Vampire: The Masquerade, Battle royale game, Vampire, Early access First Bloodhunt EARLY ACCESS GAMEPLAY!!! *THIS GAME IS SO FIRE* | Bloodhunt – Early Access PC

I cant even tell you guys how long ive been waiting for this, not too long, because i got to play. You know the closed test beta, but that made me even more anxious for when the game fully released now its. Finally, in early access – and this is the first hour of early access literally just came out – i downloaded it as soon as i could and im not gon na lie to you, guys, man, im addicted to this game, so yeah i had a pretty decent game. Man hope you all enjoy it. Man lets go. This is our first game. I dont even know where to spawn im gon na spawn over the slaughterhouse lets, get it man, ah im, so excited robin waiting for blood hunt to come out for so long. All right lets do it. Man lets do it holy. I dont even want that. No cow use up this armor real, quick, all right. First feed i hear shooting going on over there, though lets go, see whats what theyre talking about over here geez. I wish this guy was a little faster, though Music. Your tries good Music all right that last one was a fluke buzz. I was just warming up. I i honestly gave it to that guy. To be honest, to be fair, i think i hear somebody over here. Whats up come on man holy first kill. Oh my god. Let me reload everything. All right boys lets go im, not gon na lie.

This is nerve wracking. For me. I dont know why. Damn this game looks so good man, they got it down. Lets try to get over this guy get body bro i couldnt feed on them. Sorry, i couldnt really heal up man. That boy got turned on a little bit. Nah im, not gon na lie that was a little trash. All right were back up. Full health were doing all right. Man were doing decent. I dont even want to mess with the security guards. Did i grab that armor or my full on armor? All right lets get up to the rooftop it your trust. I got him holy. Oh, my god, man, my hearts racing holy all right. Thats three kills on the on the charts. Man three kills on the charts were not doing too bad 12 people left. I need to upgrade my weapons though yeah thats facts, i think, did he have a blue aka yeah he did enemy spotted lets. Go, go, go, go come on man, you tried it buddy. That was a decent attempt. What the im gon na heal up wait. Am i lagging, did i let go Music? What the hell is this bro, please tell me, i didnt lag out Music. Oh that looks so dope in there. What is this? Oh snap, Music, yeah yall hear that thats just fire. Oh, should i grab this for smg yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. This is fire.

Oh Music, come on. Man go up Music Music whats over here; nothing, nothing good man! All right! I i i just keep it pushing Music circles closing again nine seconds thats good somebody called in baths over there Music im honestly im trying to play this so carefully lets go that was actually a decent one. Oh this man had a purple ak. Oh my god! I hear someone Music Music, no id rather die to the gas than him. Oh, my god i can make it. I could potentially make it go, go! Go please please! No! This was such a good game. Oh my god. Damn that was my best game. Five kills man. Should we watch this to see how the top three places like plays out damn, i could have got it honestly. I could have got it bro, like the people in that lobby werent. Even that good. To be honest, im not that good, but they like they werent better lets, be fair man. I dont know how i lost that one. Okay, i played this guy, i mean at least i didnt. Let him get my stuff bro youre, not touching the purple ak. So i dont know what hes rocking with and he seems to be decent man. He seems to be all right, uh he finally spotted somebody took some shots. I mean those werent really good shots. You probably should have waited until you got a little closer. To be honest, popped, a couple more shots at him.

It i mean if i was this guy, i wouldnt be taking these shots from this far away, but i can get his passiveness like hes. A little scared. I mean it is top three or what two people left. Oh, if thats the last guy, then i would push him. Oh, oh, were live boys um, thats gon na, be it for this one im not gon na lie im low key like really addicted to this game, so you guys could expect a lot. You know a lot more gameplays for this. From me, blood hunt is like dumb fire man. I cant wait to see what comes of the battle pass in the future of the game.

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