Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Retiring PHOTOSHOP Features. How to keep them working.

In this video. Im going to tell you why and what you can do about it. If you want to continue to use them., Hey Cafe, crew Colin Smith, here from Lets talk about 3D inside of Photoshop., So Photoshop Extended back in CS3. They added extended, which gave us 3D video and the ability to work with medical imaging.. So recently, if youve launched Photoshop when you go up – and you change your workspace to the 3D workspace youre gon na get this message., Photoshops 3D features are being discontinued.. Many 3D features are not working. Properly. Click, the more Details link if you want to read: Adobes official tance and everything, click on the OK button., But let me summarize it for you., So Adobes 3D is built on OpenGL.. A few years ago, GPUs became very popular in computers and there was an API that was used which was cross platform.. That means that what works on Windows works on Mac and it was Open GL., But over the years the different platforms have started to develop their own Direct X with Windows and, of course, Metal on Mac.. Because of this, a lot of open GL things are being retired and not being updated, and now theyre, not working anymore.. So Adobe is faced with two options. One update all the 3D features to work with DirectX on Windows or to work with Metal on Mac or just yank them out and have these barely functioning features gone.

, So whats gon na happen to your 3D Photoshop files. Well, the good news is in the future, the versions of Photoshop that are not going to have 3D youre, still able to open your files that have 3D content.. What its gon na do is its just gon na rasterize, the appearance of it unless you actually come in and rasterize that layer, its going to remain a 3D object, but youre not going to be able to manipulate it or scale it or change it or anything. Like that., You can just treat it as a regular layer. And as long as you dont rasterize, that if you open it in an earlier version of Photoshop, youre still going to have access to that 3D object., Its still going to work. Now theyre going to remove The ability to import or export 3D. Theyre going to remove the ability., Obviously all the 3D tools that we have there will be gone.. Vr 360 will be gone.. The ability to do 3D printing will be gone. And sadly, theyre also removing the lighting effects filter.. Now the sad thing about that, for me is a lighting effects was not originally GPU dependent.. It was actually built as a separate plugin, which has been in Photoshop for many many years.. Then, when things started moving to the GPU, they built a new version of I dont know. If you guys remember, they did a 16 bit version of it and it sort of worked for a while and it stopped working.

. They dropped it to a 8 bit version, and a lot of you probably are very well aware that its very very buggy, because Ive done some tutorials on it, and sometimes it works, and Sometimes it doesnt.. This is the problem that Adobe is having.. What I really wish Adobe would do is go back and find the old version of that plugin before they completely rebuilt it to work on it and just put that back in there. Guys, throw us a bone. Please let us have that. And then we could just go ahead and keep using it like. We have for many years., But for now all of those features are going to be removed from Photoshop.. So that gives you two choices. One to continue to work with 3D inside of Photoshop or two do something else. Im going to answer both of those issues for you right, now. Number one. If you want to continue to work with 3D inside of Photoshop. This is what you want to do.. If you look up to Photoshop youll, see about Photoshop, we see were in version 22.5.. Now. What you want to do is go up under Preferences and Technology Previews. Under Technology Previews, you have the ability to deactivate native canvas.. Now, if youre going to be working a lot of 3D, this is a great option.. We go up under the Creative cloud., Then what you want to do is go to where it says.

Photoshop. And as you can see here, Ive got an earlier version of Photoshop running.. You can see theres 22.5, but you can go and choose. Theres an ellipsis and you can look for other versions.. So this is going to give you other versions of Photoshop.. So what I would recommend you do right now, if you want to continue to use, it, is go in and install a 21 point. Anything. 21 two would work and notice Ive got it installed.. The reason I have this is because I can run two versions of Photoshop, so thats 2021 and look at this.. Photoshop 2020 is also running, so you can run them both at the same time., So use Photoshop 2020 for 3D. For now.. Now I say for now.. So around about the time of Max is when they do the full release, which would be Photoshop. 2022 v23.. Maybe theyre gon na call it., We dont know, but its gon na be the next version., So its gon na be 23.. So that means you can run 23 and 22 simultaneously.. So when that time happens, install the 22.0. Use that for your 3D and just keep it forever., Now. Adobe, says theyre going to support this for up to two years.. So, Im not sure if that means its going to be updates or anything like that in there.. But what Im doing right now is running version 21.. Okay. So what is the other option if you dont want to run two versions of Photoshop.

Okay? So if you go into Creative cloud here, one of the things youll notice when we choose graphic design or anything like that., You might notice that I have Dimensions here because its installed., But you might notice that dimensions has been removed., And this is because Adobe is Moving all the 3D., If we click on the 3D tab here to Substance., So Dimension is now Substance Stage, which is where we can put together. 3D elements render them 3D painter.. So Substance is a company that Adobe acquired a while ago, and actually it does very, very good for texture mapping and different things like that for creating textures.. So this is what Substance 3D Painters used for that weve got sample designer. Theyre, building a suite of products for 3D.. Now the downside of that is that it doesnt come with your creative cloud.. So if youre, not a huge heavy, 3D user, dont get rid of Dimension.. If you have Dimension, I dont uninstall it because you might never be able to install it again. And if you want to use the newer, updated version, Substance, youre gon na have to try it or buy it., And this is how much it is.. The Substance collection is essentially 50, a month. Right now, its 40 a month.. So to summarize, if you want to continue to do 3D, just make sure you have an older version of Photoshop installed., But just remember the writing is on the wall.

At some point. Theyre pushing this into Substance, which is going to be a separate subscription., But now for people that are using 3D professionally theres a lot of good things there in Substance and its worth checking out. Just really depends who you are and what youre doing, whether or not You want to continue on this path., So I hope this video has helped. You understand why theyre retiring 3D. And also what you need to do is continue using 3D in Photoshop.. So anyway, let me know your thoughts in the comments underneath.. Hopefully this was helpful. And if you guys like this hit that subscribe button turn on notifications and you wont miss any of my videos. So anyway guys do me a favor. Hit that thumbs up., That, like button., It helps us with the YouTube algorithm. Look for more Tutorials from me.

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