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Let me know you downloaded. This is where i like to drop man, because then you go up top and you get the chest theres a kid coming this way i think see. Now we got a gold ak right off rip so like were set for the game right with the gold ak, so whered that other kid go. He just ran away. Sheesh someones, getting the hang of the game. Miss you homie miss you too, man were gon na. Go play some apex start popping in more often again, now im not busy all right, bro thanks for the good content, of course bro always. I hope you have fun on apex. Man well get some games in once this uh fourth of july shits. Over with you know, yo what you already know baby, you already know. Is there another kid here we need to find a police car, so we can get some uh heels and then a cop car for bandages vibrations. There should be a chest in here, too cool. Oh purple tommy. I almost want to hide that all right we do have katanas. So if we can get some buffs going, some melee buffs probably use the katanas just need to find more orange buffs teenagers it there. We go theres some shooting. Finally, bro wheres. This pop it off at were just popping off at my yeah that kid just went flying bro. Actually, i need to see if that kid had played its like.

Did his go to the ground? I guess not: Music, Music, so Music do Music. 69 lets go this sucks that we just wasted our armor on those kids, though theres no other armors up here. Oh, is there two kids left ones still in here, isnt he camping, maybe not theres, a police car. Is there any shields in the back? Yes, there is lets, go poggers. I swear if im going against thor again dude im pissed. There is final circle. Whats good he been lurking word up. Evo game looks fun. This game is mad cool, dude, whats good. Are you trying to get this dub bro, but yeah its definitely cool man a lot of glitches, but uh definitely definitely fun if you like battle royales, if you dont like battle, royales youre, not gon na, have fun and if youre a sweaty gamer, because the kids In this game are pretty sweaty, which you are a sweaty gamer, so youll like it. It feels a lot like road company, though road company with vampires. I like brs yeah.

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