philosophies. I dont think that causes need more cult of personality in 2021. I think over the past five to 10 years have shown that it grows tiring to deal with cults of personalities and it grows tiring to have an entire movement focused on one individual. This is a flawed way to go about it, because when you associate a movement with an individual, you then associate eventually associate all of the individual flaws of that person with the movement, and all people are flawed.

All people are deeply deeply flawed and i am no different than any of that. You also have cases where people will disagree with an individual and then that kind of incentivizes them to attack the individual to justify their own internal disagreement that they have at that individual and then that winds up maligning the movement. One instance i talked about in a recent video i did a few days ago. I did an interview with someone recently went very, very well had a particularly spicy comment, section uh, because some people in there disagree with me on certain matters of politics. But what i found particularly interesting were people that were claiming that i dont pay my employees during the training period, which is complete, not true whatsoever. We pay better than any repair shop in a 10 mile radius. That does what we do much less during the training period, and you know theres just a lot of stuff in there that that wasnt, particularly true that was kind of hurtful but its. I understand why its there, if you disagree with someone you may not like them. If you dont, like someone its easier to ascribe a negative rumor to them as a way to justify not liking them, but the point here is youre going to see a lot of that because im a very flawed individual. I dont just talk about right to repair. I talk about whatevers on my mind that day and i dont have much of a filter when doing so.

There are times where im going to say things that aggravate people and if i say something that aggravates someone and im associated with right to repair, that person may not like right to repair. Because of me and youll see this in our slash apple. There are many people in the subreddit r, slash apple, that disagree with right to repair and 90 of their disagreement appears to be with the concept because they dont, like the person presenting it. The person presenting it as an so even if they have a good idea. Even if that good idea may benefit them, if they dont like the person presenting it, they are going to find a reason in their lizard brain to dislike the idea. This is how human beings work if the pandemic has shown anything over the last 18 months. Its just how much the lizard brain has to do with how people react to anything and how easy it is for people to dismiss everything, whether good or bad, that a person says or does, because they, because they dont like that person, and i dont want that. Ever happening to this movement thats, why its important that i not be the head of a movement, particularly this one or any movement, no person should be the head of any movement. Movement should be headed by philosophies, morals, ethics ideas, but not people, and what i go over on this channel. The way i try to get people excited or involved in it is, i try to make it personal to them, and what this movement needs is not me to be famous.

It needs more of the people that ive gotten involved to make it personal to everybody else who doesnt know why its important. So what i do and what ive said in many of these videos is youre, never going to see me walking up and down chanting and holding a sign ever thats. Not what i do. What i do to try to get people involved and excited what i do to try to get people to move. The needle forward with my with this movement is get them personally invested. So, instead of saying right to repair right to repair right to repair and holding up a sign in chanting, i will show you how to fix something that the manufacturer will charge 750 to 1100 for, and i will show you how to do it. Every single step. On the screen ill show you how and why i did everything that i did ill show you everything on the schematic for free and the hopes that you can share in what it is that i did so that you could either a add hundreds of thousands of Dollars a year to your business in new net revenue as a result of uh of learning this or b, if youre, just an end user, maybe youll learn how to do what i do and maybe youll save 900 bucks and when you save 900, because you did It yourself youre going to remember why you saved that 900 bucks, and maybe what i say at that point may mean a little bit more to you than someone whos just chanting.

You know giving out a flyer or holding up a sign. I show you exactly how and why everything that i do works the way i do in every single one of these videos. You will see that there is this uh, this giant, powerpoint presentation that pretty much goes over. How to do everything that i do, and this is released free of charge for anybody to see so that even a high school dropout or dumbass like me, can learn how to do what it is that i do thats what i do. I try to make it something that you can get personally invested in and what even, if you dont, have anything to fix, even if its, not you dont, have the way to make money from this. You dont have anything to fix yourself. Maybe if i can make this seem fun, if i can make this seem exciting, rather than like an activist chore come with me, hold up a sign chan, walk back and forth. I can actually make this seem fun. Maybe you wont want the next generation to not be able to take part in that fun that you are watching all these years as im fixing boards and trying to figure it out as i go and and uh and sharing and speaking with you all and thats. What i try to do, but all of what i do is not based on me being famous its based on you being involved what this movement needs.

What any movement needs is not a famous person is not a cult of personality that everybody looks up to and idolizes, because people are horribly horribly flawed and they make horrible mistakes and when they make those mistakes, those mistakes cannot malign an entire movement. What it needs are people who are involved. It needs people who dont believe. Let me subscribe to this person. He is going to make everything happen for me, what it needs is people who say i subscribed to him and he taught me something. Let me teach what he taught me to somebody else: thats what it needs it doesnt need more people telling others to subscribe. To me. This movement needs more people who are going to take what i do and do more of it and spread that as far and as wide as they possibly can thats it for today, and as always, i hope you learned something philosophies and ideas, not idolization of cults. Of personalities ill see you all in the next video bye now i dont think clinton will im pretty certain hes retired clinton clinton. Mr clinton yeah well.

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