Jeezy, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane Wack 100 Working on Tekashi New Album and Tour, Jeezy Gucci MAne Tour, Rick Ross REACTs Drake YE

Towel with jt news. Make sure you smash that, like button smash that subscribe button lets get right into the news, with takashis working on a new album and guess whos breaking the deals. Whack 100 uh. He said uh working on takashi new, album right now and tour. I speak what i do because i do what i wan na do now: watch the movement now supposedly theyve broken 45 million dollars in deals so far or 43 million dollars yeah. This is funny man, susanna will drop new music in in the next 45 days, thats an announcement. Oh, you say right here: yeah, so they got and then it says: uh anyways, anyways, thats, whats, going on uh, maybe ill play that clip im, not sure but anyways uh. Next up, we got jeezy hes about to get loaded by the fans, because hes going on tour with gucci man. Now you say why is he gon na get slaughtered by the fans, because people felt like he just was like soft on stage when you know he was letting gucci talk about a guy that was part of his camp? That gucci took out now. Gucci had reason to take him out, the guy was trying to take him out and – and i dont know man – you know its just like it was a weird moment. A lot of people had a lot of different opinions about that, but uh this will be a pretty big tour lets, see theyre bringing some famous people along them.

Rick ross two chains fabulous little kim and trina dj drama as the tour dj thats only right, because dj drama was the one that tricked uh jeezy into having gucci on the phone that time he said yo i got a surprise guest for on the phone and He was like whos that, and he said, and then gucci went: hey whats that magazine you dont, say whats up man. You know that didnt they werent cool after that it took this uh verses for them to get cool and theyre, not cool its just money. Its money play but uh it was a little bit. I loved how gucci went right at him. People dont like the way uh jeezy didnt shut that down, but that you know that was the only way for this to be cool. Someone had to be the bigger person, so i guess you know ill say from my perspective, even though it was weird right, uh, someone had to be the bigger person and just say whatever you know, let it go and jeezy did so ill. Give him that credit. You know, then, we got oh yeah heres. The tour dates. If you want to see if your citys going to be there starts end of this month. Rick ross is just weighing in on everything: uh yo. He told the biggest cap story. He said yo in 2001., mind you rick ross arrived in 2006. in 2001. This is, this is babyface ross.

This is when he had no beard, he might have been down writing for trina or something then or something he was down with slip and slide Music, or this could have been the ceo days, but he says he was in circle house and he battled state property Laughter, he wants to have one of those battle stories. You know like uh come on. Man, stop stop it then hes like then we got the news from that aaliyah passed and thats, where i was man yo. This guy is his whole. Life is a story, so i dont know i cant believe anything thats coming out of his mouth. Then he weighs in on the. Why is he doing so many interviews lately? Did he come out with something then hes on there weighing on on the the drake and kanye thing and hes like he? What is he on the breakfast club and hes like theyre, both rich man im sure they dont care, it aint about nothing and then theyre. Like you know, i get and then charlemagne was like id like to hear a kanye im written by drake and a drake out produced by kanye and rick ross says i can make that happen. Should i make that call? I can make that call its like. Dude calm down like you, want to be involved, so bad yo drop some music or something man. If you want to be in the spotlight again because rick ross is on these albums, but you still dont feel like hes.

You know on these albums. Am i wrong? Like he doesnt like, even though i like that rick ross song with with a little wayne, it just doesnt, feel like you know, this album doesnt feel like a moment. The certified lover boy album and its like people are over it already im gon na, be honest, like you know, im gon na be honest about it, its like it feels like nothing. I was listening to it again last night and i was like im already ready for like something else: ill be honest anyways.

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