Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Basics Frames Tutorial (Projects IT).

Do this one real, quick and just getting the ellipse tool and lets go put our properties panel over here and lets get our layers panel out here. You dont have to drag this out. Every time i just like to have it close by so lets create a new layer lets call this circle. One hold down shift and drag to get a nice perfect circle, and we can duplicate this layer duplicate layer. I have a copy i can drag this over, but sometimes when i just use my mouse and i drag it over its not like perfectly lining up – i get these little pink smart guides that are going to help me snap things in position, but if you were To do make a duplicate hold down the shift key and drag and itll kind of put it in this line for you, so you dont have to sit there and try to perfectly guess it lets. Try that one more time im going to make a duplicate right, click, duplicate layer, im going to take that duplicate, im going to hold down shift and drag and its going to just keep it right in the same line. Lets make these different colors. I can select my object. I have the move tool im, just selecting my object, clicking on it go over to appearance. I can change this to red click over here. I can change this to yellow. So the goal of the exercise is to create three circles and move them in the layering system to create this arrangement with the center circle on top of the other two.

So this is how i have it selected see the center is on the top. So what i want to do is i want to find this orange one. So this is the orange one. I can label these to make it easier on myself, but its this one right here. I have it selected im just going to move this on top, so that seems really simple but whats great about this is i can have these overlap in any way imaginable and once i label them it makes it a lot easier. So if i have this as orange and yellow, i can go ahead and – and this seems really basic, but when you have 50 layers it is so good to be able to to really understand that layering system. So the next thing were going to talk about is photos. How do we add photos in photoshop were going to talk about editing, photos and future videos, but right now its just about adding and bringing in photos into photoshop? I get a lot of student questions about how do you bring photos in and theres lots of different ways to bring in photos? So one of my favorite ways to bring in photos is using the frame tool. So what the frame tool does is it creates lets. Go ahead and find it over here on our toolbar: this is the frame tool and what it does is it helps to bring in photos and a predetermined shape, so lets say i i know i want to have a photo of this rectangular size heres.

What im going to do im going to get the frame tool im going to click and drag and go ahead and try to form a rectangle, so youll see this little cross lines. That means thats a frame and that you can drag in photos from your computer right into the frame itll automatically populate in that shape and crop it right there on that shape. So lets take a photo that ive downloaded online and i can click and drag this. Just right over it im just going to click it right in its going to automatically populate and frame it, and i could take the move tool. I can move this around move. My frame around lets say i want to zoom in on her but keep the same frame. I can double click on the image, so im going to try that again its going to select it double click on the image and then i can take these transform controls and i can make her a little bit bigger and it still keeps the frame size which Is really nice i can press on enter and there she is cropped and there were going to create that again. So we are going to create a frame. Weve got our frame tool. Lets match this rectangle right here perfectly lets go ahead and bring an image in. It could be any image and heres the challenge extend the frame to cover the space and frame the photo properly in the extended space.

So as we studied before, we can double click. The photo and be able to crop the photo within this frame, but i want to be able to extend that frame outward so im going to kind of zoom in so you can kind of see what im selecting here so im going to click. The frame youll see like a little blue outline im going to click it again. Im gon na be able to bring it out and extend it outwards. Press enter so youll notice. I extended the frame, see i extended it out, but the photo is cropped right there. So what i need to do is double click the photo and extend that out just like that, so thats one way to bring in photos theres many different ways, but we can also do it with a circle. If i go up to my frame tool right here, youll notice, an extra circle option has loaded up here at the top, so we could click on circle and then we can create a circle frame and drag it into a circle space. You could double click the photo to move the photo around, maybe crop it get the move tool, get those transform controls thats, how you get the transform controls as you go to the move tool, and then i press enter or if i want to change the frame. I just select the frame and bring it out theres other ways to add photos.

Im going to show you really quickly. I can go to file new im just going to create a new document im just going to create what we already had go down to create. I can do a file place, so this is another way to bring in photos. You go to file youre gon na, go down to place embedded and were gon na, be able to place an embedded photo and itll just bring it in press enter, and we have a separate photo layer that you can make a little bit bigger and it works Really well thats one way to do it theres another way i like to do it. You can drag a photo right in there without a container, so lets say were in here and i can just drag it right in you. Dont have to have a frame. You do not have to have a frame, but what its going to do is its going to bring it in at like a full resolution. So you just have to take it and then scale it. How you like to so a couple different ways to bring in photos, you could just drag them right in you can drag them into a frame whatever youd like to do so. Next thing were going to do.

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