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Royale game thats just released on steam early access for free, its completely free to play pc only at the moment and its called blood hunt. This is about royal game set in the vampire mass grade universe and i think its the most stylish battleground game ive ever played its a lot of fun and its well worth your time. So in this video youre going to see a bunch of gameplay and ill. Also explain kind of how this game works and how its different from other games. If you liked the video dont forget to like and subscribe – and let me know in the comments, have you played this? What do you think of it? Are you excited about it? Have you seen any other battle, royale games that youre really excited about so blood hunt is a battle game like i said you start in solos or trios, and then its last person surviving or last team surviving one of the big things that makes it stand out, Though is that you have these kind of archetype, vampire, archetypes, so youre always playing as a vampire, but you choose what type of vampire you are theyre split into six archetypes theres, three different clans and they all like share a perk. So each clan has its own perk so, whether its that you can jump really high or you can go invisible or you can sort of send this projection yourself that you can teleport later to then each of the six archetypes has a passive trait and an active Ability thats unique to them, and some of these are really really cool, so, like one person can leave this kind of gas bomb, thats like a proximity, mine and everyone can send bats out its like a uav.

One can do this ground. Pounder throws enemies up into the air theres really interesting stuff that completely changes the way you play when you spawn into a game you get to choose where youre going to spawn the whole thing takes place in prague, which is really beautiful, its really nice, its a Very dense city, which is kind of interesting, very different from a lot of battle. Royale games, you choose where youre going to spawn and then you actually see a uav ping of where other people have chosen to spawn near you. So you can choose if you want to move further away from them or closer to where theres lots of people its up to you, then, just at the last few seconds you get to see where everybodys going to spawn its kind of interesting. When you start the game, you need to loot up its that typical thing of picking up loads of loot. You dont have loadouts or anything like that, so its just what you can find and what you can get from enemies that you kill. If you tap x, you get this sort of special vampire vision thing where you can see where lukes going to be. You cant necessarily see what it is, but you can see where it is so you can go and explore and you can also see where civilians are that have these special auras. If you go and feed on about on a civilian, so you suck their blood and theyve got one of these special auras.

It gives you a buff and you can have a certain number of these buffs active any one time they do things like reduce the cooldown on your abilities or give you a bit of healing. You can increase the number of buffs you can have by draining players or draining the strongest sort of types of npcs that are called entities. Theyre really strong, actually theyre, like these big sort of soldier, guys with machine guns with laser sights on when youre fighting a bunch of them, they can kill. You really really quick, so you have to be careful, try and pick them off from a distance in terms of the weapons theres, all sort of normal guns, youd expect like assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles stuff like that theres also, a mini gun theres, some crossbows fire Explosive bolts and theres a bunch of melee weapons that all have kind of a bonus attack, so the katana is one of my favorites, where you can actually deflect bullets, which is really really cool. Um theres also some thats like curved blades, that let you dive forwards and attack theres some really really interesting stuff in there, and it means youve got loads of choices. I really like the melee builds, i think, thats a lot of fun at the moment. Um, but obviously trying to close the distance in on someone is really really hard. One of the big differences from any other battle, royale game that ive played is the movement you can climb up.

Walls super super quick. You can jump a really long way. You can do this kind of slide jump that sends you so far away, and it means that when youre fighting, because the time to kill is quite long, it takes a long while to fight someone. You end up chasing each other across rooftops. So most of the gameplay takes place in the rooftops, which i think is really cool. It looks really awesome and you get these kind of insane gunfights, where youre chasing people around using all of your different abilities. Obviously it attracts loads of attention, said more people will come in and try and third party you, i think, its a lot of fun. Its kind of chaotic at the moment, because theres no kind of meta thats been established, it seems like shotguns, are really good at the end. I personally think that the melee stuff is really strong, but obviously it leaves you wide open if people are shooting you from distance. If people can keep that distance, it means that youre going to really really struggle. They have changed melee quite significantly, so you get health back with your attacks and that really that does help it a whole bunch, especially if youve got a passive trait, where you take less damage. If youre close to someone those two things combined mean you can do some pretty crazy things with melee weapons, but if people are good, they can sort of zone you out and then you wont be able to chase up them so ill.

Leave you with some gameplay ill leave you some of the fun that we had streaming this. If you want to catch me streaming, its forward, slash geeky pastimes. If you want to see more content about this, let me know and, like i said, dont forget to like and subscribe. I mean a lot of this its like. I really like this stage of a battery out where everyones trying to work out the meta like everyones, trying to work out what the best guns are, all that good stuff, Music bloodstream. Just for everyone, a player get some health recharge, Music, Music. Oh im dead, im dead, im dead, im dead. Oh i can do it. I need a melee weapon. I really need to find a money weapon now, so there we go. That was a bit messy. Oh god, when do i get this okay? That katana is amazing. You can deflect bullets and actually hit them with them. Oh okay, i dont have any armor other than that. That went pretty well yeah. I know, but, but i kind of had to do that didnt. I because that guy was weirdly just out in the open Music yeah that was sick like deflecting the bullets was amazing. Oh my god, im gon na die to the bloody, oh, no, no, no! No! No! No! No god damn those guys theyre hardcore. The sword does not work against them very well: Music, Music. So there we go hmm armor thats.

What i wanted thats, what i came this way for Music, any more armor, oh god, damn it couldnt! Do it that time. I didnt realize that guy was just standing there.

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