Jeezy, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane T.I. Fires Back at Boosie for trying to Kill Lil Nas X after Sleeping with Diddy, JAY-Z

Let that be the law that the law i just because i feel like i respect i respect gays, especially the ones who have the courage and the bravery to step back and live in their truth. Yeah i mean i respect that i think any human being man walk in this earth who has the bravery and the courage to live their truth unapologetically. I respect that, but that i i respect it the same way if youre a heterosexual person. I respect i respect it the same way, so i dont even see what uh, what all the hoopla about some of yall be up in arms and fake caring about cuz. You aint got up going on in your life for real aint. Nothing in the world gon na make me hate nobody just because they do something different in the bedroom than i do. Aint, none of my business aint, none of my business zero, give a damn what you doing put your dick on your ass, your genitals, your period. I dont give a damn that kid who asked me who asked you you dont know what the lie. What did you talking about? Ask me a you want to feel like you can get them get on here and get them express your opinions and say what the you want to say, but because people are celebrities, they just want to shut the up with you. I mean its just, not realistic, but, like i said man, you know what im saying i got a lot of respect for my like look for uh little knobs eggs and, like frank ocean, you know what i mean the who stepped out there, Music honestly with themselves A lot of you are hiding your truth and thats thats the whole thats whats, not respectable.

It wouldnt be the fact that youre gay. It would be the fact that you man you out here friend friend, like you aint, if you is be proud, Music, uh, and then i mean it seems as though okay, what i want people to know from my understanding is you get the energy that you put Out there, okay, you get the energy that you put out there. I dont care who it is like from from a male dominated society that put out a whole bunch of energy like that youre gon na get the opposite: equal opposite energy in return and and thats. Why thats, why you have you know im saying such a strong feminist movement, its gon na be uh uh, uh, overly directed in the area of feminism, because of all the years that it was overly masculine you getting in you get the energy you put out there. You cant make me homophobic because im proud to be a heterosexual, you cant make nobody homophobic, because just because i am proud of what i am dont make me hate what you are period period, bro yeah, i mean you: cant got aint no way to tangle or Twist that bruh aint no way to tangle the twisted aint, no hate aint, no hate in that bruh. If im proud to be black, that dont make me hate, you cause you white. If im proud to be a man thatll make me hate you because youre a woman period yeah, i mean like, for instance, the illuminati egg, the performances and video man.

I got a lot of respect for bro because, like i said he had, you know he had the courage to live its true, but that aint for me it just aint. For me, i got nobody looking at it. Yeah just cant. Look at it. It aint! For me right, but i feel the same way and i dont want my children seeing it either. I dont want my children, seeing it yeah, i mean because their minds, havent havent havent, developed to the place where they can wrap their minds around those type of experience and those types of uh visual presentations and know how to sort it out within their their perception. You did, but i feel the same way about the whop video. I actually enjoyed the walk video a little bit better, but i still feel the same way. Its the same thing, its the same thing, but if youre gon na have a watt video youre gon na damn sure had a little nars eggs, video and youre gon na have a little nas x, uh a video and him living his truth. Youre gon na damn sure have people like the baby who gon na speak. They truth and it aint nothing wrong with none of it. Aint. No, it aint got to be no hate, its all honesty, its all honesty, everybody living in their truth, and if you can live in your truth and be honest with yourself and present yourself to the world as you are, then i got to respect that period.

So i want everybody man to be peaceful, prosperous, live in your truth, be honest with yourself and dont. Let nobody take you off of it.

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