Wario, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!, Nintendo Switch ORBULON MINIGAMES! WarioWare: Smooth Moves Gameplay 100% Walkthrough Part 12!

This is post game. We already saw the end credits, which was really cool uh. You guys got to see me dance in the previous one, which was really fun. You guys didnt get the full body dance. My arms were kind of cut off by this invisible force right over here, but it was still really fun anyway, uh yeah. So what is he saying its called the diner? Alright, what does he say about the diner? Uh greetings, earthling, im orbelon. My stage requires that you connect the balance stone to the form baton. I will show you a mysterious form. I learned on the remote planet, its called the dyna, the balance stone. Oh my we are going to connect the balance stone. We have two now called the diner outer space. Hes got a pig looking ship is that, like an earthbound reference, oh dude, a nunchuck landed and crashed into him wow. What was that boom? Oh, i love orbeez. You guys remember sketch, remember sketch here it is the nintendo wii remote and then the nunchuck controller incorporated into the main story of the game. How cool is that whats happening? Oh hes, reading the script there, it is oh wallet of the diner hes got a fork and knife balance stone in your left hand and the form baton in your right. Stay vigilant. The battle for seconds is always such its true man. The battle for seconds end up the diner – oh great, oh great, wow, wow – that requires brain capacity.

Music, Music, oh hi, hello, there. What were you doing in that? I dont know what that means. How do i know what is dont drop? Wipe down? Music, okay, yeah yeah thats, like a mario party, minigame, the diner Music match one Music. What dance monkey dance, dance monkey dance? Oh man, thats funny dance monkey match. Oh my gosh, i dont know Music, good job, good job service animal. This is how you ride a bike in real life. Yeah get to the goal: baby yeah handle bars, no handlebars a jack in the box; wow thats, easy; okay, the diner, a like im done: hey im over here, stranded cat im, a stranded cat; oh so easy! I can memorize that all day is that all day, three things to memorize lets go boss stage: the diner okay, oh yo, you want some of this afro boy lets go afro boy. What you want! What you want? Oh get up! What you want lets go lets. Go lets. Go lets, go lets, go. Do you know about that? Afro child yeah, yeah? What you want! Oh i didnt even do the double yeah thats, the guy, where the nose hairs grows out of his face. Yeah afro, actual boy, oh, were ascending. Now lets go afro boy, ill line this ship in the name of orbilon, give it back yo yo yo what happened boom? It lands back down, it does not crumble, but it kicks him out and he blasts off.

Okay, that was kind of cool. Oh, we unlocked the final level of the game thats mike and thats, dr kreigor grandpa, and then we got another little uh arcade and then were gon na go over here to orbeez were gon na. Do it again, because these mini games are actually kind of cool. Oh here we go, this one is the diner forward. Unwrap were gon na pull it yeah yeah. So i didnt realize that there was three different forms of the diner until halfway through the previous run. This is diner b, where theyre pointing forward right up Music. The red up seems pretty easy. The diner bee dont drop wrong, frank, frank, whats, his name, something thats, relatively easy, thats, easy level. One is easy man. Oh here we go dino b, dont drop. I learned dinner a diner c land. I dont. What is this? I dont know it worked. Diner, a dance, monkey, dance, dance monkey, oh my gosh thats, so funny, Music hamster wheel, the diner see save. Oh. I got you. I got you yeah way to go service dog, you saved the drowning child. It did your job good boy, oh yeah, getting ready and then were gon na ride. Look at here, disembodied hands. I love those minigames theyre. So simple, you two little actions and youre done dinar a memorize, yeah yeah one, two, two Music, diner egg, im a cat im a cat or was that a i dont dog im a cat come rescue me all right! Lets go afro boy, its time, its actually time what you want.

What you want lets go lets go oh ouch, dude wow. He legit punched me in the face once i thought it was auto blocking Music. Oh my gosh, okay! I got ta pose after that. One man here goes give me a good one, good one. This is the what hello theres the what is the hello, what like the cups and you had like cups and a string and somehow that transferred sound over Music. These are level twos. These are harder. Monkey lets, go yes, primitive monkey, two people running huh, thats hard, but we havent lost yet grab get one get one get one get one get one. If i keep on saying get one ill get one put in put it in Music. Oh here you go land get to land hold on hold the other, the other go Music. You know one armed man swims in a circle, one armed man swims in a circle doesnt. He can. I not do that. One thanks! A 3 1 youre joking cool man. Im done im out of here. Those mini games are hard, but we had a good time. I guess Music were gon na stop orbee lens mini games, probably not the best one and im glad they saved them for the end, because those were legit. Tough Music, like you, had to be like all right: three, three and one you had to twist this one and do that one and some of them were just like a lot of double movement.

Youre. Just like wait, ive been playing this game the whole time with one and now youre introducing a second one. Wait a second. Anyway. It was a fun time: uh yeah, thats, orbilon uh, the semi finale episode right. We got one more to do and that ones going to be uh. The doctor, chrygle yeah last one and then were all set and done with warioware smooth moves ready for the next one, its gon na be a great time anyway. You guys are the best thanks for watching thanks for posing along with me with every single pose. I know you guys are standing up and doing that which is great im, not the only one doing it good all right, but then thats it well see you on the next exciting episode of warioware. Smooth moves.

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