Fallout 76, World, Bethesda ill Be Fallout 76's Testing Ground For Bethesda's Wildest Ideas

Now the brotherhood of steel has shown up theres, build loadouts, legendary perks and private worlds, and with those private worlds is a brand new update, called fallout worlds. Where bethesda is seemingly handing us the keys to the proverbial kingdom here to tell us all about that is mark tucker and bo buchanan from bethesda game studios? Gentlemen, hello, hello, howdy howdy. How are you yeah its texas? We have to say howdy, sorry, yeah, howdy, oh okay, sorry im in california, we dont we dont, do a lot of howdies here, although i do say yall a lot so there you go see it in your face uh. So for the uninitiated bo. Can you give us a rundown on exactly what fallout worlds is uh sure, um fallout worlds um with the latest update is the ability to have your own custom server, so were adding two different things to the game. Um, one of them is custom servers. One of them is public worlds. Both of them are being able to add your own world settings, uh and basically weve added a lot of uh knobs, split progression and a bunch of other things, so that you can kind of tell your own story and decide how you want the experience to be So, with public worlds were going to kind of curate custom worlds for everyone, regardless of fallout. First or not, you can come play that we have lots of them available, whether its a happy builder world that increases your ability to build things.

Dweller must die, is kind of like an in the dark horror y, more difficult world. Everybody can come play. Those were going to rotate through them. Right now were going to do one a month, well see what the community wants with that, where they want it. More often, less often what happens with all the stuff is you can immediately import your adventure character onto them, so you can just pick up exactly where you want and start playing in a fallout world uh, but nothing comes back right because were letting you change all These crazy settings and do all these things we want to give people as much power as we can in the long term. You can never affect kind of the adventure game in the main game or your achievements score those kind of things yeah. So, with the public worlds, lets touch on that first, what okay, so its like a playlist right, its like happy builder and theres, a few other things. What happens to that? You guys said you wanted to switch them out about once a month, correct, yeah were planning on trying to have one um rotating them out every month, yeah. So what happens to the progress on that world? You know happy builder, i build this giant base and then you guys switch the you know the mode over what happens to that base. I built on happy builder mode right now. The best way to think of the public worlds is kind of like an extended event.

Um its more like a thing you can come in and try um and you can see what different ways you can play. You can see what kind of play styles there might be. You can see the things that fallout worlds has to offer you um, and then you can just try them out for free and play on them um, but the progression goes away whenever the world does so then, when the next world comes along, you could start over Again from wherever you were in adventure, and then you can play that one for a month, um and then the next adventure kind of goes around with the next public world um. At any moment, i highly recommend people to get some friends get fallout first on one of you and then go make your own custom world where yall can control the settings you want, and then your progression is on that world um for as long as it exists. All right, so i have fallout first now i just need friends got it. What compelled you guys to basically give people dev tools to fallout 76, like the games been out for three years now and youre, like all right now, were gon na give people all these tools to do infinite, ammo and stuff. Like that, what compelled you guys to do that three years in well, i mean you know its uh. I guess in some ways uh were staying true to our roots.

Right i mean when you think about uh bgs games. All bjs games have been really good about providing uh. You know our community, our players with tools to make the experiences that they want in our in our game worlds and uh. So thats kind of the idea. You know our game. Uh has a lot of unique challenges, and you know the complexity is quite high, being a multiplayer game, so theres a lot of things that we had a lot of problems. We had to solve to get to this point so its uh, its its taken us a while to get there and obviously weve been busy doing a lot of other things over the last three years too right. But you know when you, when you get down to it its really, you know uh, im gon na, say something. Beau said uh the other day its were trying to capture the spirit of the modding community with us right its. We want to give players the opportunity to craft their uh own experiences and and sort of redefine the rules in the game um, and this was a great way for us to to move in that direction for for 76. yeah thats, something i actually wanted to ask About so modding is a big thing in fallout, and this is kind of like your guyss way, weve seen mods with fallout 4, where its like build anywhere and, and you know no limits to building you guys – are kind of building that, in is private worlds.

Kind of our first step into being able to mod fallout 76, so ill answer this one um so with with fallout worlds, especially this release of it. I always internally call this one. The framework, its called fallout worlds framework a lot of a lot of time. Internally, and this is, we spend a lot of time working on on fallout worlds and a lot of time trying different things, seeing how it works. Seeing what doesnt and trying to come up with a package and a way for our our players and community to play it and not get really confused right um if youve ever dealt with mods and games, you have to know like the order to load them and Whats going on and they break and they dont work and you might corrupt your game and all these other things. So in 76 you dont just have a save, you can go reload at any time. You know its a live online game, so we spent a lot of time building and thinking about the right way to set up a platform that people can engage in. They can jump in and immediately get some benefit out of and kind of start creating a safe place for these kind of customizations right and in the future. We hope to leverage that to kind of expand down that line and seeing what we can do. But the big note is its still: an online game, um and theres still a lot of players that play it that you know.

We need to make sure that we dont just kind of kill their experience, because someone wants some specific type of mod or other things so were trying to find the right way to do that. How do we build it? The right way um for 76 – and hopefully this is one of the first steps yeah, so theres like a lot of options, and i have a few ideas for for some – i i would like to be added the the first thing i i wanted was infinite: sprint. Infinite sprints not on there being able to run faster, is also not on there uh. Those are just ideas that i have. You can write those down or something like that uh it was, it was actually on there um. We had to turn it off um because there are limitations to games uh that cherokee one was the infinite sprint. Maybe itll itll see time in the future, but it was one of the ones that we had to kind of box for a bit sure yeah. So surprisingly, that breaks our game Laughter. I do appreciate the uh the getting rid of uh ap drain when jumping though thats thats kind of a cause. Like i dont know, i i jump a lot and i just see my ap training so so that being gone is great. So for people like me that instantly this is how it works. You log in you see all these options and then your mind starts going and youre like well, this isnt enough.

So are you guys taking feedback for all these crazy ideas? People are are certain to have oh yeah, i mean, and you can you guys, plan on, like maybe updating it later, thats uh, i mean a lot of it. Oh yes, yes, we are. Okay, sorry, yes yeah! That was. Was it in that meeting yeah a lot of what were uh? You know a lot of what helps guide our our uh decisions on what we do next or is feedback from our community and fans right. So um, you know first step is we got ta? You know get this out there get in front of everybody, and you know its this. A feature like this is going to take time just to get really for to get our fans like get them their heads wrapped around it. Right i mean i and – and you know, beau and ive been talking about this like – were excited to see what they come up with like because theres, so many different permutations of combinations of settings like and where people are going to take this we cant possibly predict Like just seeing what our players do with building of camps in our game is remarkable, theyve done stuff that we would have never anticipated or guessed right. So this kind of feature is in that same vein, right theyre, gon na theyre gon na theyre gon na find some wacky combinations that we didnt even anticipate, and then you know well go from.

There were going to get their feedback theyre going to ask for things like we have a community team thats constantly you know getting their feedback and and communicating with them online. We get a lot of feedback from our public test, server, its yeah, so theres a lot uh and – and we also collect a lot of data right um. So not only do we listen, but we can also see what theyre doing um and so thats gon na help guide, where we take this in the future. Speaking of collecting data, so thats – something i wanted to ask about was lets say you know a billion people uh. You guys have a billion players right uh, they all make a private world and they all and no matter what they choose. They make it. Where you have no ap drain on jumping right, thats, something you guys notice is thats the first thing everybody turns off, maybe not that one specifically, but do you guys picture yourselves seeing what people are doing with these private worlds and possibly even maybe moving that over To the main game, where its like hey, nobody wants ap drain when they jump so lets just make that part of fallout 76 people hate this yeah, i mean you know: thats uh, thats, the beauty of working on an online game like this uh. We continue to change and modify and evolve it and uh yeah. I mean theres, nothing like yeah.

If we see you know consistent behavior and get a lot of feedback on something like im, not going to say we wouldnt do that absolutely we could consider changing that. I mean, i think you know hopefully uh our record shows that were willing to make some pretty significant changes to existing systems. Uh. You know we completely modified and changed how the hunger thirst system works, so its not punitive but its more of a bonus system. So theres a lot of things that were were willing to adjust and change to improve the the player experience uh for everybody. So yeah, like you know, maybe uh, hopefully im not sparking, like some kind of you know, new reddit trend, where everybodys going to jump in and like pick one thing and suddenly were going to be like turns out, nobody wants to pick up ammo anymore. We never want to reload, we wanted to just shoot forever. We want to be able to jump three stories into the air. I mean you know along those lines i will say i will say that tucker and i talk about this kind of stuff all the time right, um. So its always funny when we have these conversations because everyones like what about x and were like yeah weve, talked about that a lot. So one of the things that we can do with a tool like this is we can try out stuff to see how the game behaves with it, and we can try out stuff to see how users use it without having to put it in the main game And live with it forever right, so something that might affect things in a way that we cant predict.

This is a way where we can actually look to see. How does it do? What does it do? Do we want to put it in the main game? No, it needs to stay here, um and you were asking earlier about like. Are we in expand settings on those we added? I think 30 ish at launch, which is a lot of settings and we kind of had to start slapping our own hand and saying? Okay, no thats enough, like no, we cant, add any more because we kept wanting to add more like were all gamers. We all love doing this stuff. Ive got a list of like 200 brainstormed ideas that i i only add to with all the stuff. The communitys coming up with, because you know we watch all the videos and read all the threads, and we have people that their entire job is getting this feedback to us. Um and our community comes up with great ideas that we like. I love that they always they have a wand. Theyre like just do this. It should take you like a week and were like how long would that take well its way longer than a week, but still a good idea, infinite running. It sounds easy, but apparently infinite running. I tell you, we did it. I put it in and i had to remove it. Um theres been a lot of things like that, its like what could go wrong. Well, sadly, a few things go wrong with it, but its yeah yeah.

But if you havent tried maybe one day you should try infinite bats because thats one of my favorites yeah yeah. Well, what i picture is i i kind of want to make my own. Like story mode where its like, i can play through the quest without the you know, thats why i wanted to be able to run forever but stuff, like you know, like i said, no jumping, ap drain and infinite advance and now theres difficulty options. So if you want, you could put it on easy. If you wanted to uh the first one i tried and i i had messed around with so many settings. I had turned on the proximity spawner and i had the game on hard and i didnt understand what was happening. I just was like dying all the time and im like where are these dogs coming from and they i like, went to my camp and then theres robots surrounding me and im like dude. What is this so i go back through and im like oh player, proximity spawning yeah. I probably shouldnt have started with that youre right thats. What that means. I looked up what proximity meant and i was like got it all right there. It is uh. So final question the pts says – and this is kind of a mod thing right its like it says, depending on what you do with the game. It could alter uh the performance of the game.

Now fallout 76 does run on playstation, 4 and xbox one. Are you guys worried about people getting a little too out of hand with building and like someone logs into the ps4 version like a base, ps4 version they just like its running at like 10 frames? A second, or do you guys have something in place just in case to like to stop that from happening. So our statement in general – and i we love like i – love having like pillars on things right where its just like hey. If youre thinking about an answer for something, you should have a little guiding statement for you and one of those with worlds has always been kind of. Let players make mistakes right, give them the power to choose what they want to do so as long as youre not causing long term corruption. As long as youre, not like affecting other players that didnt opt into it as long as youre, not doing something like that. Were trying to let people choose what they think is acceptable right so, like the big one is weve talked to a lot of builders that are like i dont care. If i have five frames, a second, if im building a huge thing, i just want to be able to build this huge thing that i want to see. Take a picture of and be able to do it right right so like if youre doing that by yourself on your own server and youre, not affecting other people and youre.

Okay. With that wed like to give you the opportunity to be able to do that, and we cant guarantee it on every situation you might have, but its up to you, if its not working, then just lower the setting down a little bit thats. One of the reasons why i like on public worlds, youll see theres like a like, partially relaxed for happy builder versus, like the full relaxed on um your custom world. It wasnt that we were trying to get you to go, buy fallout first, and we wanted to play that it was that with public worlds, theyre available for everyone right, like you, can step in and do this and you dont really have a choice of what the Setting is so we put those on so that some of the more um lower frame rate areas potentially in the world. You cant, put a camp on because some people might not be able to handle that. But if youre on your own world and youve opted into that and youre with your buddies and you want to put a camp in the middle of white springs or something like that, go for it right like you chose to do that, and we want to support That we want players to be able to make choices like that and do the cool things they want because theyre worth it for them all right. Well, i guess well find out starting today, because fallout worlds is out now congrats on the launch, guys and uh im sure youll be watching very closely to see what the community does to your game.

Thanks for uh, thanks for talking with us and telling everybody about it, awesome. Thank you. Thank you very much. Remember. Fallout worlds is available in fallout 76 on all platforms, so you can check all this out for yourself right now. Let us know what you think of fallout worlds in the comments below and for everything else. Fallout 76.

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