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You want to talk. Thank you. Okay, bloodhound early access, press any button to continue boom boom, pressing buttons. Music. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to blood hunt vampire the masquerade in my favorite part of every video game that we get to play. I present to you, Music, keyboards f7. I found my first target. He was a man down on his luck, so i decided to put him out of his misery. Sir, would you like a hickey on your neck? Of course you do. Oh um, Music, guys. Is there anything i could get you. Maybe perhaps some crackers you want tea. Okay, no problem anything else, sure no problem ill go grab that ill be right back. Thank you guys. You guys have a good day. Okay, i could open up a window. Do you smoke? Is it an electric cigarette because if its an election thats the voice, hey? Sir, how you doing okay awesome! Do you mind if i suck you all? Thank you, Music, jesus good for nothing, no perks, unbelievable im out of here whats this! Yes, hey, miss how you doing do you know how to get to albuquerque you dont too bad wrong. Answer useless all right is the game come on. How does lmg work its okay? I guess holy? Are the npc shooting us already dropping an armor Music dropping armor? Let me guess that yeah i pinged it now youre fine! You have an extra or no blood heals there.

I need like a better gun meals. Ill leave two for you. Two little syringes im going on the roof, but im going the ground is filled. Music, im ready low enough yeah, yeah theres, hella loot up here, come up here. Two aks up here, oh theres, a guy marked to our 255 a couple streets over you see him. Can i go towards it? Yes, bloodshed. I knew wreck wasnt about that life. Man said hes gon na wake up at four did say that you have another armor here. Thank you. I need that. Look at you, hes vanished hes. Over here i think, mm hmm yeah hes over here come on come on, come on, come on im working with you yeah. Just calling me call me boys, so were here, 45. hes gon na be over here. See, see you soon. How much damage would that drive? These boxes dude im up here – oh i need that. I need that duder. Thank you, sir. Getting shot boys getting shot im getting shot. Yeah remind us hes down hes down. I have one shot. My double bag down, nice whered, the first guy go. They got down. Last one here i mean hit 150 drop. The street. Did we get the third one already yo? Can those you guys shotgun, ammo practice, armor new team, new team youtube um. Let me get on honestly, honestly: theyre weak, theyre, extremely weak, nice im, feeding, good ill cover.

You im kind of weak too, oh hes, that over here i got him theres someone live market under us. I cant see him. Do we guys we need ammo? I really want these guns someones feeding near me. How do you know that i heard that someone died? Will you have any uh marksman rifle ammo or shoddy? Oh there we go im chilling. Now i need shoddy ammo cameras. You got any extras: yeah, im, no im dropping 40 shotty right here, im coming scala! Thank you. You know we got armor by chance um! I dont think nice. You want to suck them off. You get a little health on that one. Good, okay, boys were doing good yeah. I got a number this guys, two arms awesome. Thank you, armor, hiding and then theres. Also someone marked over. Where is this theyre? Pretty far theyre, like 30 45, that way yeah were pushing that all the way right yeah. I, like the commitment, stay high ground, dont dont drop down, no matter what, because you dont want to get pushy sandwich. Hes, fighting hes, fighting, okay, climbing up right now, theres a guy by me guys got him theres, another team here somewhere. Oh i see this guy. I see this dude over here. Im revealed yeah its fine, its just from bats. We can get out of it. Fast did we kill this guy? I dont know where this guy is im reloading come on. I dont either, but hes got to go move in catch him as he comes in.

Is he behind us, though? Anyone have armor done. I got some blood bags. I can give you oh purple, someone just threw bats at us from over here: okay, im going on this other road, yeah, guys im im getting some sieves right now, trying to get some buffs be careful, theres, someone hunting us, i dont know where he is im, Not with you boys, yeah, im, staying close to you yeah when we get kills that we can get more buffs and so im already maxed out my 50 lower cooldown. For my vantage power now boys lets go. Oh, that is max too thats, really big. That doesnt give me armor. Does he have to be amazing? No just a regular health guy. Okay got pink over here, hey yo! You are you guys. Are you guys maxed on all your feeds? No, my feeds are tragic. Come get these theyre all in the park. Come get them im here. I dont know if we can share what happens if theres a purple one over here. If anybody wants it, Music purple feet like matic, mouth, luckies, Music, Music, yo, boys, yeah top 13.. Oh, we need to find we need to get. We need to get the bait mills, we have the bait mills he has mark on him. How did you do what happened? I think i did it in front of somebody. I need armor dude. Yes, yes, yes, yes, why dont? We just get armors trying to find a cop car and its our best bet whats this i think theres a guy here it might be, who scared him away.

Mills is on it. Mills is on everyones radar right now yeah, so you got ta stay near him. Oh, i found him: oh my god, how long everyone got syringes and yeah after we bought that i have no services, you have no syringes uh. Let me drop you one here. Come here um there you go strapped on convince right. There did, you say: have one its just down low: we need more armor boys lets just take our time, get more armor and get the dub, because i can assure you one of these teams are doing that exactly making sure they have all their you know and Get those bus guys get the bus from the sieves? Oh theres, a theres, an orange one over here, Music for each of us, increased melee damage aces come over here, real, quick hes about to be in the storm. Oh, my god, you guys are gods. Oh yeah yeah, im good from the storm im good. Well, the armor is in the storm thats. Why i dont know how much it hits for now yeah im staying here. Are there fov sliders in this game? I dont think so. I wonder if stretch gives you more im using my armor now it i probably shouldnt though i did. I respect it. Yeah im staying on the roof now, oh yeah, the whole game, the whole game. This roof is going that way you guys have like snipes. I have a marksman rifle, but i im very limited on my shots.

Yo lets try to get to the next zone its a real little one, yep Applause, Music, yeah one was marked. I assume. Oh, you should do this nice. Can you no? You cant, you cant. I dont think so: thatd be broken 20 of my ammo. On that i got 15 shots left boys. This is bad for what, for what? For my marksman isnt it dropping you 50. What a lower yeah pick up the rest pick up the rest. We need that. I just im destroying right here, theres one over there too. One way in that building: okay, im looking for him hes on the roof right here, guys, seven left seven left theres, like one team left theres like one team left, you get him. I got him get down. Hes nice. I got him in his armor come here. I got you, i got you, i cant! Stick it. I cant. Stick it dude. I cant i cant ill die, so i cant get back ill die. If i stick that theres another guy im gon na be one two one, two one two one there. He is right side right, side, right, side, okay, okay, there, it is ah im telling you it was the ice on the balls on the balls. How many limbs you guys had six nice much damage? 19 hundo, i had 12.59. Damn you guys carried me. You popped off that last one. You got both those guys weak and there it is one of you hand them one of you chunk those yo camilles.

I tried i tried to stick that heel dude im that res but like there was no way, no, its gon na, be that slow, yeah theres no way. Now you remember how slow that was, but you were like yo just in case, though hey guys whats going on im glad that you all can join us today. Please get into single file, yes, thats, a great tea bag. Awesome! I love to see it absolutely its really good techniques, its a good quad workout and everything sweet, no things, okay, guys. What i need you guys to do to really be understood in this world is you need capitalization where our word begins and a word ends? Okay, thank you very much. Emotes, hey, i dont got no type. Bad is the only thing i like Music, you are the man of this twitch thing, paw patrol roll.

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