Jeezy, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane BREAKING: Things Just Took A Turn For The Worst For Bobby Smurda

Hop news. Uncensored hit me up right now. I advertise at thats advertised at hiphop. Un.Com hit me asap very affordable rate now to our regularly scheduled its just a lot. I think he responds genuinely think. Jason responded to dave and i do yeah. I do and well never know he never going to talk to us about the maybe he will. Maybe he wont but yeah, maybe black ball man, but the things he said was interesting and i think that if he was – and i think even the haven was kind of elaborating to the point that he was talking about it well then lets ask the questions. Lets talk about what he said. Definitely definitely what i want to do this last story about bobby then im going to want to do this quick review on this song and get a live review from what you think about the song. Your live reaction, but over the weekend, man bobbys murder got into a scuffle with a fan, and i mean i made america in philadelphia, now uh pretty much it was captured. You know um on video, some of the altercation and somebody apparently threw something at him and he tried to actually rush them. You know um now his security apprehended him. You know in time, but you just got to think in a situation. The reason im bringing this up because you got a man on parole, you know and um, obviously its like somebody throws in that youre gon na go after them parole probation.

I dont care if the fed just sit right next to like you do something at me. I get that, but it could have been bad sam man if you would have jumped in that you know audience hit. The dude beat him up. Itd have been on camera. It aint like the old days bobby social media, wasnt pop. When you got locked up now. Everythings getting caught as you can see, tmz has this: they got the bible getting thrown all that and they got you going after the people. So bobby talk about bobby man and um how this situation really could have ended up going somewhere. You know he would have violated pretty much if he would have went after this person, and probably maybe even still could be. You know i mean if he had. If he had a you know, real uh, um, anal, probation or parole officer still been in this situation. A million times working in the nightlife industry that ive worked in for over, i used to working for well over a decade, not so much on bobby, and this is his game, so im not even mad at the security security right out there grabbed him got him Out of that situation, dope his team in that situation – and i dont know who had phones, im sure a lot of people in the crowd that you dont know have phones, you cant control, everybody, but right. Nobody on that team should have had their phone out.

Nobody and if anybody on their team saw anybody with a phone tell them to put that down not right now, if you care about bobbys murder, then you need to put that down right now. Yep get that corny ass up out of there. Whoever threw that bottle. Get him up out of there get that out of there get bobby off stage and put your cameras down and thats just some real. I know we live in a day and age where we all want to capture the moment and the moments the thing, and we have these little 13 seconds of fame and before we know it, everybody has it. We feel like were famous for a second. We dont. Remember you the next hour but youre famous for that second, but you got to think about the ramification that come behind it, like you just alluded to hes sitting on probation after sitting behind bars for very serious crime. Federal uh was he in feds uh, im, not im, not sure, if hes in the feds, but he did about seven years. I think yeah took away a lot of his news sitting behind bars. He gets to get out get a new leash on life as his team. That cares about him to alleviate all that nonsense. Like you said, like i said, i cant get you cant control whats, going on in the crowd things like that, but you cant control your circle and yall.

Shouldnt have your phones out and if you can eliminate anybody who does because you got to protect him at all costs, hes the breadwinner hes. The reason why yall out there yeah youre doing no good and nobodys sitting in jail so protect that and it create the crazy part about it. You know another little twist to this thing is that hes on a strict probation, parole and i mean where you have to submit drug tests undergo counseling and the counseling is for aggression and anger management. So this it dont look good its like you know, i get it. I understand the reaction, but you got ta. Let somebody else go after them. You got ta, let you know, you know when youre mad or something you know tell the security go, get them rough them up a little bit whatever the case may be, but you cant get caught. You know i mean doing something like this, because again this was meek mill, he would have been violated and really you know when you look at their rule, they can pretty much violate you at will for any. If you have any kind of contact altercation, they can violate you, i mean i used to be on. You know probation. He used to ask me like something happened to my neighbor. You know anything about that. It was like and they say like if you get it. If you get any police contact that you can be violated, whether it be for car ticket anything, they got the discretion to do that, and now youre artists in the spotlight.

They probably one of the biggest artists right now. People are awaiting your music and for a situation to be like this on tmz, please let this be the last, because you could end up sitting back in there and you got the five year term. I think, on parole. They can make you sit for that five. You could be no seven could turn the 13 14 years so dont. Let this happen again. Bro yeah stay out of there, man and yeah. Just let this be a lesson, learn a hard lesson. Dont, let it happen again. Man yeah please, and i get when i before i get to this this um. This video reveals lets talk about the um. You know our grand opening that we did man over the weekend. It was great man, we had family yeah, you know friends and for people who dont know man, we finally got the studio. You know open for business weve been in this building. Well, i mean we almost went to twitter in january yep close to two years and we just been doing a podcast thing, but now we turned and i like what uh what dom said he said multimedia. You know i mean now we got the multimedia studio. We can bring an artist any genre rock and roll country hip hop. You know into our studio um and do everything a to b that a studio does so. It just felt good man to a lot of times.

When we work a lot, we dont really get. The time to you know, enjoy the fruit of your labor, because its always on to the next thing, always working always on to the next day. But it was good just to have family in here, and you know that and family forget the friend thing: everybodys family. You know i mean anybody was in it that day was family, so it felt good man. I just you know, im just proud to continue to keep on pushing man because it aint over its always like somethings next, but got ta enjoy it when we can yeah and its good to see man and its humbling, and i couldnt help but think about when He was going through a little drama a couple months ago, with youtube and all the personalities within youtube. Oh yeah, we driving in the studio a lot of people saying a lot of negative thats why itll never open. This is why this is why that you dont want to dwell on the negative, but it just feels good, even a little bit of the negative we dealt with and getting the building and having it thought we had it one way, and then people bailing out and Quitting on us and just ducking yeah and not seeing a vision all the way through and then other people ducking and just not seeing the vision all the way through. I couldnt help but to just reflect and thank them for the motivation too, because a lot of what the beautiful things you see in here right now came from motivation not only from just wanting to make sure our families were taken care of, but for the people That doubted us too yeah.

You know what im saying and now we got something tangible that we can carry on for a long time were about to do some damage out here. Some positive things out here and just keep motivating us. Thank you. Yeah man, its a big thing in the area i mean the last person who had the studio of this caliber was rodney jerking. Now our build is not as big as hands and all that, but you know, as far as the engineers that we got the equipment that we got man it its a big thing and im just im excited to be a part of it. At the end of the day, you know what i mean its its crazy and yeah. We dont even know where its going to go man. This is a blessed situation to be able to even employ other brothers and and employ other sisters and just do and branch out and do other things, man and really take these brands to a whole. Another level, definitely like we just envisioned sitting in the car talking about you know, sitting on the back of long chairs and dirty ass backyards. Talking about yeah everything is now coming to fruition that just came from straight hard work. All the obstacles in the way, all the hurdles we had to cross hard work could get you anywhere.

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