Fallout 76, World, Bethesda Custom Worlds – Fallout Worlds First Impressions and Review

One is public worlds and the other is custom worlds, which is unfortunately, locked behind fallout first um, but i ended up buying a month of it and you can get a free month. If you go by game pass at the moment, you can get one free month of fallout first with that, and you can try out custom worlds if you want, but i bought a month of of fallout first just to try it out. I wanted to set up a survival world, so that was kind of interesting, because i ran into issues where some of the things that you can change in the game had poorly written descriptions and that was probably like my biggest annoyance other than the price of fallout. First is that some of the settings were not as descriptive as they could have been and kind of messed up the game a little bit, but you can always edit those. But if you look through the settings you can find that there is actually quite a bit there. You can change some of the gameplay settings for combat the general settings and workshop and i was kind of hoping thered be more so uh for my live stream. From earlier today, i wanted to do a survival world and try to make it kind of realistic, and it was kind of hard to do, because there was a lack of certain settings like affecting how much certain item types way affecting your player carry weight affecting how Much vats you have or affecting how many, how much ap you have disabling vats stuff like that and that wasnt available to make a pseudo realistic survival world.

But i did end up having you know: finding a good balance between increasing the difficulty and just playing regular fallout 76. I actually feel like there would be a lot of potential here, because there are a good amount of settings that you can play around with uh enable disable and find combinations that just make the game like outrageously fun, but maybe not like absurd, like the trailer where Youve had infinite ammo and nuclear levels of ragdoll force, but um. Fortunately it is fun and for anyone that doesnt want to buy fallout first and play the custom worlds, you can play the public worlds which are free and those have a rotating uh theme. This first theme, i believe, is camp based, so you can build wherever you want and build as much as you want. But overall i feel like there is a good amount of content in fallout worlds at the moment, but there is room for improvement. The only other issue i find is the price. Unfortunately, it is 12.99 for fallout first and it is required for custom worlds. So it is really hard to sell custom worlds um, but if there are plans for updates later down the road, maybe adding new settings uh, adding even better uh customization, maybe it would be, it would be worth it. But for the time being, im just going to enjoy the one month that i have now and maybe ill buy another month later on when, if theres another update for the previous several expansions for the game, i gave uh scores kind of like on review sites.

Those are on screen right now and i think, while i was doing this unscripted video, i decided that it is going to get a 7.5 out of 10 from me because it has room for improvement and its not bad its just its just lacking. It needs more for you to be able to truly change how the game plays um and the price. The price is a huge issue um. Hopefully they will do more free fallout firsts um, but the positives is that it does allow for a lot of creativity and both fallout first and non fallout. First, people can use it, which is great and its really enjoyable, and it has a lot of potential. Like i said before, i would say: seven and a half is pretty fair for this. Considering wastelanders is about the same, but i feel like it was a little too um a little too harsh on wastelanders anyways. If you enjoyed this video and watch to the end, thank you so much for watching. I really do appreciate it. Please dont forget to comment.

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